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Law & Order is the brainchild of Dick Wolf. It is one of the most successful US crime procedurals, as well as television franchises in general. It includes five original versions, two international remakes, and nine hundred episodes, spanning 20 years.


Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Official American Series
Law & Order Crime NBC 1990–2010
The original and longest running.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Crime NBC 1999– 
Focusing on crimes of a sexual nature.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Crime NBC 2001–2011
Focusing more on the back and forth between criminals and the police.
Law & Order: Trial by Jury Crime NBC 2005
The short-lived series is notable for having Jerry Orbach's final appearance as Det. Lennie Briscoe.
Law & Order: Los Angeles Crime NBC 2010–2011
Set in Los Angeles instead of New York City.
Law & Order: True Crime Crime NBC 2017
Dramatizations of real life crime stories.
Law & Order: Hate Crimes Crime NBC 2019 order pulled
Focuses on the hate crimes task force.
Law & Order: Organized Crime Crime NBC 2021– 
Revolves around the NYPD organized crime unit led by Elliot Stabler.
Law & Order: For the Defense Crime NBC 2021/2022
International Versions
Paris enquêtes criminelles French crime TF1 2007– 
French adaptation of Criminal Intent
Law & Order: UK UK crime ITV1 2009–2014
UK adaptation of original Law & Order
Informal Spin-offs
Crime & Punishment Crime reality NBC 2002–2004
A show about real cases
Conviction Crime NBC 2006
Focuses on the personal lives of the characters.

See Also

The following shows have had characters crossover with one or more Law & Order series

  • Homicide: Life on the Street, in addition to multiple crossovers, Richard Belzer's character Munch started on Homicide and moved to Special Victims Unit
  • New York Undercover, also created by Dick Wolf, featured psychiatrists from the Law & Order universe
  • Deadline, also created by Dick Wolf, focused on the people who made the New York Ledger, a newspaper in the Law & Order universe