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Brand PIX11
City of License New York City, New York
Market New York City, New York
Channel 11 digital
11.2 subcarrier (Antenna TV)
11.3 (This TV)
Previous: 11 analog (1948-2009)
33 digital (1997-2009)
Network Affiliation Current: The CW
Antenna TV (DT2)
This TV (DT3)
Independent (1948–1995)
The WB (1995–2006)
Founded June 15, 1948
Company Mission Broadcasting
Current Popular
Non-Network Shows
Family Guy
Two and a Half Men

WPIX is the East Coast flagship of the CW network, broadcasting on digital channel 11. Its subcarrier (11.2) carries Antenna TV, while 11.3 carries This TV.

WPIX opened in 1948 as an independent owned by the Tribune company, who still owns it today. It was a standard independent, known mainly in the early days for Officer Joe Bolton, whose weekday kids show screened shorts of The Three Stooges. Bill Britten was the show's local Bozo The Clown in the 1960s.

WPIX became a WB station in 1995 and was the station that introduced the Yule Log, a four-hour Christmas show consisting of a fireplace with an ongoing fire while holiday music played. Stations throughout the country have aired it each year.

In 2001, WPIX (along with several other stations) had its transmitter destroyed when two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, where the transmitter towers stood. The tower has since been reconstructed atop the Empire State Building.

In 2006, WPIX became a CW affiliate after the WB and UPN shut down and merged. In 2017, it was announced that Sinclair Broadcasting would buy Tribune’s TV stations and then divest nine stations to comply with ownership caps. On February 28, 2018, Sinclair filed to resell WPIX to Cunningham Broadcasting while maintaining control of newscasts and ad sales. The acquisition had been in question as the FCC had concerns about Sinclair's sidecars--stations owned by other companies and controlled by Sinclair. In markets where Sinclair already has a duopoly, this violated FCC regulations regarding ownerships. Tribune pulled out of the merger and filed a lawsuit against Sinclair for regulatory and ethics violations regarding the merger. WPIX has been bought by Scripps after Nexstar's ownership of Tribune was completed. Nexstar has sold off stations they and Tribune currently own to conform to ownership standards and to avoid market overlap. Nexstar has now reportedly transferred the option of buying WPIX to Mission Broadcasting, a firm with several LMAs with Nexstar, for $75 million plus accrued interest. Mission is exercising the purchase option with the sale closing New Year's Eve 2020.

Digital programming

Virtual Physical Name Programming
11.1 11.1 WPIX-DT Main WPIX (The CW)
11.2 11.2 WPIX-DT2 Antenna TV
11.3 11.3 WPIX-DT3 This TV

Current Prime-Time Schedule

Day 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00
Monday Two and a Half Men Roswell, New Mexico Penn & Teller
Fool Us
PIX11 News at 10 Seinfeld
Tuesday Two and a Half Men DC's Stargirl Supergirl PIX11 News at 10 Seinfeld
Wednesday Two and a Half Men DC's Legends of Tomorrow Batwoman PIX11 News at 10 Seinfeld
Thursday Two and a Half Men Coroner Legacies PIX11 News at 10 Seinfeld
Friday Two and a Half Men Penn & Teller
Fool Us
Nancy Drew PIX11 News at 10 Seinfeld
Saturday Two and a Half Men Pawn Stars PIX11 News at 10 The Honeymooners
Sunday Two and a Half Men Legends of the Hidden Temple Killer Camp PIX11 News at 10 Seinfeld

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