Cheers/The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One

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The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One
Season 1, Episode 12
Airdate December 16, 1982
Production Number 012
Written by David Lloyd
Directed by James Burrows
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Now Pitching, Sam Malone
CheersSeason One

The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One is the twelfth episode of the first season of Cheers, and the twelfth episode overall.

Special Guest Star: Ellis Rabb (Eric Finch)

Guest Starring: Jack Knight (Jack), Robert Evan Collins (Chauffeur), Kurtis Woodruff (Sailor)


Plot Overview

The gang at the bar is enthralled by an elderly man's tales of being a spy during World War II, but Diane reveals him to be a fraud. Has she struck a blow against dishonesty or deprived a lonely old man of a rare opportunity to feel special?