Inspector Gadget

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Inspector Gadget
Premiere pilot: November 20, 1982
series: September 10, 1983
Finale February 1, 1986
Creator Bruno Bianchi,
Andy Heyward
Jean Chalopin
Network/Provider First-run syndication
Style 30-minute animated comedy
Company DiC Entertainment,
Seasons 3
Episodes 86 + pilot + special
Origin USA / Japan / Canada

Inspector Gadget is an American/Japanese/Canadian animated comedy that aired in first-run syndication.

Gadget was a bionic detective who was in the employ of Interpol in trying to thwart the machinations of Dr. Claw and his criminal organization M.A.D. Gadget would receive his instructions via hard copy from his boss, Chief Quimby, read it with the ending disclaimer "this message will self-destruct," in which case he discards the message in Quimby's hands and it explodes. Gadget carries on and not only are his gadgets imperfect--the wrong gadget showing up when he needs it--but he is completely incapable of recognizing M.A.D. agents due to being clueless and gullible. Unknown to Gadget, he is assisted by Penny, his cute and intelligent young niece, and Gadget's dog Brain. With their help (and the use of Penny's computerized book), Gadget brings in the M.A.D. agents while Dr. Claw escapes, vowing "I'll get you next time, Gadget." (87 episodes and Claw never carried through.) Each episode caps off with a little educational fare.

In the second season, Gadget was given a sidekick--a clumsy superhero named Capeman.

The pilot for the series was first aired in syndication November 20, 1982. It was called Gadget in Winterland, in which Gadget sported a long, bushy handlebar mustache. The voices were dubbed as it was first prepped for Japanese television. It became a regular series in the fall of 1983 and ran three seasons of episodes. In the following ten years, it was replayed on Nickelodeon and on Saturday mornings on CBS. It spawned two spinoff series--Gadget Boy and Heather (Gadget as a toddler assisted by his babysitter) and Inspector Gadget's Field Trip (a composited Gadget over live travelogue film). A Christmas special, Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, was made in the late 1990s. Two live action movies were made (the first with Matthew Broderick, the second with French Stewart).



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3
Don Adams Inspector Gadget * * *
Cree Summer Penny * *
Holly Bergen *
Frank Welker Dr. Claw * * *
Brain * * *
Hadley Kay Chief Quimby * *
Maurice LaMarche *
Townsend Coleman Capeman * *


Title Network Airdate
Gadget in Winterland Syndication November 20, 1982
Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas NBC December 11, 1992


Season  Premiere Finale #
First-run syndication
Season One September 10, 1983 August 25, 1984 52
Season Two September 1, 1984 November 24 1985 13
Season Three September 14, 1985 February 1, 1986 21


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Episode Collections  (Region 1)
Go Go Gadget Collection September 8, 2009 purchase 1