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Universal Television
Universal Television 2011.jpg
Founded 1963 (1st incarnation; reincorporated from Revue Studios)
2000 (2nd incarnation; reincorporated from PolyGram Television)
September 12, 2011 (current incarnation; reincorporated from Universal Media Studios)
Dissolved 1998 (1st incarnation; became Studios USA)
May 12, 2004 (2nd incarnation; merged with NBC Studios to become NBC Universal Television)
President Pearlena Igbokwe
Notable Works The Virginian
Magnum, P.I.
Law & Order
House, M.D.
30 Rock
The Office
Chicago Fire
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Blacklist

Universal Television is the television production subsidiary of the NBCUniversal Television Group and by extension, the production arm of NBC, both divisions of NBCUniversal.



Historically, the studio has its main roots in three studios:

  • NBC Productions - founded 1947, and renamed NBC Studios in 1996
  • Revue Productions - founded in 1943, renamed Revue Studios in 1958, reincorporated as (the original) Universal Television in 1963, renamed Studios USA in 1998, and finally renamed Universal Network Television in 2002 following its merger into the second incarnation of Universal Television.
  • PolyGram Television - founded in 1981, renamed as the second Universal Television in 2000 following its acquisition by Seagram.

In 2004 NBC Studios and Universal Network Television merged, forming NBC Universal Television Studio, which was renamed Universal Media Studios in 2007, and finally Universal Television in 2011.

List of shows produced by Universal Television

Title Format Network Years
The Jack Benny Program Comedy CBS 1950–1964 1
NBC 1964–1965
Wagon Train Western NBC 1957–1962
ABC 1962–1965 1
The Virginian Western NBC 1962–1971 1
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Suspense / thriller anthology CBS 1962–1964
NBC 1964–1965 1
McHale's Navy Military sitcom ABC 1962–1966 1
Arrest and Trial Drama ABC 1963–1964
Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre Anthology NBC 1963–1967
Kraft Suspense Theatre Crime drama anthology NBC 1963–1965
Broadside Sitcom ABC 1964–1965
The Munsters Horror sitcom CBS 1964–1966
The John Forsythe Show Sitcom NBC 1965–1966
Run for Your Life Drama NBC 1965–1968
Laredo Western NBC 1965–1967
Convoy Military drama NBC 1965
The Road West Western NBC 1966–1967
The Jean Arthur Show Sitcom CBS 1966
Mr. Terrific Sitcom CBS 1967
Dragnet Crime drama NBC 1967–1970 2
Ironside Crime drama NBC 1967–1975
It Takes a Thief Adventure drama ABC 1968–1970
Adam-12 Crime drama NBC 1968–1975 2
The Outsider Detective drama NBC 1968–1969
The Name of the Game Adventure/mystery NBC 1968–1971
Blondie Sitcom CBS 1968–1969
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors Medical drama NBC 1969–1973
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers Legal drama NBC 1969–1972
Harold Robbins' The Survivors Drama ABC 1969–1970
Marcus Welby, M.D. Medical drama ABC 1969–1976
The Bold Ones: The Protectors Crime drama NBC 1969–1970
Paris 7000 Adventure drama ABC 1970
The Bold Ones: The Senator Political drama NBC 1970–1971
McCloud Crime drama NBC 1970–1977
Matt Lincoln Medical drama ABC 1970–1971
San Francisco International Airport Drama NBC 1970
The Psychiatrist Drama NBC 1970–1971
Night Gallery Sci-fi horror anthology NBC 1970–1973
Alias Smith and Jones Western comedy ABC 1971–1973
Sarge Drama NBC 1971–1972
Columbo Crime drama NBC 1971–1979
ABC 1989–2003
NBC Mystery Movie Movie of the week NBC 1971–1977
The Man and the City Drama ABC 1971–1972
Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law Legal drama ABC 1971–1974
McMillan & Wife Crime drama NBC 1971–1977 3
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury Crime drama CBS 1971–1972 2
The Partners Sitcom NBC 1971–1972
The D.A. Crime drama NBC 1971–1972 2
The Sixth Sense Mystery thriller drama ABC 1972
Emergency! Action/medical drama NBC 1972–1977 2
Banacek Detective drama NBC 1972–1974
Madigan Crime drama NBC 1972–1973
Hec Ramsey Western crime drama NBC 1972–1974
Jigsaw Crime drama ABC 1972–1973
Cool Million Crime drama NBC 1972
Emergency +4 Animated action / adventure NBC 1973–1974 2
Chase Crime drama NBC 1973–1974 2
Griff Crime drama ABC 1973–1974
Toma Crime drama ABC 1973–1974
Kojak Crime drama CBS 1973–1978
The Six Million Dollar Man Sci-fi action drama ABC 1974–1978
Sons and Daughters Drama CBS 1974
Get Christie Love Action crime drama ABC 1974–1975
Lucas Tanner Drama NBC 1974–1975
Sierra Action drama NBC 1974 2
The Rockford Files Crime drama NBC 1974–1980
Baretta Crime drama ABC 1975–1978
Sunshine Sitcom NBC 1975
Fay Sitcom NBC 1975–1976
The Family Holvak Drama NBC 1975
The Invisible Man Sci-fi adventure NBC 1975–1976
Mobile One Drama ABC 1975 2
Doctors' Hospital Medical drama NBC 1975–1976
Ellery Queen Drama NBC 1975–1976
Switch Crime drama CBS 1975–1978 4
The Bionic Woman Sci-fi drama ABC 1976–1977
NBC 1977–1978
City of Angels Crime drama NBC 1976
Sara Western drama CBS 1976
Delvecchio Crime drama CBS 1976–1977
Baa Baa Black Sheep Military drama NBC 1976–1978
Gemini Man Sci-fi action / adventure NBC 1976
Holmes and Yoyo Sitcom ABC 1976–1977
Quincy, M.E. Crime drama NBC 1976–1983 4
Sirota's Court Sitcom NBC 1976–1977
Lanigan's Rabbi Crime drama NBC 1977
Operation Petticoat Sitcom ABC 1977–1978
The Oregon Trail Western drama NBC 1977
Rosetti and Ryan Legal drama NBC 1977
What Really Happened to the Class of '65? Drama NBC 1977–1978
The Incredible Hulk Action/science fiction CBS 1978–1982
Richie Brockelman, Private Eye Mystery drama NBC 1978
Battlestar Galactica Science fiction ABC 1978–1979 4
The Eddie Capra Mysteries Mystery drama NBC 1978–1979
Sword of Justice Crime drama NBC 1978–1979
Delta House Sitcom ABC 1979
Turnabout Sitcom NBC 1979
B.J. and the Bear Adventure NBC 1979–1981
Mrs. Columbo Crime drama NBC 1979–1980
Harris and Company Drama NBC 1979
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo Comedy NBC 1979–1981 4
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Science fiction NBC 1979–1981 4
Shirley Drama NBC 1979–1980
House Calls Sitcom CBS 1979–1982
Stone Crime drama ABC 1980
Galactica 1980 Science fiction ABC 1980 4
When the Whistle Blows Sitcom ABC 1980
Semi-Tough Sitcom ABC 1980
Nobody's Perfect Sitcom ABC 1980
Good Time Harry Sitcom NBC 1980
Magnum, P.I. Crime drama CBS 1980–1988 4
Harper Valley P.T.A. Sitcom NBC 1981–1982
Fitz and Bones Drama NBC 1981 5
Shannon Crime drama CBS 1981–1982
Simon & Simon Crime drama CBS 1981–1989
Darkroom Anthology drama ABC 1981–1982
Tales of the Gold Monkey Adventure drama ABC 1982–1983
Knight Rider Action/science fiction NBC 1982–1986 4
Voyagers! Sci-fi adventure NBC 1982–1983
The A-Team Action drama NBC 1983–1987 5
Whiz Kids Mystery drama CBS 1983–1984
Domestic Life Sitcom CBS 1984
Legmen Action / adventure NBC 1984
Airwolf Action drama CBS 1984–1986
USA 1987 6
The Four Seasons Sitcom CBS 1984
Miami Vice Crime drama NBC 1984–1989
Hawaiian Heat Drama ABC 1984
Murder, She Wrote Mystery drama CBS 1984–1996
Charles in Charge Sitcom CBS 1984–1985
Syndication 1987–1990
The New Leave It to Beaver Sitcom Disney Channel 1984–1985
TBS 1986–1989
Street Hawk Action drama ABC 1985
Otherworld Sci-fi adventure CBS 1985
Code Name: Foxfire Drama NBC 1985
George Burns Comedy Week Anthology CBS 1985
The Equalizer Crime drama CBS 1985–1989
Misfits of Science Science fiction NBC 1985–1986
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Thriller anthology NBC 1985–1986
USA 1987–1989
Amazing Stories Anthology NBC 1985–1987
Blacke's Magic Drama NBC 1986
He's the Mayor Sitcom ABC 1986
Fast Times Sitcom CBS 1986
Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills Sitcom CBS 1986
Together We Stand Sitcom CBS 1986–1987
Outlaws Western CBS 1986–1987
Hard Copy Drama CBS 1987
A Year in the Life Drama NBC 1987–1988
Private Eye Drama NBC 1987–1988
The Law & Harry McGraw Legal drama CBS 1987–1988
Coming of Age Sitcom CBS 1988–1989
Family Man Sitcom ABC 1988
Almost Grown Drama CBS 1988–1989
B.L. Stryker Mystery drama ABC 1989–1990
Coach Sitcom ABC 1989–1997
Quantum Leap Science fiction NBC 1989–1993
Major Dad Sitcom CBS 1989–1993
Nasty Boys Crime drama NBC 1990 7
Northern Exposure Comedy-drama CBS 1990–1995
Uncle Buck Sitcom CBS 1990–1991
Law & Order Crime drama NBC 1990–2010 7 8
Parenthood Sitcom NBC 1990–1991
The New Adam-12 Police drama Syndication 1990–1991
Over My Dead Body Mystery drama CBS 1990–1991
Harry and the Hendersons Sitcom Syndication 1991–1993
Princesses Sitcom CBS 1991
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Late-night talk/variety NBC 1992–2009 10
NBC 2010–2014 10
Delta Sitcom ABC 1992–1993
Crime & Punishment Crime drama NBC 1993 7
Home Free Sitcom ABC 1993
Family Dog Animated sitcom CBS 1993 9
Danger Theatre Comedy anthology FOX 1993
SeaQuest DSV Action/adventure science fiction drama NBC 1993–1996
Weird Science Sci-fi comedy USA 1994–1997
M.A.N.T.I.S. Sci-fi action drama FOX 1994–1995
New York Undercover Crime drama FOX 1994–1998 7
Blue Skies Sitcom ABC 1994
Earth 2 Sci-fi drama NBC 1994–1995
A Whole New Ballgame Sitcom ABC 1995
Sliders Sci-fi drama FOX 1995–1997
Syfy 1998–2000
The Wright Verdicts Legal drama CBS 1995 7
Partners Sitcom FOX 1995–1996
American Gothic Horror drama CBS 1995–1996
Swift Justice Legal drama UPN 1996 7
The Burning Zone Sci-fi drama UPN 1996–1997
Something So Right Sitcom NBC 1996–1997
ABC 1998
Mr. Rhodes Sitcom NBC 1996–1997
Feds Drama CBS 1997 7
Roar Fantasy Drama FOX 1997
The Tom Show Sitcom The WB 1997–1998
Timecop Sci-fi adventure ABC 1997–1998
Team Knight Rider Sci-fi action drama Syndication 1997–1998
G vs E Action / adventure drama USA 1999
Syfy 2000
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Crime drama NBC 1999–present 7 11
Deadline Drama NBC 2000–2001 7
Sitting Ducks Animated comedy Cartoon Network 2001–2003
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Crime drama NBC 2001–2007 7 11
USA 2007–2011
The Agency Drama CBS 2001–2003 11
Last Call with Carson Daly Talk show NBC 2002–present 15 16
Monk Mystery/comedy-drama USA 2002–2009 12 13
Robbery Homicide Division Crime drama CBS 2002
American Dreams Period comedy-drama NBC 2002–2005 14 15
Dragnet Crime drama ABC 2003 7
Mister Sterling Drama NBC 2003
Last Comic Standing Comedic reality NBC 2003–2015
Coupling Sitcom NBC 2003
Karen Sisco Crime drama ABC 2003
Century City Sci-fi drama CBS 2004
House, M.D. Medical drama FOX 2004–2012 16
The Office Sitcom NBC 2005–2013 16
30 Rock Sitcom NBC 2006–2013 16
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Late-night talk/variety NBC 2009–2014 17
Parks and Recreation Sitcom NBC 2009–2015 17
Community Sitcom NBC 2009–2014 17 18
Yahoo Screen 2015
Parenthood Comedy-drama NBC 2010–2015 17
The Event Drama NBC 2010–2011
Whitney Sitcom NBC 2011–2013
Free Agents Action drama NBC 2011–2012
Up All Night Sitcom NBC 2011–2012
Grimm Fantasy/mystery/crime drama NBC 2011–2017
Who's Still Standing? Game show NBC 2011–2012
Smash Musical drama NBC 2012–2013 19
Bent Sitcom NBC 2012
Best Friends Forever Sitcom NBC 2012
Go On Comedy-drama NBC 2012–2013
Animal Practice Sitcom NBC 2012
Guys with Kids Sitcom NBC 2012–2013
The Mindy Project Sitcom FOX 2012–2015
Hulu 2015–2017
Chicago Fire Drama NBC 2012–present
Mockingbird Lane Comedy-drama NBC 2012
Take It All Game show NBC 2012
Do No Harm Drama NBC 2013
Deception Mystery drama NBC 2013
Bates Motel Suspense/thriller A&E 2013–2017
Family Tree Comedy HBO 2013
Hollywood Game Night Game show NBC 2013–present
Camp Drama NBC 2013
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Police sitcom FOX 2013–2018
NBC 2019–present
The Blacklist Crime drama NBC 2013–present 18
Dracula Horror drama NBC 2013
Ironside Crime drama NBC 2013
Sean Saves the World Sitcom NBC 2013–2014
Chicago PD Crime Drama NBC 2014–present 7
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Comedic talk show NBC 2014–present
Growing Up Fisher Sitcom NBC 2014
Late Night with Seth Meyers Comedic talk show NBC 2014–present
About a Boy Sitcom NBC 2014–2015
American Dream Builders Reality competition NBC 2014
Crossbones Period adventure drama NBC 2014
Food Fighters Reality competition NBC 2014–2015
Bad Judge Sitcom NBC 2014–2015
Mulaney Sitcom FOX 2014–2015
State of Affairs Espionage drama NBC 2014–2015
The Jack and Triumph Show Sitcom Adult Swim 2015
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Sitcom Netflix 2015–2019
The Slap Drama NBC 2015
Allegiance Espionage drama NBC 2015
American Odyssey Drama NBC 2015
I Can Do That Reality competition NBC 2015
Mr. Robinson Sitcom NBC 2015
The Carmichael Show Sitcom NBC 2015–2017 20
The Player Action drama NBC 2015 18
You, Me and the Apocalypse Dramedy Sky One 2015
NBC 2016
Truth Be Told Sitcom NBC 2015
Chicago Med Medical drama NBC 2015–present 7
Superstore Comedy NBC 2015–present
Telenovela Sitcom NBC 2015–2016
Master of None Comedy Netflix 2015–2017
Shades of Blue Crime drama NBC 2016–2018
Crowded Sitcom NBC 2016
Heartbeat Medical drama NBC 2016
The Path Drama Hulu 2016–2018
Game of Silence Drama NBC 2016 18
Maya & Marty Variety comedy NBC 2016
Uncle Buck Comedy ABC 2016 12
The Good Place Comedy NBC 2016–2020
Timeless Action / adventure drama NBC 2016–2018 18
Pure Genius Medical drama CBS 2016–2017 21
Emerald City Fantasy drama NBC 2017
The Blacklist: Redemption Crime drama NBC 2017 18
Taken Action drama NBC 2017–2018 22
Chicago Justice Legal drama NBC 2017 7
Great News Comedy NBC 2017–2018
Gypsy Thriller drama Netflix 2017
The Bold Type Drama Freeform 2017–present
Midnight, Texas Paranormal drama NBC 2017–2018
Marlon Comedy NBC 2017–2018
The Brave Military drama NBC 2017–2018
Law & Order: True Crime Crime drama anthology NBC 2017 7
Will & Grace Sitcom NBC 2017–present 23
Wisdom of the Crowd Crime drama CBS 2017–2018 21
Good Girls Drama NBC 2018–present
Rise Musical drama NBC 2018
A.P. Bio Comedy NBC 2018–2019
Champions Comedy NBC 2018
Reverie Thriller drama NBC 2018
Forever Comedy Amazon 2018 24
Magnum, P.I. Crime drama CBS 2018–present 21
Manifest Mystery thriller NBC 2018–present 9
FBI Crime drama CBS 2018–present 7 21
New Amsterdam Medical drama NBC 2018–present
I Feel Bad Comedy NBC 2018
Russian Doll Comedy Netflix 2019–present
The Enemy Within Thriller drama NBC 2019
The Village Drama NBC 2019
Abby's Comedy NBC 2019
The InBetween Crime drama NBC 2019
Four Weddings and a Funeral Anthology Hulu 2019–present 25
A Little Late with Lilly Singh Talk show NBC 2019–present
Bluff City Law Legal drama NBC 2019–present
Sunnyside Comedy NBC 2019–present
Almost Family Drama FOX 2019–2020 26
FBI: Most Wanted Crime drama CBS 2020–present 21
Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector Crime drama NBC 2020–present 18
Little America Anthology Apple TV+ 2020–present
Indebted Comedy NBC 2020–present 18
Duncanville Animated comedy FOX 2020–present 20 26
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Music drama NBC 2020–present 27
Council of Dads Drama NBC 2020–present
The Baker and the Beauty Romantic comedy ABC 2020–present 12
Never Have I Ever Comedy Netflix 2020–present
Away Drama Netflix 2020–present
Q-Force Animated comedy Netflix 2020–present
The Kenan Show Comedy NBC 2020–present
Rutherford Falls Comedy Peacock 2020–present
Saved by the Bell Comedy Peacock 2020–present
Young Rock Comedy NBC 2020–present
Punky Brewster Comedy Peacock 2020–present
The Gilded Age Period drama HBO 2020/2021–present
Girls5Eva Comedy Peacock 2020/2021–present
Mulligan Animated comedy Netflix 2021–present

1 Produced until 1963 by Revue Studios
2 Co-production with Mark VII Limited
3 Co-production with Talent Associates
4 Co-production with Glen A. Larson Productions
5 Co-production with Stephen J. Cannell Productions
6 Produced in 1987 by MCA Television
7 Co-production with Wolf Films
8 Produced from 1998 to 2002 by Studios USA, from 2004 to 2007 by NBC Universal Television Studio and from 2007 to 2010 by Universal Media Studios
9 Co-production with Warner Bros. Television
10 Produced from 1992 to 1996 by NBC Productions, from 1996 to 2004 by NBC Studios, from 2004 to 2007 by NBC Universal Television Studio and from 2007 to 2009 and 2010 to 2011 by Universal Media Studios
11 Produced until 2002 by Studios USA, from 2004 to 2007 by NBC Universal Television Studio and from 2007 to 2011 by Universal Media Studios
12 Co-production with Touchstone Television/ABC Studios
13 Produced from 2004 to 2007 by NBC Universal Television Studio and from 2007 to 2009 by Universal Media Studios
14 Co-production with Dick Clark Productions
15 Co-production with NBC Studios from 2002 to 2004, then solely by NBC Universal Television Studio following the merger of the two companies
16 Produced until 2007 by NBC Universal Television Studio and from 2007 to 2011 by Universal Media Studios
17 Produced until 2011 by Universal Media Studios
18 Co-production with Sony Pictures Television
19 Co-production with DreamWorks Television
20 Co-production with 20th Century Fox Television
21 Co-production with CBS Television Studios
22 Co-production with EuropaCorp Television.
23 Produced from 1998 until 2004 by NBC Studios, and from 2004 to 2006 by NBC Universal Television Studio.
24 Co-production with Amazon Studios.
25 Co-production with MGM Television.
26 Co-production with Fox Entertainment.
27 Co-production with Lionsgate Television.

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