Meet the Press

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Meet the Press
Premiere November 6, 1947
Airs Sundays at 9AM (varies in some markets) (NBC)
Sundays at 6PM (MSNBC)
Creator Martha Rountree
Lawrence E. Spivak
Network NBC
Style news talk show
30-minute (1947-1992)
60-minute (1992-present)
Company NBC News
Status Currently airing
Origin USA
Official Site NBC

Meet the Press is a Sunday morning talk show on NBC. It is the longest running program in worldwide television history having been broadcast for over 60 years.



Moderator Duration
Martha Rountree 1947-1953
Ned Brooks 1953-1965
Lawrence E. Spivak 1966-1975
Bill Monroe 1975-1984
Roger Mudd 1984-1985
Marvin Kalb 1984-1987
Chris Wallace 1987-1988
Garrick Utley 1989-1991
Tim Russert 1991-2008
Tom Brokaw 2008
David Gregory 2008-2014
Chuck Todd 2014-present



DVD Releases

There are no DVD releases for this show.

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