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To add a category to a page link to it like so [[Category:Category Name]] where Category Name is the name of the category. To ease future editing put all categories at the very bottom of the page.

Each program should be categorized in the following ways:

  • All programs should be included in the Program category.
  • All programs should be added to network categories for its original first run networks a list of network categories is located here Category:Networks
  • All Programs get their own category that they should be added to in the following way [[Category:Show Title|*]] where Show Title is the same as the name of the show article being categorized.


Main Genres

All programs shall receive at lease one main genre category these are linked on the Main Page and are:

Minor Genres

Various minor genre categories are also available to further describe programs:

These categories can be used for all main genres:

In addition the following categories can be used for specific main genres:


If applicable setting categories should be added as well. List of setting categories and their descriptions can be found here

  • New Country categories can be created as needed.
  • New City categories should only be created for significant cities.


Some genres and Time settings are further broken down into sub-categories.

New sub-categories can be created as long as they are clearly distinct and popular enough to have at least six shows included.

Special Categories

There are a few categories that describe different aspects of the program's format, audience or history and can apply to a wide range of programs.