Freaks and Geeks/Jeff Rosso

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Jeff Rosso
Freaks and Geeks
Jeff Rosso
Actor Dave (Gruber) Allen
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 1x18 - Discos and Dragons
Series Billing Guest Starring
Episode Count 11
Notable Episodes 1x07 - Carded and Discarded
1x17 - The Little Things

Jeff Rosso, played by Dave (Gruber) Allen, is a secondary character in Freaks and Geeks who features in 11 episodes of the series.


Basic Information

Jeff Rosso is the counselor at McKinley High who lived through the drug filled hippie era and still looks and acts like one. An intelligent and flamboyant individual, he tries to connect with his students by being 'cool' so that they'll open up to him. Although his methods aren't always successful, he means well and occasionally even helps his students out.

Character History

Memorable Moments



Sam, when I was about twenty, I was hanging out in this honky tonk down south when a big bunch of rednecks surrounded me. Started making jokes about my fringe vest, my hair, calling me a 'hippy'...a woman. They dragged me into an alley, made me dance, told me to bark like a dog....what matters is i never lost pride in who i am.