Clerks/Season One

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Season One
Season Premiere May 31, 2000
Season Finale June 7, 2000
Episode Count 6 (4 unaired)
Notable Episodes 1x01 - Episode Four
1x02 - Episode Two
1x03 - Episode One

The first and only season of Clerks premiered on May 31, 2000. Six episodes in all were produced, however only two episodes aired, effectively ending the series and season on June 7, 2000.

The unaired episodes were eventually aired in their order of production on Comedy Central in late 2002. Had the series continued with a second season, several ideas were kicked around for potential future episodes

  • Randal registers "Snoogans" as a catchphrase and inadvertently leads Jay into a career as a recording artist.
  • Jay joins a boy band, which may have been part of the first story idea. With Jay gone, Dante and Randal decide to give Silent Bob a job at the QuickStop to cheer him up and, miraculously, he turns the store into a massive success. A shocked Dante and Randal would learn that Bob can talk in a parody of a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
  • Randal finds K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider at a used car lot, but the car becomes violently jealous of Randal's relationship with Dante. KITT then plots to kill and impersonate Dante, which would fool everyone, including Randal.
  • In "The Aladdin Parody," Ben Affleck would play the King of Canada.


# # Title Airdate
1 1 Episode Four May 31, 2000
2 2 Episode Two June 7, 2000
3 3 Episode One unaired
4 4 Episode Three unaired
5 5 Episode Five unaired
6 6 Episode Six unaired