Mr. Show with Bob and David/"Heaven's Chimney"

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"Heaven's Chimney"
Watch Us Have Sex
Season 3, Episode 1
Airdate September 9, 1997
Production Number 301
Written by Bob Odenkirk
David Cross
Jay Johnston
Bill Odenkirk
Brian Posehn
Dino Stamatopoulos
Mike Stoyanov
Paul F. Tompkins
Mike Upchurch
Directed by Troy Miller
John Moffitt
← 2x06
"The Velveteen Touch of a Dandy Fop"
3x02 →
"Peanut Butter, Eggs, and Dice"
Mr. Show with Bob and DavidSeason Three

"Heaven's Chimney" is the first episode of the third season of Mr. Show with Bob and David, and the eleventh episode overall.

Guest Stars: Theresa Mulligan, James White (Clarence Trill)


Plot Overview


  • Heaven's Chimney Open: Bob, now a purely video image, attempts to lead his cult up "Heaven's chimney" when David is kidnapped/rescued. (Link: In seclusion, David continues to watch The Bob on a monitor.)
  • Deprogramming/Heaven Tour: Tom tries to replace Bob's propaganda with a more credible myth, and takes David on a magical tour of heaven to explain it. (Link: "Who knows who's gonna show up on this edition of Crazy Religious Beliefs!")
  • Crazy Religious Beliefs: A home video show featuring religious people doing what they do best! (Link: A montage of snake handlers and people praying.)
  • Watch Us Have Sex: A couple require voyeurs to conceive a child, and their quirk reveals their guests' own perversions. (Link: An unsubtle sexual symbolism montage shows clams, weiners, oil rigs and a roller coaster.)
  • The Devastator: A news update on a deadly amusement park ride sponsored by the amusement park responsible for the ride. (Link: Tragedy cash-in song Thank You For The Ride is playing on a car radio.)
  • Directions: A man tries to give directions and share bad news at the same time, with wacky results. (Link: The sketch is part of an Education Film Festival.)
  • Medieval Film: An educational film festival featuring the world's oldest educational film, "The Limits Of Science." (Link: The hosts of Hail Satan deride the film's failure to educate viewers about their lord.)
  • Hail Satan: Evangelists on the Hail Satan Network gather to worship the dark lord and praise a wickedly lazy child. (Link: Cold tag.)
  • Cartoon Cold Tag: Little Lulu is caught between an intolerant angel and a level-headed devil.


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