Neve Campbell

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Neve Campbell
Neve Campbell.jpg
Birth name Neve Adrianne Campbell
Born October 3, 1973 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Notable Roles Julia Salinger in Party of Five,
Sidney Prescott in Scream
Notable Episodes



Neve Campbell was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, to Marnie (Neve), a Dutch-born psychologist and yoga instructor, and Gerry Campbell, a Scottish-born teacher. Campbell first came to our TV screens in the hit Drama series Party of Five. Described as TV's most believable teenager, her first major film role came in the form of innocent victim "Sidney Prescott" in Scream (1996), the film which re-defined the slasher genre.


Starring Roles

Series Role Year(s) Season(s)
Catwalk Daisy McKenzie 1992–1994 1 2
Party of Five Julia Salinger 1994–2000 1 2 3 4 5 6
Sea-Wolf Maude Brewster 2008 miniseries
Burn Up Holly 2008 miniseries
The Philanthropist Olivia Rist 2009 1
The Lincoln Lawyer Maggie McPherson 2022–present 1

Recurring Roles

  • House of Cards: Leann Harvey

Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
My Secret Identity Student 3x15 - Pirate Radio February 11, 1991
The Kids in the Hall Laura Capelli 3x13 - Episode 313 March 10, 1992
Are You Afraid of the Dark? Nonnie Walker 3x13 - The Tale of the Dangerous Soup April 16, 1994
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Trish Collins 2x16 - Kundela October 17, 1994
Aventures dans le Grand Nord Nepeese 1x02 - Bari December 30, 1994
MADtv Julia Salinger 1x06 - Episode 106 November 18, 1995
MADtv Herself 2x05 - Episode 205 November 2, 1996
Saturday Night Live Herself 22x12 - Neve Campbell/David Bowie February 8, 1997
Medium Debra McCall 3x20 - Head Games May 2, 2007
Medium Debra McCall 3x21 - Heads Will Roll May 9, 2007
Medium Debra McCall 3x22 - Everything Comes to a Head May 16, 2007
The Simpsons Cassandra 21x07 - Rednecks and Broomsticks November 29, 2009
The Simpsons Cassandra 21x08 - O Brother, Where Bart Thou? December 13, 2009
Titanic: Blood and Steel Joanna Yaegar 1x01 - A City Divided April 15, 2012
Titanic: Blood and Steel Joanna Yaegar 1x07 - The Truth Shall Set You Free May 13, 2012
Titanic: Blood and Steel Joanna Yaegar 1x08 - High Stakes May 13, 2012
Titanic: Blood and Steel Joanna Yaegar 1x09 - Burden of Proof May 21, 2012
Titanic: Blood and Steel Joanna Yaegar 1x11 - The Tipping Point May 30, 2012
Titanic: Blood and Steel Joanna Yaegar 1x12 - The 'Unsinkable' Sets Sail May 30, 2012
Grey's Anatomy Lizzie Shepherd 9x08 - Love Turns You Upside Down December 6, 2012
Grey's Anatomy Lizzie Shepherd 9x09 - Run, Baby, Run December 13, 2012
Mad Men Lee Cabot 7x01 - Time Zones April 13, 2014

Specials and Made-for-TV Movies

Title Role Airdate Series/Banner
I Know My Son Is Alive Beth February 20, 1994 NBC Sunday Night Movie
The Forget-Me-Not Murders Jess Foy March 29, 1994 CBS Tuesday Movie
The Canterville Ghost Virginia 'Ginny' Otis January 27, 1996 ABC Saturday Night Movie
Last Call Frances Kroll May 25, 2002 Showtime Original
Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical Miss Poppy April 16, 2005 Showtime Original
An Amish Murder Kate Burkholder January 6, 2013 Lifetime Original

Talk, News and Game Show Appearances

Series Episode Airdate
The Rosie O'Donnell Show December 6, 1996
Maury October 8, 1997
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno December 5, 1997
The Rosie O'Donnell Show February 18, 1998
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno March 13, 1998
Maury April 30, 1998
Celebrity Profile Jennifer Love Hewitt December 2, 1998
The Directors The Films of Wes Craven January 1, 1999
The Rosie O'Donnell Show February 10, 1999
Access Hollywood June 23, 1999
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno October 13, 1999
The Rosie O'Donnell Show January 19, 2000
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno March 1, 2000
Rotten TV Episode #1.2 July 31, 2000
Access Hollywood September 21, 2000
The Rosie O'Donnell Show January 22, 2001
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno April 19, 2001
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno May 25, 2002
E! True Hollywood Story Scream October 31, 2001
The Early Show February 28, 2003
Tussen de sterren Episode #1.3 November 17, 2003
The Charlie Rose Show January 16, 2004
The Ellen DeGeneres Show Show 86 January 21, 2004
The Charlie Rose Show January 29, 2004
Last Call with Carson Daly Show 312 February 11, 2004
Tinseltown TV February 21, 2004
The Early Show March 11, 2004
Late Show with David Letterman Show 2231 September 6, 2004
Live! With Regis and Kelly August 13, 2004
Today August 18, 2004
Late Night with Conan O'Brien Show 1946 September 7, 2004
The View September 8, 2004
E! True Hollywood Story Scream Queens October 31, 2004
Open Access Charities November 7, 2004
This Morning (UK) November 11, 2004
Biography (1987) Val Kilmer November 17, 2004
Dinner for Five Episode #4.2 January 7, 2005
The Bigger Picture Episode #2.2 January 16, 2006
Richard & Judy February 17, 2006
GMTV November 29, 2006
ADHDtv: With Lew Marklin Obama Ball 90210 January 1, 2008
Xposé Episode #3.217 July 24, 2009
The Republic of Telly Episode #2.11 January 1, 2011
The Marilyn Denis Show Episode #1.59 March 31, 2011
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno April 4, 2011
The Hour Episode #7.129 April 6, 2011
In the House with Peter Bart & Peter Guber Zachary Gordon/Neve Campell/Peter Adee April 7, 2011
Up Close with Carrie Keagan April 11, 2011
The 7PM Project Episode #1.433 April 14, 2011
Made in Hollywood Episode #6.23 April 16, 2011

Memorable Moments

Awards and Accolades

MTV Movie Awards

(1 Win in 4 Nominations)


  • She wanted to take ballet and become a Professional Prima Ballerina at age six after her father took her to see a production of "The Nutcracker." She received ballet lessons that Christmas. At age nine, she joined The National Ballet of Canada.
  • Is a former smoker.
  • Despite making herself especially known as a "Scream Queen," despite that he personally hated horror movies. Though her personal favorite is Kubrick's 1980 "The Shining."
  • While training for a career in ballet, she developed accumulating injuries (she had a bunion removed from her big toe and her joints were practically worn away), so she finally gave up dance. She still works out at the bar regularly and made the movie 2003 "The Company" because of her love for the art.
  • She appeared in the Toronto production of the Broadway Musical "Phantom of the Opera" as a ballerina (early 90's).
  • She was in People (USA) magazine's '50 Most Beautiful' list.
  • She turned to acting after quitting dance and was soon cast as the Degas Ballerina Girl in "The Phantom of the Opera" starring Colm Wilkinson at Toronto's Pantages Theater. At 16, she was at the time the youngest person ever to be cast in this production. In total, she performed in over 800 shows. It was there that she met actor Jeff Colt, a bartender at the theater. They married in 1995 in England's Westminster Cathedral, but divorced three years later.
  • After the production of her film "The Company" wrapped, the Joffrey company offered her a spot. She turned them down.


  • (If she could change one feature about her, what would it be?): "I have the ugliest feet in the world. But even if I didn't dance, they would still be ugly. My toes are too big!"
  • ("What was the most difficult time of her life?"): Probably when I was at the National Ballet School of Canada, from the ages of nine to fourteen. It's the best dance school in the world, but an extremely competitive one, and there was a lot of pressure for a child. It had an extremely back-stabbing mentality, and there was a lot of favoritism. I wanted to be there because I wanted to be a dancer. I love to dance, and that was my dream. When you're in that school, it means you've beaten out two thousand people to get there, so you're not exactly gonna quit. But I did, at fourteen, because I basically had a nervous break-down--I wouldn't have been able to function had I stayed there. It was a huge decision. But I'd just about given up on my dream of being a dancer and realized that I'd completely lost myself and had no friends and was very unhappy in my life and couldn't have continued if I'd stayed there.
  • (Asked "Was she injured during the filming of The Company (2003)): "I broke my rib three days before going to Chicago. I did the training for four and a half months getting ready to go and three days before I went, when I was really nervous to join the company and see where I stood, I broke my rib. We were learning "Funny Valentine" and because we were learning from the tape, we were doing one of the lifts wrong. He lifted me from under my ribs. So then I had to go and do it with a broken rib".
  • (On her dance injuries): "I have got arthritis in my neck and my hips. I have had surgery on my feet. I have had snapping hip syndrome, tendonitis, shin splints, bursitis... I have had almost every injury imaginable."
  • "TS has really taught me a lesson about judging people who are different. Now when I see somebody do or say something I don't understand, I try to look beyound appearances and ask myself what makes that person tick - no pun intended. Think about it: When you keep an open mind about things that seem unusual or strange, all sorts of new understanding come to you. The world gets bigger, and so do you. ["Celebrity Diary", Teen People Magazine, April 2000]
  • "When I look back on it now, I am so glad that the one thing that I had in my life was my belief that everything in life is a learning experience, whether it be positive or negative. If you can see it as a learning experience, you can turn any negative into a positive."
  • "I'm always sad I left dance. I'm just in my element when I'm in the dance world. I'm so much more content in my heart when I'm sitting on a dance floor in a studio. It sounds so cheesy but it's just my home, it's where I grew up, I've been doing it since I was 6. It makes so much more sense to me than anything else I do."
  • (On Pointe-work in ballet): "You'd better love it, or there's absolutely no point. Unless, of course, you're a complete masochist."
  • "Classical ballet is physically challenging. You don't have any control over your career. You have to take instruction. You can't talk back. You can't have an opinion. You have to have great discipline and endurance. You have to tolerate pain. If you don't make it within a five-year period after training, you won't get into a company. You can't do it after you turn 35, because your body hurts so much. If you do ballet, you have to do it all day, every day.
  • [on her favorite death scenes from the "Scream" series]: It's really chilling that people think it's fun that she's dying [on Jada Pinkett Smith in Scream 2 (1997)]. And just for gross fun, Tatum [Rose McGowan] in the garage [in the first "Scream"]."
  • [on Hollywood favoring sequels and remakes/reboots instead of new material]: "We're going back to versions of movies that were only out a short while ago. There are sequels and all theses prequels to all the sequels. It's a terrible situation, it truly is. It makes me sad because there are so many great stories out there waiting to be told."
  • "Every single comic, every single book is made into a film. Do you know an author pitching a book nowadays is asked to consider whether there's a possibility of making a film from it? So films are even limiting the kinds of books we'll be able to read.
  • [on Scream 4 (2011)]: I was definitely apprehensive because we'd decided ten years ago that maybe we should stop there. But ten years later, it suddenly seemed like something that might be worth revisiting. For me, it was a matter of heading Kevin's ideas. I thought his pitch and his concept were really good. As usual, he's really smart, and that made my decision. I felt we'd done such a good trilogy we shouldn't push our luck. Then Kevin pitched me his idea and I thought, 'This could actually be really great'. I knew it would be fun to see everyone again."
  • [on returning to the "Scream" series after so 11 years and how much of a challenge it was]: "As an actor, I think the worst you can do is practice faces in the mirror. It's not that challenging, to be honest. I've been doing this character for 15 years and they're great films and, if I can imagine what she's going through, it's not a challenge to figure out how to play it."
  • [on Scream 4 (2011)]: "What I loved about the movie was the fact that we brought it to a new generation. You know, 11 years later, things have changed a great deal with social networking, multimedia, reality television and how people relate to fame and fortune now and YouTube and all of that ... it adds something to these films that hadn't been in there before and keeps it fresh and up to date."
  • [on being compared to or included with other 'Final Girl' characters in the horror genre like Laurie Strode in "Halloween" and Nancy Thompson in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"]: "She was used as a tool within the first film in that she's the eyes of the audience and people are constantly following Sidney's character throughout these films and experience the films through her eyes in some way. Also, I think, the fact that she's always been less of a victim. She's much less the victim in this film. But even in the first one, although she was young and terrified with what she was going through, she became somewhat of a fighter.
  • [on if she would return for a "Scream" film if her character was to be killed off]: Sure I would! If it's a really good film and good fun and great for the story, why not?"