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Season Seven
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Season Premiere September 30, 1998
Season Finale June 2, 1999
Episode Count 26



Season Six



Season Seven of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered on September 30, 1998.

In the United Kingdom, the season was aired via Sky One on Mondays from September 19, 1999 til April 3, 2000.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Prod.
151 1 Image in the Sand (1) Ira Steven Behr &
Hans Beimler
Les Landau September 30, 1998 40510-551
With the wormhole closed, Sisko struggles for a way to contact the Bajoran prophets. Kira opens a Romulan military hospital; Dax's new host arrives in his hour of need.
152 2 Shadows and Symbols (2) Ira Steven Behr &
Hans Beimler
Allan Kroeker October 7, 1998 40510-552
Sisko's quest for the Bajoran Orb leads him to the truth of his existence. Kira sets a blockade against the Romulans. Worf destroys a Dominion shipyard to prepare a place in Sto-vo-kor for Jadzia Dax.
153 3 Afterimage René Echevarria Les Landau October 14, 1998 40510-553
Everyone who knew Jadzia Dax reacts strongly to Ezri Dax's presence, particularly Worf.
154 4 Take Me Out to the Holosuite Ronald D. Moore Chip Chalmers October 21, 1998 40510-554
Capt. Sisko and crew are challenged to a game of baseball by a Vulcan Starfleet rival.
155 5 Chrysalis René Echevarria Jonathan West October 28, 1998 40510-555
Bashir becomes attracted to a genetically engineered patient who is placed under his care.
156 6 Treachery, Faith and the Great River Philip Kim Steve Posey November 4, 1998 40510-556
Weyoun defects,prompting Odo to transport him by shuttle to DS9. Nog shows Chief O'Brien how the Ferengi belief in trade can help him solve a difficult supply issue.
Teleplay by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
157 7 Once More Unto the Breach Ronald D. Moore Allan Kroeker November 11, 1998 40510-557
Worf's attempts to give an aging Klingon war hero one more chance at glory jeopardize an attack mission. Quark thinks Ezri wants to reunite with Worf.
158 8 The Siege of AR-558 Ira Steven Behr &
Hans Beimler
Winrich Kolbe November 18, 1998 40510-558
Sisko and crew fight a brutal ground battle against the Jem'Hadar to maintain an essential communications outpost.
159 9 Covenant René Echevarria John Kretchmer November 25, 1998 40510-559
Kira is held hostage by her archenemy Dukat, the leader of a Bajoran cult that worships the evil Pah-Wraiths.
160 10 It's Only a Paper Moon David Mack &
John J. Ordover
Anson Williams December 30, 1998 40510-560
After losing his leg in battle, Nog takes refuge from the trauma in the holographic world of lounge singer Vic Fontaine.
Teleplay by Ronald D. Moore
161 11 Prodigal Daughter Bradley Thompson &
David Weddle
Victor Lobl January 6, 1999 40510-561
O'Brien vanishes on Ezri's home planet, New Sydney, while looking for an operative he befriended. Ezri's family secrets are revealed.
162 12 The Emperor's New Cloak Ira Steven Behr &
Hans Beimler
LeVar Burton February 3, 1999 40510-562
Quark and Rom steal a Klingon cloaking device in order to save the Ferengi leader from the evil Alliance.
163 13 Field of Fire Robert Hewitt Wolfe Tony Dow February 10, 1999 40510-563
Ezri must work with one of Dax's previous incarnations, the homicidal Joran, to solve a series of murders.
164 14 Chimera René Echevarria Steve Posey February 17, 1999 40510-564
Odo meets a nomadic changeling that tries to convince him to leave the station to find others.
165 15 Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang Ira Steven Behr &
Hans Beimler
Mike Vejar February 24, 1999 40510-566
The crew concocts a plan to help Vic Fontaine regain control of his Las Vegas holosuite lounge from a mobster who's bought the hotel.
166 16 Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
translates to "In times of war, the law falls silent"
Ronald D. Moore David Livingston March 3, 1999 40510-565
Bashir's trip to Romulus puts him at odds with both Romulan Intelligence and Starfleet's covert Section Thirty-one.
167 17 Penumbra René Echevarria Steve Posey April 7, 1999 40510-567
Ezri steals a runabout to find Worf, who is missing in action; Sisko proposes to Kasidy Yates,
168 18 'Til Death Do Us Part
David Weddle &
Bradley Thompson
Winrich Kolbe April 14, 1999 40510-568
Destiny threatens Sisko's union; Gul Dukat involves himself in Kai Winn's vision. Breen soldiers take Ezri and Worf to the Jem'Hadar.
169 19 Strange Bedfellows
Ronald D. Moore Rene Auberjonois April 21, 1999 40510-569
The Dominion and the Breen prepare to ally as Ezri and Worf await execution. Kai Winn unknowingly gets involved with a surgically-altered Gul Dukat.
170 20 The Changing Face of Evil Ira Steven Behr &
Hans Beimler
Mike Vejar April 28, 1999 40510-570
The war reaches a crucial turning point when the Cardassian leader breaks from the Dominion-Breen alliance.
171 21 When It Rains... René Echevarria &
Spike Steingasser
Michael Dorn May 5, 1999 40510-571
Sisko commissions Kira to aid Cardassian rebels. Odo has symptoms of a deadly disease that is ravaging the Founders.
Teleplay by René Echevarria
172 22 Tacking into the Wind Ronald D. Moore Mike Vejar May 12, 1999 40510-572
Kira masterminds a plot to obtain an enemy weapon. Worf investigates a power shift within the Klingon Empire.
173 23 Extreme Measures
Night Tremors
Bradley Thompson &
David Weddle
Steve Posey May 19, 1999 40510-573
Bashir and O'Brien enter an extremist's mind to find the cure for Odo's deadly disease.
174 24 The Dogs of War Peter Allan Fields Avery Brooks May 26, 1999 40510-574
After Dominion forces destroy all Cardassian rebel bases, Kira urges Damar to rally his people. The Federation prepares for a final showdown.
Teleplay by René Echevarria & Ronald D. Moore
175 25 What You Leave Behind (1) Ira Steven Behr &
Hans Beimler
Allan Kroeker June 2, 1999 40510-575/749
As the war with the Dominion nears conclusion, the Federation Alliance receives help from an unlikely source.
176 26 What You Leave Behind (2) Ira Steven Behr &
Hans Beimler
Allan Kroeker June 2, 1999 40510-576/749
The end of the war brings changes to the station. Kai Winn and Dukat enter the Fire Caves to wake the Pah-Wraiths. Sisko fulfills his destiny.

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