The Celebrity Game

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The Celebrity Game
Premiere April 5, 1964
Finale September 9, 1965
Creator Merrill Heatter &
Bob Quigley
Host Carl Reiner
Network CBS
Style 30-minute comedy game show
Company Heatter-Quigley Productions,
Four Star Television
Seasons 2
Episodes 53
Origin USA

The Celebrity Game is a prime time game show that aired on CBS.

Three contestants face a panel of nine celebrities, who are asked questions such as "Should speed limits be changed for women?" The celebrities secretly enter a vote of "yes" or "no". In turn the contestants select a celebrity and predict whether that celebrity said yes or no. The vote is revealed and that celebrity gives an explanation--often humorously--why he/she voted that way.

After each of three selections, the cash prize is $25 per player if all three are right, $50 per player if two are right, and $100 to a single player if right. Play continues until all celebrities have been chosen. Two rounds are played as such.

In the third round, the contestants must now predict if the consensus of the celebrities voted "yes" or "no" to a question. They do this by placing a hidden card with their choice of "yes" or "no" in front of them. The celebrities are called upon in turn to reveal their vote and their explanation. The contestants' show their selection. Payoffs are $100 per player if all three are right, $150 per players if two are right, and $300 for a single player being correct.

Noted psychiatrist Dr. Joyce Brothers was a consultant for questions on this show. Jack E. Leonard, who created The Dick Van Dyke Show, was a panelist on this show playing off host Carl Reiner (Alan Brady on The Dick Van Dyke Show).

After being canceled, CBS would air repeats of The Celebrity Game Sunday afternoons in the fall of 1967. It was taped at Studio 41 at CBS Television City. The show would be the springboard for Heatter-Quigley's hit show The Hollywood Squares. In fact, Squares regular Paul Lynde was a panelist on The Celebrity Game.




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