Da Vinci's Inquest/The Capture (2)

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The Capture (2)
Season 1, Episode 13
Airdate February 3, 1999
Written by Chris Haddock,
Larry Campbell
Directed by Chris Haddock
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Da Vinci's InquestSeason One

The Capture (2) is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Da Vinci's Inquest.

Starring: Nicholas Campbell (Dominic Da Vinci), Sue Matthew (Dr. Sunita "Sunny" Ramen) (credit only), Donnelly Rhodes (Detective Leo Shannon), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Ian Tracey (Detective Mick Leary), Gwynyth Walsh (Dr. Patricia Da Vinci) (credit only), Robert Wisden (Chief Coroner Dr. James Flynn)

Starring: Max Martini (Danny Leary)

Guest Starring: Sabrina Grdevich (Mona Resnick), Jaimz Woolvett (Dean Resnick), Gabrielle Miller (Joanna), Duncan Fraser (Staff Sgt. Regan), Alex Diakun (Chick Savoy), Sarah Strange (Helen), Morris Panych (Resnick's Lawyer)

and Larissa Laskin (Special Agent Charlotte Turner)

Co-Starring: Tom Braidwood (Lot Owner), Rino Pace (Rino), George Gordon (Jerome Morton), David Lewis (Red-Headed Man)


Plot Overview

Further investigation shows that the serial killer everyone is looking for is actually a couple, and one of their victims successfully escapes to aid Mick and Leo. However, trying to capture both of them proves difficult when the couple's crimes bring out a jurisdictional struggle between Canada and the United States.


Arc Advancement


  • After noticing all the victims were last seen with a woman, it's deduced that they might all be the same woman and figure from the male and female DNA that their serial killer is the couple of Dean Resnick and his wife.
  • Joanna is found and identifies the Resnicks. Mick and Leo gets her to take them to the home where Dean is caught.
  • Dean has information, but a deal needs to made to encompass all jurisdictions, which would involve paying him. However, he's not willing to give up Mona. Dominic has Dean's lawyer and Mr Morton make an arrangement for money in return for information on the victims' bodies.
  • Dean makes a deal to cop to rape in Canada so as to not to face extradition as long as Mona is caught in the U.S.
  • Dominic arranges for Danny to be put in a cell with Dean who gives him a message to give to Mona. They learn she's in the States. However, Danny brings her back over the border and she is arrested.


  • Danny reveals to Kosmo that he's been undercover for two years. She slaps and calls him a bastard, effectively ending any potential in the relationship.
  • The name of Leo's wife is revealed to be Lana.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Leo brings up John Ellis, a prolific executioner in England from the 1901 to 1924.

Memorable Moments


  • As Dominic is addressing Agent Turner, Mick, Leo, and Regan, the camera pans from him to Agent Turner. In the window, a boom mic can be seen in the reflection.


  • Leo: Christ, these two make me wish we still had Mr Ellis working for us.
Mick: Who's Ellis?
Dominic: That's the hangman.
Leo: That's the name they give the guy on the job.
Mick: Death penalty's not a deterrent.
Leo: Well, maybe not, but if you fry the guy, he ain't going to do it again.