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Da Vinci's City Hall/You Have to Bleed a Little

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You Have to Bleed a Little
Da Vinci's City Hall - You Have to Bleed a Little.png
Season 1, Episode 6
Airdate November 29, 2005
Written by Chris Haddock
Directed by Monika Mitchell
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Put Down the Hose, Pick Up a Gun
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Ready to Call in the Horses
Da Vinci's City HallSeason One

You Have to Bleed a Little is the sixth episode of the first season of Da Vinci's City Hall.

Starring: Nicholas Campbell (Mayor Dominic Da Vinci), Benjamin Ratner (Sam Berger), Mylène Dinh-Robic (Rita Mah), Ian Tracey (Mick Leary), Hrothgar Mathews (Sergeant Charlie Klotchko), Brian Markinson (Police Chief Bill Jacobs), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Patrick Gallagher (Detective Joe Finn), Colin Cunningham (Detective Brian Curtis)

Also Appearing: Eugene Lipinski (Lloyd Manning), Charles Martin Smith (Joe Friedland), Alex Diakun (Detective Chick Savoy), Stephen E. Miller (Zack McNab), Tiffany Lyndall-Knight (Billie Simms), Chris Britton (Richard Norton), Alisen Down (Dr. Maria Donato), Jim Codrington (Bob Forrest), Sarah Jane Redmond (Sergeant Sheila Kurtz)

Co-Starring: Simone Bailly (Jan Ferris), Gina Holden (Claire), Rékha Sharma (Cindy Winters), Hiro Kanagawa (Roy Komori), Glen Gould (Clarke Messner), Dean Marshall (Carter), Brian Mulligan (Earl Sweeney), Rebecca Robbins (Marcie), Quelemia Sparrow (Paula Hunter), Frank Cassini (Arkin), Dee Jay Jackson (Lou), Derek Hamilton (Manny Zappata), Michael-Ann Connor (Vera), Colleen Rennison (Katie), Anna Galvin (Libby Burton), Sammy Fattedad (Roger Woo), Kathleen Gilbert (Jill), Peter LaCroix (Ron), Roger Haskett (Citizen), Terence Kelly (Fire Chief), Yvonne Myers (Constable #1), Clint Andrew (Constable #2)


Plot Overview

A tense investigation is launched into Ferris's claim of a fire department notice on the grow-up house.

With the racetrack in his possession, Manning informs Dominic that the Prime Minister is coming to the city. Dominic hopes to get him to tour the red light zone, but it's currently endangered by a group of citizen protesters who claim to own property in the area.

Leary brings Kosmo and Finn into the paedophile case when he finds that it's tied to an unpleasantly familiar face of theirs.


Arc Advancement


  • At the red light zone, Dominic gets the number of a citizens committee hassling hookers and johns, killing business. He has Rita look into it and none of the names on the committee's website own property in the district, including Mina Basra. Dominic confronts Billie about the committee being a front group. She denies it, but agrees to try to do something about it.
  • While Mick doesn't believe he can link Dubreau to Dennis and Garth's murder, he believes his paedophile ring is still active, but warns Messner that he's the chairman of the board of the new federal initiative for a youth centre. However, Norton approaches Mick about Dubreau cooperating with the investigation. Mick meets with Manny Zappata, who claimed Dubreau spiked his drink. He claims there was another person there, a cop who helped clean everything up for Dubreau. It turns out to be Brian Curtis, who Norton calls to set up a meeting with Dubreau.
  • Manning talks with Woo about a possible partnership concerning the racetrack.
  • Depsite Dominic's offer to allow the city to police Crab Park and that Port Authority to help pay for housing to expedite the situation, they get an injunction to clear the squatters.
  • Inspector Arkin from Organized Crime begins the investigation. Cindy doesn't recall a fire inspection notice and Komori denies ever issuing one to that house.
  • Manning tells Dominic that the Prime Minister is coming to town in a couple of weeks and want to take him through red light district.
  • Carter interviews Katie. He mentions that someone said she knew something and she wants to know who.
  • Councillor Phillips will be on vacation for about a week and won't be in town for the slot votes.
  • Dominic has the Fire and Police unions together to come up with a way to go back to the way of cooperating to take down the grow-ops.
  • Arkin and Chick go over the grow-op site. In addition to now finding staples on the door, a notice is found, suspiciously after Arkin is seen going in before Chick arrived and no one was looking.




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