Tales from the Crypt/Crypt Keeper

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Crypt Keeper
Tales from the Crypt
Actor John Kassir
First Appearance 1x01 - The Man Who Was Death
Last Appearance 7x13 - The Third Pig
Series Billing N/A
Episode Count 93
Notable Episodes


Basic Information

Crypt Keeper is the host of Tales from the Crypt. He sits in his crypt (hence the name Crypt Keeper) in a castle in England and tells stories about unfortunate events. Crypt Keeper is best known for his lack of sympathy for the characters in his stories and his ghoulish appearance and mannerisms, especially his laugh. Crypt Keeper has no flesh, only his bony skeleton.

Character History

Crypt Keeper formerly hosted his stories in the form of a comic book, until the 1950s when an organization called "The Comics Code Authority" determined that his influence was causing moral corruption on the youth. After HBO decided to resurrect the comic books into a series, Crypt Keeper's career was resurrected as well, and he was excited. From here his popularity would reach all time highs.

Memorable Moments