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Nelvana Limited
Nelvana logo.jpg
Founded 1971
President Doug Murphy
Notable Works 6teen
The Care Bears Family
Star Wars: Droids
Star Wars: Ewoks
Donkey Kong Country
Clone High
Official Site Nelvana
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Nelvana Limited is a Canadian film and television production and distribution company, specializing primarily in animation. It is owned by Corus Entertainment. Founded in 1971, it is one of the world's leading producers of children's entertainment.




List of shows produced by Nelvana

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
The Edison Twins Educational CBC 1982–1986
Mr. Microchip Children's educational 1983
20 Minute Workout Aerobics Citytv 1983–1986
Inspector Gadget Animated comedy syndication 1983–1986
Co-production with DiC Entertainment for its first season
The Care Bears Family Animated ABC 1986–1988
Star Wars: Ewoks Animated sci-fi adventure ABC 1985–1987
Star Wars: Droids Animated sci-fi adventure ABC 1985–1986
My Pet Monster Animated comedy ABC 1987
T. and T. Action The Family Channel 1988–1990
Babar Children's animated CBC 1989–1990
Global 1990–1991
HBO 2000
Beetlejuice Animated comedy ABC 1989–1991
Fox Kids 1991–1992
Little Rosey Animated comedy ABC 1990
The Adventures of Tintin Animated adventure HBO 1991–1992
Rupert Children's animated adventure YTV 1991–1997
Eek! the Cat Animated comedy Fox Kids 1992–1997
Feivel's American Tales Animated western CBS 1992
Dog City Animated crime comedy Fox Kids 1992–1994
Family Dog Animated comedy CBS 1993
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Animated sci-fi CBS 1993–1994
Tales from the Cryptkeeper Animated horror comedy YTV 1993–1994
Teletoon 1999–2000
Free Willy Animated Global 1994
Wild C.A.T.s Animated action CBS 1994–1995
The Magic School Bus Animated educational PBS 1994–1997
Nancy Drew Mystery crime drama syndication 1995
The Hardy Boys Crime drama syndication 1995
Little Bear Children's animated CBC 1995–2003
The Neverending Story: The Animated Adventures of Bastian Balthazar Bux Animated fantasy Family Channel 1995–1996
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Animated comedy CBS 1995–1997
Nickelodeon 1999–2000
Stickin' Around Animated comedy YTV 1996–1998
Waynehead Animated comedy Kids' WB 1996–1997
The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police Animated comedy Fox Kids 1997–1998
Ned's Newt Animated comedy Teletoon 1997–1999
Franklin Children's animated Family Channel 1997–2003
Treehouse TV 2003–2004
Bob and Margaret Animated comedy Global 1998–2001
Pippi Longstocking Animated adventure Teletoon 1998
Birdz Animated CBS 1998–1999
Flying Rhino Junior High Animated comedy CBS 1998–2000
Rolie Polie Olie Children's animated Playhouse Disney 1998–2004
Dumb Bunnies Animated comedy YTV 1998–1999
Anatole Animated adventure CBS 1998–2000
Mythic Warriors Animated fantasy syndication 1998–2000
George and Martha Animated YTV 1999–2000
Medabots Animated sci-fi comedy YTV 1999–2000
Redwall Animated Five 1999–2002
Rescue Heroes Animated Teletoon 1999–2002
Blaster's Universe Animated educational Teletoon 2000
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast Children's animated Teletoon 2000–2002
Corduroy Children's animated PBS Kids 2000
Elliot Moose Live action/animated PBS Kids 2000–2001
Timothy Goes to School Children's animated PBS Kids 2000–2001
Seven Little Monsters Children's animated comedy PBS Kids 2000–2004
Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse Children's animated PBS Kids 2000–2001
George Shrinks Children's animated PBS Kids 2000–2004
Pelswick Animated comedy CBC 2000–2002
Beyblade Animated action TV Tokyo 2001
John Callahan's Quads! Animated comedy Teletoon 2001–2002
Committed Animated comedy CTV 2001
Braceface Animated comedy Teletoon 2001–2004
Pecola Animated comedy Teletoon 2001–2002
The Sausage Factory Comedy The Comedy Network 2001–2002
Cyberchase Children's animated educational PBS Kids 2002–2015
Produced the show's first five seasons
Max & Ruby Children's animated Treehouse TV 2002–present
Moville Mysteries Animated mystery comedy Nickelodeon 2002–2003
Clone High Animated comedy Teletoon 2002–2003
Co-production with Touchstone Television
The Berenstain Bears Children's animated PBS Kids 2003–2004
My Dad the Rock Star Animated comedy Teletoon 2003–2004
Jacob Two-Two Animated comedy YTV 2003–2006
Delta State Animated comedy Teletoon 2004–2005
6teen Animated comedy Teletoon 2004–2010
Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends Children's animated Teletoon 2004–2008
The Backyardigans Children's animated Treehouse TV 2004–2010
Being Ian Animated comedy Teletoon 2005–2008
Jane and the Dragon Animated fantasy comedy YTV 2005–2006
Class of the Titans Animated comedy Teletoon 2005–2008
Di-Gata Defenders Animated action comedy Teletoon 2006–2008
Handy Manny Children's animated Playhouse Disney 2006–2011
Disney Junior 2011–2013
Grossology Animated action / adventure YTV 2006–2009
Ruby Gloom Animated comedy YTV 2006–2008
Wayside Animated comedy Teletoon 2007–2008
Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Animated action TV Tokyo 2007–2012
My Friend Rabbit Children's animated comedy Treehouse TV 2007–2009
The Future Is Wild Animated sci-fi Discovery Kids 2007–2008
Willa's Wild Life Children's animated comedy YTV 2008–2013
Pearlie Animated comedy YTV 2009–2011
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Animated action Teletoon 2009–2011
Guess with Jess Children's animated CBeebies 2009–2013
Spliced Animated comedy Teletoon 2010
Sidekick Animated comedy YTV 2010–2013
The Adventures of Chuck and Friends Children's animated The Hub 2010–2013
Babar and the Adventures of Badou Children's animated CBC 2010–2015
Bubble Guppies Children's animated educational Nickelodeon 2011–present
The first season was produced by Wildbrain
Mr. Young Teen sitcom YTV 2011–2013
Franklin and Friends Children's animated Treehouse TV 2011–2012
Scaredy Squirrel Animated comedy YTV 2011–2013
Mike the Knight Children's animated comedy Treehouse TV 2011–2015
Life with Boys Sitcom YTV 2011–2013
Detentionaire Animated Teletoon 2011–2015
Oh No! It's an Alien Invasion Animated comedy YTV 2013–2014
Teletoon 2014–2015
The Day My Butt Went Psycho! Animated comedy Nine Network 2013–2015
Teletoon 2014–2015
Trucktown Children's animated Treehouse TV 2014–2018
Little Charmers Children's animated comedy Treehouse TV 2015–2017
The Stanley Dynamic Comedy YTV 2015–2017
Fresh Beat Band of Spies Children's animated adventure Nickelodeon 2015–2016
Ranger Rob Children's animated Treehouse TV 2016–present
The ZhuZhus Animated comedy Disney Channel 2016–2017
Mysticons Animated fantasy Nickelodeon 2017–2018
Hotel Transylvania: The Series Animated comedy Disney Channel 2017–present
Mech Mice Animated action comedy 2017–present

The Devil & Daniel Mouse (special)
How We Made The Devil & Daniel Mouse (special)
Runaway Robots! Romie-0 & Julie-8 (special)
Intergalactic Thanksgiving, or: Please Don't Eat The Planet (special)
Take Me Up To The Ball Game (special)
Rock & Rule (special)
Strawberry Shortcake
Madballs: Gross Jokes (special)
Burglar (special)
The Wild Puffalumps (special)
The Terrible Thunderlizards
The Incredible Crash Dummies (special)
Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles (farmed out from Disney)
Burglar (special)
Blazing Dragons
The Dumb Bunnies
Donkey Kong Country
The Kid
Beware Of Dog (special)
Mercy Peak
Gruesomestein's Monsters
Holly Hobbie And Friends (special)

List of specials produced by Nelvana

List of shows distributed by Nelvana

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