Da Vinci's City Hall/Ready to Call in the Horses

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Ready to Call in the Horses
Da Vinci's City Hall - Ready to Call in the Horses.png
Season 1, Episode 7
Airdate December 6, 2005
Written by Chris Haddock
Directed by Stephen Surjik
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Da Vinci's City HallSeason One

Ready to Call in the Horses is the seventh episode of the first season of Da Vinci's City Hall.

Starring: Nicholas Campbell (Mayor Dominic Da Vinci), Mylène Dinh-Robic (Rita Mah), Benjamin Ratner (Sam Berger), Ian Tracey (Mick Leary), Hrothgar Mathews (Sergeant Charlie Klotchko), Brian Markinson (Police Chief Bill Jacobs), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Patrick Gallagher (Detective Joe Finn), Colin Cunningham (Detective Brian Curtis)

Also Appearing: Eugene Lipinski (Lloyd Manning), Stephen E. Miller (Zack McNab), Charles Martin Smith (Joe Friedland), Chris Britton (Richard Norton), Gerard Plunkett (Chief Coroner Bob Kelly), Tiffany Lyndall-Knight (Billie Simms), Jim Codrington (Bob Forrest)

Co-Starring: Gina Holden (Claire), Simone Bailly (Jan Ferris), Dean Marshall (Carter), Hiro Kanagawa (Roy Komori), Glen Gould (Clarke Messner), Kaären de Zilva (Julia Forsythe), Rékha Sharma (Cindy Winters), Michael-Ann Connor (Vera), Evan Adams (Jason Horne), Colleen Rennison (Katie), Terence Kelly (Fire Chief Welles), Michael Roberds (Ben Solomon), Wayne Baker (Lineham), Brian Mulligan (Earl Sweeney), Derek Hamilton (Manny Zappata), Megan Leitch (Flaherty), Quelemia Sparrow (Paula Hunter), Chris Logan (Morgan), Kevin McNulty (Dubreau), Rebecca Robbins (Marcie), Jim Byrnes (Eddie Banks), Rachel Cairns (Alison Wheeler), Marsha Regis (Roberta), Martin Van Steinburg (Fryer), Izabella Zalewski (Lana), David Dennis (Fred Joseph), Rajinder Singh Cheema (Ahluwalia), Sunita Prasad (Constable #1), Carolyn Wong (Constable #2), Brian Drummond (Constable #3), John William Parrott (Break & Enter Figure)


Plot Overview

The discovery of the fire notice at the grow-op house continues to stir ire between the police and fire departments. Jacobs tries to sway the media while Klotchko attempt to keep Ferris out of the picture.

In attempt to get the slots installed at the tracks, Dominic decides to try to a different approach to get both votes and Jacobs on his side.

After finding out that he's part of Leary's investigation, Brian Curtis begins his usual means of covering his tracks.

Zack catches wind of something that hints that Friedland is hiding something.

The high school girl looked at in the gay-bashing incident makes matters worse for herself after she's caught assaulting another girl who she believes ratted her out to the police.


Arc Advancement


  • Brian Curtis has someone break into the coroner's office to steal Mick's laptop.
  • Katie is picked up for assaulting a girl at her school and is taken to the juvenile psych ward. Carter and Lineham interview the girl who says Katie attacked her for being a rat. She also says Katie has been telling everyone about what she did at the park.
  • Cindy comes to Klotchko about Ferris's mental health and expresses doubt about the fire notice. He then warns Ferris about being careful about what she says in session to her psychiatrist and not to say anything with her lawyer. He also urges her not to attend Barb's funeral service.
  • Dominic gets a joint report between the unions about the coordinated approach to the grow-ops.
  • Paula Hunter tells Dominic that the girls have returned to the low track. Despite the absence of the committee, they don't trust it.
  • Norton and Dubreau ask Brian to find out where Manny Zappata is and how to contact him. In addition to contacting Manny, Curtis also finds Messner. Soon after, Messner tells Mick that he is dropping the Dubreau and thinks the centre is more important.
  • The FBI find new pictures of Garth and Dennis, this time in hotel robes with distinct crests on them. This is tracked to a private men's club. Both the radio host and Dubreau were both paid members the same year Curtis was working the street crew when Garth and Dennis went missing.
  • Zack sees a man call out to Joe as Mike Franklin. Joe dismisses it as mistaken as identity. Zack then asks a constable to run both names. He comes back to inform Zack that Friedland died when he was six months old. Franklin was a history teacher in Montréal in the 70s who disappeared in a boating accident in the mid-80s.
  • Manning helps Dominic set a meeting with the Prime Minister. He also learns from him that Billie Simms is desperate enough to get her development deal that she can be strong-armed, which Dominic can use to get her help get low incoming units.
  • Kelly helps Dominic by suggesting he not fire Jacobs, but get him to take some of the heat. From him, Dominic proposes using the profits from the slot machines and tie that into the budget to pay for the fifty officers Jacobs has been requesting. Dominic offers this to Jacobs on the condition that he support his efforts at the red light zone.
  • Jacobs gives Dominic the heads-up that Port Authority is about to kick out the squatters and he contacts Billie Simms to help hold onto Crab Park and an offer is made to come up low income housing.
  • Dominic has Sam befriend Klotchko and convince him to move the low track back to the red light zone.




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