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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The Gang Gives Back

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The Gang Gives Back
The Gang Gives Back
Season 2, Episode 6
Airdate July 20, 2006
Production Number 1P02003
Written by Charlie Day
Directed by Daniel Attias
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Hundred Dollar Baby
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The Gang Exploits a Miracle
It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaSeason Two

The Gang Gives Back is the sixth episode of the second season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the thirteenth episode overall. The gang have community service in which Mac, Dennis, and Dee are forced to coach basketball in the rec league. Meanwhile, Charlie has court-ordered AA and gets the waitress to be his sponsor.

Guest Stars: Tumbleweed (Homeless Guy), Bill H. McKenzie (Rick (Rec Center)), Patrick Hallahan (AA Director), Harold Chin (Vietnamese Poker Player), Patrick Hallahan (AA Director), Andy Pessoa (Kid (Ducks' Team)), Calvin Tran (Flip Flop Kid), Carlon Jeffery (Chris)


Plot Overview

The gang have community service for burning down a building (in The Gang Goes Jihad). Meanwhile, Frank is having some of his Vietnamese friends at the bar to play poker.

Charlie goes to AA as part of his court requirement. A homeless guy tells on him for drinking a beer when he came into AA. There, he runs into the waitress who admits that she had been avoiding him. She tells him that she wants to help him by being his sponsor. Dee, Mac, and Dennis have to coach kids basketball as part of their community service. Dennis selects all of the black kids for his team, but the teams have already been pre-picked.

Charlie comes over to the waitress' place and starts hitting on her even though he had promised not to. Charlie, Mac, and Dee come back to the bar where Dee has a black eye from playing one-on-one with Mac who uses his elbows. Frank finds out about their game and joins with Dennis' team. Dennis and Frank's team are playing Mac and Dee's in the first game. They decide to make it more interesting by gambling on the game.

The waitress asks Charlie to take her to the rec center where she admires the way Dennis is working with the kids. Dennis tells her that he can't see her because she is working as a sponsor for Charlie, so she tells Charlie that she only volunteered to be his sponsor to get closer to Dennis. At the game, Dennis finds out that one of his players isn't playing the game because Frank bought him a new bike.

Charlie comes to the game drunk and has volunteered as the referee. The kids all play dirty, and Charlie takes an active part in the game himself. The game is thrown completely out of control with the kids fighting on the court, the parents fighting in the stands, and Charlie throwing people out at random.


Arc Advancement


  • Waitress: The waitress tries to use Charlie's alcoholism as a way of getting closer to Dennis.


  • 2x02 - The Gang Goes Jihad: The gang are assigned to do community service as punishment for accidentally burning down a building that encroached on their property.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • After being assigned to coach rec league kids basketball, Dennis shows up to the gym before Mac and Dee and attempts to select his team first. He selects all of the black kids, but Mac is unable to bring himself to call Dennis out on it for fear of sounding like a racist.
  • Mac gives one of his players a wrist band with a safety pin sticking out. During the game the kid procedes to ram the safety pin into another kid's back.


  • Mac: All right kids, how are you feeling?
    Kids: Gooood.
    Mac: Good? Doesn't sound good, are you drinking the red bull? Come on, chug 'em down.
    Kid 1: I feel sick.
    Mac: That's the vitamins ripping out the inside of your stomach. That's a good thing, trust me.