Houdini & Doyle

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Houdini & Doyle
Premiere March 16, 2016 (UK)
May 2, 2016 (USA/Canada)
Finale May 12, 2016 (UK)
July 4, 2016 (USA/Canada)
Creator David Hoselton &
David Titcher
Network/Provider ITV (UK)
Global (Canada)
Style 60-minute paranormal crime drama
Company Shore Z Productions,
Shaw Media
ITV Studios,
Big Talk Productions,
Shaftesbury Films
Distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment
Episodes 10
Origin UK/Canada
Official Site FOX

Houdini & Doyle is a paranormal crime drama that aired on ITV Encore in the UK, Global in Canada and on FOX in the USA.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Michael Weston Harry Houdini
Stephen Mangan Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Rebecca Liddiard Constable Adelaide Stratton
Adam Nagaitis George Gudgett
Tim McInnerny Horace Merring


# Title Written By Directed By UK Airdate USA
18-49 Rating USA/CA
ITV Encore/FOX/Global
1 The Maggie's Redress David Hoselton &
David N. Titcher
Stephen Hopkins March 17, 2016 2.556M 0.7% May 2, 2016
Houdini, Doyle and Adelaide investigate the murder of a nun in one of the notorious Magdalene Laundries. A witness claims the killer is a young woman who was tormented by the nun. The only problem is, that young woman has been dead for six months.
2 A Dish of Adharma David Hoselton Stephen Hopkins March 17, 2016 2.364M 0.6% May 9, 2016
Claiming he's avenging a murder - his own murder in a past life - a 12-year-old boy shoots a prominent suffragette. In order to find the truth, the team must solve a decades-old killing.
3 In Manus Dei Melissa R. Byer &
Treena Hancock
Daniel O'Hara March 24, 2016 2.418M 0.7% May 16, 2016
When a heckler is mysteriously struck down at a faith healer's show, the team investigates whether the healer is truly channeling the power of God. And if so, can he work a miracle on Doyle's dying wife.
4 Spring-Heel'd Jack Carl Binder Daniel O'Hara March 31, 2016 2.615M 0.6% May 23, 2016
In the first of several attacks, a businessman is murdered by a mysterious phantom with demonic eyes and gravity-defying leaps. As panic spreads across London, the team tries to determine if this is a case of mass hysteria, or if there's a beast out there that thrives on fear alone.
5 The Curse of Korzha Josh Brandon Edward Bazalgette April 7, 2016 2.023M 0.5% May 30, 2016
An attractive traveling medium uses her psychic gifts to solve crimes, frustrating Houdini when he can't figure out her tricks. Meanwhile, Doyle thinks she may be the real thing, so he is mortified when she predicts Adelaide's death.
6 The Monsters of Nethermoor Nazrin Choudhury Edward Bazalgette April 14, 2016 2.504M 0.6% June 6, 2016
A man wakes up naked on a patch of scorched earth claiming to be the victim of an alien abduction. Our team investigates and when Doyle goes missing, Houdini and Adelaide have their own close encounter that reveals the horrifying truth of what's really out there.
7 Bedlam David N. Titcher Robert Lieberman April 21, 2016 1.657M 0.4% June 13, 2016
When several people are found literally scared to death, Doyle starts to lose his grip on reality. He realizes he's been dosed with a powerful hallucinogen that produces his worst nightmares and if he can't wake himself up, he'll be as dead as the other victims.
8 Strigoi Carl Binder Robert Lieberman April 28, 2016 1.788M 0.4% June 20, 2016
Doyle's friend, Dracula author Bram Stoker, is being hunted by "vampire hunters." Doyle, Adelaide, and Houdini discover that Stoker's fiction has inspired rival cults of delusional, faux-vampires and hunters, but what if Cecilia's fears are correct and vampires are real, starting with Stoker? Meanwhile, Adelaide discovers the anarchist group's connection to her husband's death, Stoker and Doyle commiserate about creating characters that make people fanatical, and Houdini rejects his mother's superstitions about vampires.
9 Necromanteion Melissa R. Byer &
Treena Hancock
Jeff Renfroe May 5, 2016 1.753M 0.4% June 27, 2016
Adelaide, Doyle and Houdini travel to Canada to investigate a haunted house with other ghost hunters, including Thomas Edison, who is testing his new invention, the "necrophone." As the case gets more serious with the death of a fellow investigator, the team worries about Houdini who acts strangely. Meanwhile, Adelaide's real reason for organizing the trip to North America is to follow a lead connecting her husband to a major crime in New York, and Houdini finds he is being stalked by a young woman only to discover that it is from beyond.
10 The Pall of LaPier David Hoselton Jeff Renfroe May 12, 2016 1.693M 0.4% July 4, 2016
When all but two residents (a priest and a child) of a small village die simultaneously, and with no signs of violence, the trio must uncover whether or not this tragedy is divine revenge for the murderous founding of the town. Meanwhile, Adelaide's discoveries about her dead husband's past finally prompt her to ask the others for help, Doyle begins writing "The Hounds of the Baskervilles" and Houdini's anguish is evident.


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Series Set  (Region 2)
Houdini & Doyle May 23, 2016 purchase 3

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