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CBS Television Distribution
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Founded September 26, 2006 (through merger of CBS Paramount Domestic Television and King World)
President Paul Franklin
Notable Works

CBS Television Distribution (CTD) is the distribution unit of CBS Television Studios, a division of ViacomCBS.

CTD was formed on September 26, 2006 through the merger of two domestic distribution companies owned by CBS, CBS Paramount Domestic Television and King World. It is the successor to previous distribution companies owned by CBS, including CBS Films/Enterprises (the original company), CBS Broadcast International (the 2nd), Eyemark Entertainment (the 3rd), CBS Enterprises (the 4th) and CBS Paramount Domestic Television (the 5th).

CTD holds the TV distribution rights to its own first-run and off-network syndicated series. It formerly held the TV distribution rights to a majority of the films made by Paramount Pictures and its subsidiary studios before those rights were transferred by Paramount to Trifecta Entertainment & Media in 2009 (however with the ViacomCBS re-merger, distribution may revert back to CTD). Its advertising sales unit, CTD Media Sales, handles ad sales for the Lionsgate Television/Debmar-Mercury library (including South Park and Family Feud), taking over that function in April 2019 after Debmar-Mercury's previous ad sales handler 20th Television's purchase by The Walt Disney Company. It is also the distributor for TV series acquired from the following companies and entities:

CTD's international division, CBS Studios International (CSI), handles syndication of a majority of the shows it owns the rights to outside of the United States (or North America in some cases) while also handling international distribution of some shows whose syndication rights are owned by other companies in the United States. CSI became the successor in May 2009 to previous distribution company CBS Paramount International Television, which was formed in 2004 through the merger of CBS Broadcast International and Paramount International Television.

Other shows distributed by CBS Television Distribution

Title Format Network Years
The Amos 'n' Andy Show Sitcom CBS 1951–53 1
The Honeymooners Sitcom CBS 1955–56 2
Get Smart Sitcom NBC 1965–69 3
CBS 1969–70
That Girl Sitcom ABC 1966–71 4
Concentration Game show NBC 1958–73 5
Dark Shadows Soap opera ABC 1966–71 6
The Doris Day Show Sitcom CBS 1968–73 7
Little House on the Prairie Drama NBC 1974–83 8
Petticoat Junction Sitcom CBS 1963–70 9
The Beverly Hillbillies Sitcom CBS 1962–71 9
Branded Western NBC 1965–66 10
The Harlem Globetrotters Animated CBS 1970–73 11
Saved by the Bell Teen sitcom NBC 1989–93 12
Saved by the Bell: The College Years Teen sitcom NBC 1993–94 12
Saved by the Bell: The New Class Teen sitcom NBC 1993–2000 12

1Produced by Hal Roach Studios; the show has not been seen on television since CBS withdrew it from syndication in 1966 due to pressure from the NAACP regarding issues of racial stereotyping of the show's characters
2Produced by Jackie Gleason Enterprises; originally distributed by CBS Films/Enterprises, then Viacom
3Produced by Talent Associates throughout its run, with co-production by CBS in the final season; originally distributed by NBC Films, then National Telefilm Associates and Republic Pictures Television; HBO owns the series outright, with CTD holding only the North American TV distribution rights while HBO sister company Warner Bros. Television is the international distributor
4Produced by Daisy Productions; originally distributed by Metromedia Producers Corporation until the early-1980s, then by Worldvision Enterprises
5Produced by NBC, with co-production in the first two seasons by Barry & Enright Productions
6Produced by Dan Curtis Productions; originally distributed by Worldvision
7Produced by Arwin Productions; originally distributed by Worldvision
8Produced by NBC; originally distributed by Worldvision; NBCUniversal owns the ancillary rights to the series, but CTD is the American distributor for the show, while NBCUniversal Television Distribution distributes the show internationally
9Produced by Filmways Television and CBS; originally distributed by Viacom, then Paramount Television
10Produced by Goodson-Todman Productions; originally distributed by King World
11Produced by Hanna-Barbera; originally distributed by Viacom, then by Paramount Television; Warner Bros. Television owns the ancillary rights to the series through parent company WarnerMedia's ownership of the Hanna-Barbera library
12Produced by NBC and Peter Engel Productions; originally distributed by Rysher Entertainment, then by Paramount Television until 2003; NBCUniversal Television Distribution is the American distributor for the show, while CTD distributes the show internationally

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