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Tales from the Crypt/Cutting Cards

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Cutting Cards
Season 2, Episode 3
Airdate April 21, 1990
Screenplay by Mae Woods &
Walter Hill
Directed by Walter Hill
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The Switch
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'Til Death
Tales from the CryptSeason Two

Cutting Cards is the third episode of the second season of Tales from the Crypt, and the ninth episode overall. Sam Forney and Reno Crevice are rival gamblers who both think they are the best. Both are out to prove that they are willing to go farther than the other to prove that they are the best.

Starring: Lance Henriksen (Reno Crevice), Kevin Tighe (Sam Forney)

Cast: John Kassir (voice of the Crypt Keeper), Roy Brocksmith (Bartender), Diane Civita (Hostess), Alan Graf (Driver), Alisa Christensen (Blonde Woman), David Avadon (Dealer)


Plot Overview

Reno Crevice is a big time gambler who dresses like a cowboy. He has returned to an old casino that he once frequented but had not been to in over a year. Upon arriving he learns that Sam Forney, an old nemesis of his, has been playing at the casino for the last few months and has won off all of the money of many of Reno's friends.

Reno and Sam see each other at the casino and are obviously not friends. Sam says that he is the best gambler, and that is why he was driving around in Reno's car even after losing big. This enrages Reno who demands that they play, but he only has 100 dollars in his pocket. Sam says that he's not interested in 100 dollars, but will play on another condition. The loser has to leave town, and leave the state and never come back, because Sam wants Reno out of his life for good. Reno agrees and they decide to play dice. However both roll double 6.

Reno suggests Russian roulette, and so they go out into the parking lot to get Sam's pistol. Reno sets the bullet and Sam goes first. The gun clicks but doesn't go off. Reno goes and the same result. Sam now obviously doesn't want to go again but Reno's words drive him to do it, and luckily he remains standing. By this point Reno has built himself up to where he would do just about anything, goes and wins. Sam now has 1:1 odds. However he does go and luckily the gun again does not go off. Sam laughs at Reno knowing that the bullet will go off the next time the trigger is pulled, but Reno doesn't care. He's going to go anyways, just to show that he will go out strong. However yet again the gun does not go off, making Reno think that the gun had been rigged the entire time.

And so they go back inside to play poker... this time for limbs. The loser of each hand will lose a finger. Sam loses the first 2 hands, losing his pink and ring fingers. Reno loses the following hand and offers to let Sam get a finger sewn back on instead, but Sam wants to see Reno in pain and so takes off his index finger.

Flash forward and we see both Reno and Sam in what appears to be a mental hospital, both missing their arms and legs, yet still gambling, playing checkers.


  • Crypt Keeper introduces this episode with a poker hat on.


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