It's Punky Brewster

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It's Punky Brewster
Premiere September 14, 1985
Finale December 6, 1986
Creator David W. Duclon
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute
Company Ruby-Spears Productions
NBC Productions
Seasons 2
Episodes 26
Origin USA

It's Punky Brewster is the unofficial name of an animated comedy-fantasy that aired on NBC, spun off from the primetime series Punky Brewster. It was billed on-screen as merely Punky Brewster.

This cartoon series has the voices from the prime time series cast, and introduces Glomer, a creature called a glomley which Punky takes under her wing after he is stranded from his home of Chaundoon which appears only during a rainbow. Glomer has magical powers which sometimes goes a little haywire at the wrong time. He can also use those powers to take Punky and her friends to exotic locations. Punky's foster father, Henry Warnimont, does not know about Glomer, and Punky has to ensure he never does.

All of season one episodes were ink-and-paint cel animation. All of season two's new episodes, save for three, were composited by computer. Programs five through thirteen of season two featured a new episode and a repeat from the first season. The series received a daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program. It ran two years on NBC and was brought back in repeats in 1988 after NBC abruptly canceled the pre-teen live-action magazine series 2 Hip 4 TV. Episodes from the cartoon became part of the syndicated animated series Maxie's World in 1989.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2
Soleil Moon Frye Punky Brewster * *
George Gaynes Henry P. Warnimont * *
Cherie Johnson Cherie Johnson * *
Ami Foster Margaux Kramer * *
Casey Ellison Allen Anderson * *
Frank Welker Glomer * *
Brandon * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 14, 1985 December 7, 1985 13
Season Two September 13, 1986 December 6, 1986 13


DVD Releases

Selected episodes from the Punky Brewster cartoon appear in volume 1 of the primetime series DVD set.

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