War of the Worlds/My Soul to Keep

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My Soul to Keep
WOTW - My Soul to Keep.png
Season 1, Episode 21
Airdate April 24, 1989
Written by Jon Kubichan
Directed by William Fruet
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So Shall Ye Reap
War of the WorldsSeason One

My Soul to Keep is the twenty-first episode of the first season of War of the Worlds.

Starring: Jared Martin (Harrison Blackwood), Lynda Mason Green (Suzanne McCullough), Philip Akin (Norton Drake)

and Richard Chaves (Colonel Ironhorse)

Special Guest Stars: Michael Parks (Cash McCullough)

and John Colicos (Quinn)

Also Starring: Michael Dyson (Farmer/Alien), Bruce McFee (Guard), Rachel Blanchard (Debi), Ilse Von Glatz (Advocate #1), Ric Sarabia (Advocate #2), Michael Copeman (Advocate #3), Vito Rezza (Stavrakos)

Featuring: Mohsin Sherazee (Cabbie/Alien), Handy Atmadja (Old Clerk), Robert Bibaman (Cooper), Peter Van Wart (Camera Crew #1), Andre Mayers (Camera Crew #2)


Plot Overview

Suzanne's ex-husband, a brash investigative reporter, comes back into her life. She soon discovers he's trying to get information about the Blackwood Project, a set up by a whistleblower with his own personal agenda. His threats to expose what they're doing also threatens to compromise their efforts when they discover the aliens have taken over an ice house to store their eggs that would increase their numbers with a whole new generation.


Teaser Quote

"And what would your name be?"
"Woodward and Bernstein didn't need a name."
"You trying to tell me you're Deep Throat?"

Base Three

  • The alien embryos are in a trefoil shape.
  • The net used to take out the dying alien in the vat is in a triangle shape.
  • The aliens mate every nine years.

The Number 23

  • The room number Cash meets his informant in.


  • Washington, D.C. (Korean bathhouse)


  • Norton says he has been listening to the alien transmissions for "over a year now."

Arc Advancement


  • The aliens have a chance to increase their numbers with a whole new generation of offspring.


  • Suzanne's ex-husband Cash returns after being absent for nearly two years.


  • Harrison recalls the information he got from Quinn concerning the colder conditions of their planet Mor-Tax.


The Show

  • Suzanne and Cash have been divorced for five years.

Behind the Scenes

  • The exterior of the Intercontinental Ice Limited is the same location of the exterior of the Santa Clarita Nuclear Planet from "Epiphany".
  • The interior of the ice house is a reused set for the vaults from "The Second Seal".

Allusions and References

  • The dialogue between Quinn and Cash allude to the idea that Quinn is Deep Throat. Deep Throat was a secret informant that tipped Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein to a break-in at Watergate that ultimately led to the resignation of president Richard Nixon. For decades the identity of the informant remained a mystery and the subject of much speculation. However, on May 31, 2005, Associate Director of the FBI Mark Felt revealed that he was the legendary Deep Throat.

Memorable Moments

  • The ceremony of sorts one of the Advocates performs in honour of those of their young that did not survive the conditions of the caverns.
  • The reveal that Cash's informant is none other than Quinn.
  • The seemingly dying alien fetus demonstrates that even it has superhuman strength when it grabs Suzanne, forcing Ironhorse to torch it.


  • When talking to Harrison about the alien transmissions sounding like baby talk, Norton is slumped forward when the camera is facing him, but is upright when it's facing his back.
  • Randy Atmadja's first name is strangely misspelled as 'Handy'.
  • Robert Bidaman has his last name in the credits misspelled as 'Bibaman'.


  • Advocate #3: We return thee to Mor-Tax. In the name of those who come and those who went before. To Life Immortal.
  • Cash: And what would your name be?
Quinn: Woodward and Bernstein didn't need a name.
Cash: You trying to tell me you're Deep Throat?
  • Cash: But why me? Why not Woodward and Bernstein?
Quinn: Oh, don't get me started on those two ungrateful bastards.
  • Guard: How are you doing? Cold enough for you?
Cabbie/Alien: We like it like that.
Guard: Uh, we're not open today. It's Sunday.
Cabbie/Alien: We'll wait.
Guard: You plan to wait here all day and night?
Cabbie/Alien: That's the idea.
Guard: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Cabbie/Alien: Sure you would.
  • Ironhorse: Mail call.
Suzanne: I'll take one. Present company excluded, of course.
Ironhorse: Excuse me?
Suzanne: Oh, Paul, why is it my jokes always send you into denial?
  • Cash: Tell me what you know.
Suzanne: I can't. And if I could... you're the kind of bastard that makes a case for divorce not enough. The only thing that's important to you is you. You would sell your soul to a get a story, you dumb son of a bitch.
Cash: Well, you know me, Suzanne. I will get the story. Now, are you coming with me?
Suzanne: You can go to Hell!
  • Cash: I've got to ask you something.
Quinn: Hmm?
Cash: Why'd you tip Woodward and Bernstein?
Quinn: Hell, one term of "Tricky Dick" was bad enough. Two was impossible.
  • Advocate #1: Is there no degradation too great? No sense of morality present at all on this damned planet?
Farmer: But we did take every precaution, Advocate.
Advocate #1: Then how could this outrage occur?
Guard: We cannot explain what has happened to the missing embryo.
Advocate #1: You idiots. It is clear what has happened.
Advocate #2: Only humans would dare to steal one of our firstborn.
Farmer: But who else among the humans knows the eggs are here, Advocate?
Advocate #2: Whoever knows will return.
Guard: The circle of life is almost complete.
Advocate #3: Now it is too late to move our young.
Advocate #1: They must defend the embryos with your lives. Our future depends on it!
Farmer: We hear your command.
  • Advocate #2: These humans are treacherous.
Advocate #3: We'll be doing a great service for the entire universe to kill each and every one of these revolting human beings.
Advocate #1: Death to all humans!
  • Suzanne: If this thing is hatching, I could be midwife to a monster.
  • Suzanne: Now you know.
Cash: I don't know anything anymore.
Suzanne: You realise that if you ever try to tell this story...
Cash: What story? You mean about aliens invading Earth from another planet? Who'd believe me? Hell, I don't even believe me.