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Regis Cordic

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Regis Cordic
Born May 15, 1926 in Hazelwood, Pennsylvania, USA
Died April 16, 1999 in Los Angeles, California, USA from cancer
Sometimes credited as Regis Cordic,
Regis J. Cordic
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
The Flying Nun
(credited as Rege Cordic)
Mr. Bragen 1x27 - Where There's a Will March 14, 1968
Mannix Mr. Coolidge 3x06 - A Penny for the Peep Show November 1, 1969
Ironside Captain Lasker 3x11 - Five Miles High November 27, 1969
Get Smart
(credited as Regis Cordic)
Colonel Quinton 5x13 - Ice Station Siegfried December 19, 1969
The F.B.I. Mr. Austin 6x13 - Incident in the Desert December 20, 1970
(credited as Rege Cordic)
Reverend 18x03 - Bohannan September 25, 1972
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Sheriff Crane 18x12 - The Brothers November 27, 1972
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Marshal Halstead 18x22 - Jesse February 19, 1973
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Lane 6x22 - All Honorable Men March 8, 1973
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Norman Harrison 2x20 - Rip-Off March 10, 1973
Kung Fu Stoddard 1x10 - Alethea March 15, 1973
Cannon 3x03 - Memo from a Dead Man September 19, 1973
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Lewis 3x02 - Any Old Port in a Storm October 7, 1973
Columbo Deputy Commissioner 3x03 - Candidate for Crime November 4, 1973
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Marc Williams 4x16 - WJM Tries Harder January 5, 1974
Barnaby Jones
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Claude Meecham 3x01 - A Gathering of Thieves September 10, 1974
Gunsmoke Sheriff Grimes 20x11 - Island in the Desert (1) December 2, 1974
Gunsmoke Sheriff Grimes 20x12 - Island in the Desert (2) December 9, 1974
The Rockford Files Dr. Evan Stuart 1x18 - Say Goodbye to Jennifer February 7, 1975
Barnaby Jones
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Dr. Reston 4x03 - The Orchid Killer October 3, 1975
The Streets of San Francisco Dr. Reynolds 4x06 - Deadly Silence October 16, 1975
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Jason Smith 5x18 - The House of Cards January 14, 1976
The Streets of San Francisco Abe Johnson 5x15 - A Good Cop... But February 10, 1977
Quincy, M.E.
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Judge 2x13 - Let Me Light the Way May 27, 1977
The Bionic Woman
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Roger Fowler 3x18 - Which One Is Jaime? February 25, 1978
Barnaby Jones
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Clark Harrison 8x05 - Design for Madness October 18, 1979
Quincy, M.E. Dr. Lawrence Condon 5x07 - Mode of Death November 1, 1979
The Incredible Hulk
(credited as Regis J. Cordic)
Dean Eckart 3x08 - Homecoming November 30, 1979
The Dukes of Hazzard Reynolds 4x08 - 10 Million Dollar Sheriff (1) November 20, 1981
The Dukes of Hazzard Reynolds 4x09 - 10 Million Dollar Sheriff (2) November 20, 1981

Awards and Accolades