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Tales from the Crypt/The Man Who Was Death

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The Man Who Was Death
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate June 10, 1989
Screenplay by Robert Reneau and
Walter Hill
Directed by Walter Hill

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And All Through the House
Tales from the CryptSeason One
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The Man Who Was Death is the first episode of the first season of Tales from the Crypt.

Starring: Bill Sadler (Niles Talbot)

Cast: John Kassir (voice of the Crypt Keeper), Bill Sadler (Niles Talbot), J.W. Smith (Ledbetter), Roy Brocksmith (Vic), David Wohl (Warden Havers), Gerrit Graham (Theodore Carne), Dani Minnick (Cynthia Baldwin), Tony Abatemarco (Detective), Mimi Kennedy (Distraught Woman), Robert Winley (Jimmy Flood), Eve Brent (Judge #1), Edgar Small (Judge #2), Mark Lowenthal (District Attorney), F.J. O'Neil (Priest), Raymond O'Conner (Jury Foreman), M. Jennifer Evans (Newscaster #1), Patti Yasutake (Newscaster #2), "Al" M. Allen (Attorney), Kate Benton (Waitress), Julie Ann Lucas (Second Waitress), Ed DeFusco (New Executioner), Laura Albert (Go-Go Dancer)


Plot Overview

Niles Talbot is the state's executioner and is executing the latest death row inmate. This execution will be his last official execution. The state has decided that putting people to death is too cruel a punishment. Now Talbot is out of a job. Talbot had originally been hired as an electrician for the state's prison, then as the state's executioner when he told them that he wouldn't be squeamish about putting inmates to death. Now he is out of a job. However, he is a staunch supporter of capital punishment, so he has decided to become a vigilante. He listens to the news about criminals who have either been let go on technicalities for their crimes or had gotten acquitted. He would then find out where these guilty ones live or their workplace is and use his skill as an electrical to electrocute them. After electrifying three people with his skill, he seeks out a fourth guilty person. This person (a stripper who works in a nightclub) he finds doing her act. His attempt to electrify her is halted when the electric power is is shut off... by the police. The police had put it together who they thought was murdering these people, so they staked out the nightclub and awaited for Talbot in order to catch him in the act. Talbot is arrested and after a short trial he is found guilty and sentenced to death. The state has decided to reissue the death penalty. Niles Talbot will be their first recipient.



The Show

  • Throughout this episode, Niles Talbot narrates his feelings about various things: the death penalty, the people on the streets, his desire to see justice done, and why he became a vigilante. He stares into the camera during these narratives.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

The motorcycle rider's electrocution when he touches the fence post.

  • The killing of the man and woman in their Jacuzzi, the looks on their faces. Priceless.