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Premiere October 3, 1983
Finale January 20, 1984
Creator Bob Stewart
Host Kevin O'Connell
Network NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Bob Stewart Productions
Episodes 98
Origin USA

Go! was a game show airing daytime on NBC. It was a volumized version of the bonus round from the 1980 game show Chain Reaction.

Two teams, each of four contestants and a celebrity captain, participate. At a podium, two participants look at a monitor showing subjects to be guessed. Above them is the guesser. The two below must formulate a question in turn one word at a time then hit a bell signifying that the guesser must identify the subject. After each successful guess, the guesser moves on to the next spot to his/her left (the questioner on the guesser's left now turns and faces another monitor) and play continues until five words have been guessed or the clock reaches 99 seconds. The second team comes down now and plays a different set of subjects and must beat the first team's time.

The first set of words scores 250 points, the second set is worth 500, the third 750 and the fourth (if needed) is 1250. The first team to 1500 wins, has the points converted to money and vies for $10,000 by playing the same game with all five contestants, only after each word is guessed, a player leaves the podium area. The team has 60 seconds. If a team shuts out their opponent in the main game, they vie for $20,000.