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Da Vinci's City Hall/One Man Two Jobs

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One Man Two Jobs
Da Vinci's City Hall - One Man Two Jobs.png
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate November 15, 2005
Written by Chris Haddock,
Jesse McKeown
Directed by Charles Martin Smith
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Isn't Very Pretty but You Can Smoke It
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Put Down the Hose, Pick Up a Gun
Da Vinci's City HallSeason One

One Man Two Jobs is the fourth episode of the first season of Da Vinci's City Hall.

Starring: Nicholas Campbell (Mayor Dominic Da Vinci), Benjamin Ratner (Sam Berger), Mylène Dinh-Robic (Rita Mah), Hrothgar Mathews (Sergeant Charlie Klotchko), Ian Tracey (Mick Leary), Brian Markinson (Police Chief Bill Jacobs), Patrick Gallagher (Detective Joe Finn), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Stephen E. Miller (Zack McNab)

Also Appearing: Charles Martin Smith (Joe Friedland), Eugene Lipinski (Lloyd Manning)

Co-Starring: Simone Bailly (Jan Ferris), Hiro Kanagawa (Roy Komori), Rebecca Robbins (Marcie), Evan Adams (Jason Horne), Brian Mulligan (Earl Sweeney), Kaären de Zilva (Forsythe), Anna Williams (Barb Tremaine), Rékha Sharma (Cindy Winters), Gina Holden (Claire), Sammy Fattedad (Roger Woo), Donna Soares (Carrie Jones), Nathaniel Arcand (Cage), Gli Edmonds (Alana), Marsha Regis (Roberta), Hugo Ateo (Lonnie Givens), Parm Soor (Parmir), Tanya Hubbard (Liz), Jorgito Vargas Jr. (Dealer), James Crescenzo (Sergeant Gorski), Brian Drummond (Male Constable #4), Angela Moore (Detective Roemer), Rick Dobran (Journalist), Renae Morriseau (Gail Greenwood), Kyla Anderson (Dominica Mottola), Wanda Cannon (Gloria Miner), Pamela MacDonald (Janice Mottola), Rob de Leeuw (Ed), Daniel Bacon (Schlosser), Manoj Sood (Santosh), Dany Papineau (Firefighter), Biski Gugushe (Constable #1)


Plot Overview

Tensions build between the police and the fire department over the handling of grow-ups, which is not eased when whispers get out about cross-training. With the Mayor supporting the fire department and having gotten wind of Dominic's itch for a new Chief, Jacobs tries to bring the public back to the side of the police.

Kosmo and Finn tie the two drive-by shootings to an officer who was let go following an investigation by Internal.

Leary comes across some evidence in the paedophile ring.


Arc Advancement


  • The red light district is open and running. However, there is complaints, including Mina Basra who leads the committee protesting it and who owns property by the stroll. Jacobs believes the complaints are good and implies more of a presence.
  • Klotchko learns through Earl Sweeney about Dominic's hunt for a new Police Chief. He also learns about his interview with candidate Gail Greenwood.
  • Finn and Kosmo suspect the first victim is a case of mistaken identity. The second victim's truck was registered to Santos Kumar, but everyone called him VJ, a name Finn recalls being the name of a constable that came up in Internal. Finn learns he was fired for giving information, which he claimed was part of his own unauthorised undercover operation. They are later approached by Detective Roemer from Organized Crime who says VJ came to her with good information on the Indo gangs.
  • Marcie tracks down the radio host where Mick learns he died. His daughter stops by the office with pictures of young boys, including Cody Bell who was hit by a car that was written up as an accident. Mick pushes Sex Crimes to run them for any matches.
  • Dominic learns the fire department gets a notice from police concerning suspicious activities and put inspections notices that they'll be back in 48 hours, which leads the grow-ops to clear out. He then stops by the fire station and makes it vocal he supports their efforts. Klotchko later stops by to tell Captain Roy Komori to stop. Jacobs decides to retaliate by spreading word that it's part of the beginning of cross-training and gives orders that officers are to not accompany firemen when posting notices. He also has Sergeant Parmir to not give the fire department info.
  • Ferris's team, accompanied by backup, bust a major grow-op that includes a large stockpile weapons.
  • Manning buys the racetrack.
  • Friedland gets out of jail and he and the rest of the squatters set up in Crab Park.


  • Ferris shows some attraction to Barb Tremaine.
  • Klotchko expresses desire to run for Chief in a couple of years



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