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Forever Charmed
Season 8, Episode 22
Airdate May 21, 2006
Production Number 62015-08-178
Written by
Directed by
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CharmedSeason Eight

Forever Charmed is the twenty-second episode of the eighth season of Charmed, and the one hundred seventy-eighth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Steven J. Oliver (Baliel), Soren Oliver (Asmodeus), Leland Crooke (Candor), Ivan Sergei (Henry Mitchell), Victor Webster (Coop), Wesley A. Ramsey (Adult Wyatt Halliwell), Drew Fuller (Chris 'Perry' Halliwell), Marnette Patterson (Christy Jenkins), Jennifer Rhodes (Penny 'Grams' Halliwell), James Read (Victor Bennett), Finola Hughes (Patty Halliwell), Kristopher Simmons (Wyatt Halliwell #1), Jason Simmons (Wyatt Halliwell #2), Denise Dowse (Angel of Destiny), Anthony Cistaro (Dumain), Ellen Geer (Old Piper Halliwell), Gordon Wells (Old Leo Wyatt), Kathleen Teresa Scott (Melinda Halliwell), Julia Di Angelo (Granddaughter), Sierra Paris (6 Year Old Girl), Alexis Raich (Young Piper)


Plot Overview

After Phoebe and Paige are killed in the showdown with the Jenkins sisters, Piper and Leo travel through time to save them with the help of Coop's ring. During their journey, they meet up with Patty, themselves in the distant future and finally Grams. During all of this, Billie also uses her power to project herself through time to prevent Christy's death from the aforementioned battle. When Piper and company return to the present, they cast a spell to dispose of the Hollow. Since the ultimate showdown has not happened, Leo is taken away again. Future Wyatt and Future Chris also come to pay their family a visit.

Soon, Billie learns that Christy has gone too far into the darkside and offers to help the Charmed Ones stop Christy before it is too late (though not without some reservation due to Billie's recent betrayal). The Charmed Ones and Billie meet with Dumain, the Triad and Christy. While the Charmed Ones vanquish Dumain and the Triad for a final time, Billie is forced to kill her sister in self-defense after Christy propels a fireball at her for turning against her.

The series concludes with each of the sisters penning in information into the Book of Shadows and illustrating how their lives turned out over the next several years, fading into an elderly Piper reading the Book to her youngest granddaughter, who shuts the door telekinetically.


Arc Advancement



  • After the ultimate showdown, Phoebe ends up marrying Coop and having three daughters with him. She also continues working at The Bay Mirror and has written a book entitled Phoebe's Finding Love.
  • Paige and Henry also have three children, twin daughters and a son named Henry, Jr. She also retains her whitelighter duties.
  • Piper and Leo have a third child; a daughter named Melinda. Eventually, Piper finally realizes her dream of opening up her own restaurant and retires from demon hunting along with her sisters, passing on the legacy to her sons, Wyatt and Chris. As far as the series is concerned, she is the only Charmed One that we definitively know is still alive in 2056.
  • Leo becomes headmaster at Magic School when the forces of good magic reclaim the institute. He teaches future witches well into his later years, including his first grandson, Matthew (who is either Wyatt or Chris' son, given his power to orb objects like his father and uncle as well as his great-aunt Paige).
  • Billie babysits Phoebe's daughters in the future.



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  • Overall Grade: B after 1 review.
  • Review Breakdown: A+: 0 A: 0 A-: 0 B+: 0 B: 1 B-: 0 C+: 0 C: 0 C-: 0 D: 0 F: 0
  • While this episode had several clear errors, this is still a decent enough episode to end the series, especially after such a dismal season such as this one. The final few minutes and the familial interactions overshadowed the aforementioned errors and ultimate made this finale watchable. Grade: B --Contrivance 22:39, August 14, 2006 (EST)