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Basic Information

  • Full Name: Supernatural
  • Premiere Date: September 13, 2005
  • Finale Date: Still airing
  • Networks:
  • Airtimes:
    • Tuesdays, 8PM (1x01 through 1x16)
    • Thursdays, 9PM (1x17 through 5x22)
    • Fridays, 9PM (6x01 through 7x23)
    • Wednesdays, 9PM (8x01 through 8x23)
    • Tuesdays, 9PM (9x01 through 10x14)
    • Wednesdays, 9PM (10x15 through present)

International Viewings


  • Both Jared and Jensen had to be written off of their respective shows on the WB in order to star in Supernatural. Jensen was playing the role of Lana Lang's boyfriend, Jason Tiegs, on Smallville and Jared was acting as Rory's disgruntled boyfriend, Dean Forester, on Gilmore Girls.
  • Creator Eric Kripke has been hailed by fans for his usage of driving classic rock in the soundtrack of the show. This was influenced by his midwest upbringing and the music he listened to with his father. Kripke says this was intentional as he claims he told WB execs to "shove their anemic pop music up their ass".
  • Three different 1967 Chevy Impalas are used as Dean and Sam's transportation.
  • Creator Eric Kripke is a stickler for keeping the show's fans happy and involved. He is known for being profuse with spoilers and visits online posting communities to keep in touch with the fans and see how they respond to the episodes.
  • While set all over the US, "Supernatural" is actually filmed in Vancouver, Canada not far from the Smallville set. Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling are known to visit with Jared and Jensen on their respective sets.
  • Many of Jared and Jensen's costars have commented on the close bond between the two actors. As creator Eric Kripke put it: "they really became brothers."
  • Because of the lack of reccurring characters, Jared and Jensen are known to work 18-hour days due to their large amount of screen-time.
  • Two different opening title sequences were created for the show and were never used.

Awards and Accolades