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The Immortal (1970)

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The Immortal
Premiere pilot movie
September 30, 1969
September 24, 1970
Finale January 14, 1971
Creator Robert Specht
Based on the book by
James Gunn
Network/Provider ABC
Style 60-minute sci-fi action adventure
Company Paramount Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 15 + pilot movie
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

The Immortal is a sci-fi adventure program that aired on ABC.

Ben Richards is a test car driver for a large corporation. He's 42 years old, but looks young enough to pass for 25 -- and he's never been sick a day in his life. Ben's life changes when he donates a pint of blood. Upon further examination, it is determined that his O negative blood contains all known antibodies and immunities, which essentially makes him biologically immortal, unlikely ever to die of natural causes. When a dying billionaire is given a transfusion of his donated blood, and is brought back from the brink of death, the billionaire decides that he has to control Richards' life so he can access his life-saving blood.

When Richards rejects all of the billionaire's offers to remain with him, the billionaire has him imprisoned, but he ultimately escapes. Richards is now on the run because although the billionaire subsequently dies, he is now being pursued by one of the billionaire's former employees, Fletcher, who is now employed by another billionaire, Arthur Maitland, who also wants access to Richards' blood.

The series' dramatic tension is based on the idea that Richards would probably never lose his life if he were to live quietly as he would never succumb to any known diseases, but his flight from Fletcher puts his life at great risk, as he constantly engages in dangerous efforts to avoid capture, and his "immortal" blood did not make him immune from losing his life from trauma.

The series primarily focuses on Richards' journeys and the people he meets while trying to avoid Fletcher. A secondary plot involved Richards' search for a brother he has never known, with the implication that that brother may share his gift and thus be at risk from the billionaire as well.

The plotline of The Immortal is quite different from that of the book on which it is based. Instead, The Immortal bears more than a superficial resemblance to the popular show The Fugitive, which ended its four-season run a few years before The Immortal began.

The Immortal was produced by Paramount Television. CBS Studios now owns the series copyright, with distribution handled by CBS Television Distribution.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Christopher George Ben Richards
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Don Knight Fletcher
David Brian Arthur Maitland
Carol Lynley Sylvia Cartwright


Season  Premiere Finale #
The Immortal September 30, 1969
Season One September 24, 1970 January 14, 1971 15


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