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Nancy Olson
The Facts of Life
Actor Felice Schachter
First Appearance 1x04- Rough Housing
Last Appearance 8x06- The Little Chill
Series Billing
Episode Count 19
Also Appears On Diff'rent Strokes

Nancy Olson is a fictional character from the series The Facts of Life. She was portrayed by actress Felice Schachter from her introduction as a character on Diff'rent Strokes in 1979 to this series to 1982 and returned for an episode in 1986. Her character originated from the hit sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, and she was a main character in The Facts of Life.


Character History

Nancy Olson was the all-American teenager. She attended Eastland School with several other girls, and is best friends with Sue Ann, Blair, Natalie and Tootie. When her character was introduced in the season-finale of Diff'rent Strokes, she was disheartened because her scholarship had ran out and Mrs. Garrett encouraged her to try out for the school play to get a scholarship. Nancy performed well enough to remain at Eastland.

Nancy's main delight was talking on the phone for hours to her never-seen boyfriend Roger Butler. She would get insanely jealous if any of the girls tried to get with Roger, even shoving ice down Blair's blouse when she found out about Blair's plan to secretly meet Roger in New York. She was well-rounded but not really the best student, even though she had the highest I.Q. score of every girl at Eastland.

Even though she was not a regular cast member after the first season, Nancy was featured in various later episodes.

In 1986, she along with Sue Ann and Cindy returned to visit Tootie, Natalie and Blair. In that episode, it is revealed that Nancy is pregnant and is about to marry her long-time boyfriend Roger.

Memorable Moments