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Sun-Hwa Kwon
Lost-Sun 06.jpg
Actors Yunjin Kim
Sophie Kim (flashback)
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot (1)
Last Appearance
Show Status Series: Billed
Episode Count 84
Notable Episodes 1x06 - House of the Rising Sun
1x17 - ... In Translation
2x05 - ... and Found
2x16 - The Whole Truth
3x02 - The Glass Ballerina
3x18 - D.O.C.
Flashback Count 6 (including Exodus (1)
Flashforward Count 3 (including There's No Place Like Home (1) and There's No Place Like Home (2))

Sun-Hwa Kwon (maiden name Sun-Hwa Paik, born March 20, 1980 in the Republic of Korea) is the wife of Jin-Soo Kwon, and is one of the Oceanic 815 crash survivors on the mysterious island. She is played by Yunjin Kim, a billed role and she appeared in 84 episodes.


Basic Information


Sun as a child
Sun-Hwa Paik is the daughter of a rich and very powerful Korean automobile manufacturer and heavy industries magnate, Woo-Jung Paik. A strict man, Woo-Jung was very controlling of Sun as she grew up. As a young child, Sun accidentally dropped a glass ballerina. Her father confronted her with the shattered fragments, but Sun laid the blame on one of the maids. Although he didn't believe her tale, Woo-Jung promptly fired the maid over such a simple matter.

Sun attended Seoul National University for four years, graduating with a degree in Art History. Although she went to college to earn a degree, her mother and father had hoped she would find a husband in those years. With no marital prospects, Woo-Jung pressured Sun into finding a suitable husband through a matchmaker. Though this matchmaker Sun met Jae Lee, the son of a hotel businessman. The two hit it off well, but Jae later revealed to her that he was only seeing her to keep his parents off his back and was planning to marry an American girl he met while pursuing his degree at Harvard. Sun had fallen for him and was crushed by the revelation. However, later that day she bumped into Jin-Soo Kwon who had just quit his doorman job at Jae's hotel.

Sun fell in love with Jin. Knowing that her father was a man who involved himself in very shady dealings, Sun wanted to elope with Jin and escape from her father. But Jin insisted on doing things properly and, after meeting with her father, obtained permission to marry Sun on the condition he worked for her father. Shortly after she was married, Jin's long-lost mother appeared to Sun and threatened to reveal that Jin was the son of a prostitute unless Sun paid her $100,000. Sun tracked down Jin's father, whom Jin claimed was dead, and verified the woman's claim with him. Sun was forced to obtain the blackmail money from her father, threatening to break her silence on his shady dealings if he didn't give her the money with no questions asked. She received the money, but her father realized it was for something involving her new husband and warned her that Jin would work for him directly. Despite the warning, Sun took the money and Jin's mother received it, but Sun threatened to have her killed if she ever came back.

Due to her actions, Jin began to work directly for her father, working long hours and straining their relationship. One night Sun found Jin covered in someone else's blood when he came home from one of her father's jobs. She questioned her husband as to what happened, but he refused to tell her anything escept that he "did whatever her father asked of him" and that he did it for them. Sun's marriage came under further strain when the two had problems conceiving a child, as Jin believed a baby would help their relationship. Turning to a fertility doctor, Sun learned that she was infertile and Jin accused her of knowing this before they were married. Later, the fertility doctor told Sun that it was actually Jin who was sterile, but liked as he was afraid of Jin and his connections to Mr. Paik.

Sun decided she had enough of her husband and her father. Turning to Jae, Sun studied English in secret and became fluent as she made preparations to leave for America. However, Sun began to have an affair with Jae and slept with him. Sun came to the decision she couldn't continue their affair, but her father found the two in bed together. Woo-Jung was filled with shame at what Sun had done and so turned to Jin to regain their honor, telling Jin that Jae had stolen from him. Jin initially refused to "deliver a message" to Jin, even threatening to quit, but Woo-Jung referred to Jin as his son for the first time and asked him to regain their family's honor. Jin informed Sun of what her father requested of him and Sun tried to persuade him to run away with her, but to no avail. Unaware of his wife's infidelity, Jin delivered Woo-Jung's message, but only threatened to kill Jae if he ever returned to Seoul. Jae, however, threw himself off his balcony after the encounter. Sun attended Jae's funeral at a distance, and was met by her father there and told that it wasn't his place to tell Jin about her relationship with Jae.

In Sun's mind, her father had Jae killed and it might have been Jin who did it. This only strengthened her resolve in fleeing from them. She made arrangements with people who seemed to know a lot about how to disappear quietly, making it seem as if she was kidnapped and killed. She was to leave while at Sydney International Airport, but her husband gave her a flower like he used to do long ago. Sun remembered how much she loved Jin and they boarded Oceanic flight 815 together.


Season One

Sun survived the crash of Oceanic flight 815 with her husband. Jin, however, didn't like her wearing revealing clothing or being around the other survivors. He eventually attacked a fellow survivor, Michael Dawson, and was handcuffed to prevent him from harming anyone else. Sun was forced to reveal to Michael that she spoke English in order to explain the situation, that Michael was wearing a watch that belong to her father and that Jin was carrying on an errand. She got Michael to free Jin, and to keep her secret.

Knowledgeable on herbs and plants, Sun started planting a garden near the beach camp and received help from Kate Austen. Kate made smalltalk with Sun and realized Sun understood English. She agreed to keep Sun's secret, but Jin came under more scrutiny when he was accused of burning Michael's raft. After her husband had been rounded up by a mob, Sun revealed to everyone that she spoke English in order to defend Jin, telling them that Jin had burnt his hands attempting to put out the fire. He was eventually freed after a passionate speech by John Locke, who placed the blame on the Others rather than pointing fingers at one another. But Jin was disheartened with Sun and moved out of their cave shelter to work with Michael on a new raft.

Sun continued to live in the caves, assisting Jack Shephard on medical treatments. But Michael's raft neared completion and Jin intended to be one of the passengers who were to leave the island. Not wanting him to leave, Sun got the idea to poison his water bottles from Kate. The poison who only to induce mild discomfort. Things went awry when Michael drank from Jin's water and accusations began flying on who would have the most to gain from getting a seat on the raft. Jack eventually figured out what Sun had done, but agreed to keep it a secret. After the raft was completed, Sun learned from Jin that he wanted to leave as he believed he was being punished and that she didn't deserve to be stuck on the island. He was going to save her. Before he left, Sun gave her husband a list of phonetic pronunciations of English words to help him communicate with the other members of the raft.

Season Two

The raft was attacked the night it was launched by the Others and blown up. The bottle of messages made by the survivors was found washed ashore by Claire Littleton who, after talking with Shannon Rutherford, decided to give it to Sun. Rather than tell everyone else and dash their hopes of rescue, Sun buried the bottle in the sand and lost her wedding ring in the process. Sun frantically searched for it, her last connection with the husband she thought was dead. Kate told her not to worry about Jin, but Sun told her he wasn't alright because the raft's bottle washed ashore. The two dug it up and Kate searched through it for a message from James "Sawyer" Ford, but found Sun's ring instead.

She was working in her garden when Michael burst in on his errand from Ana Lucia Cortez, who demanded weapons and supplies. She was very surprised to see him and was relieved to learn that Jin was okay, taking him to The Swan to see Jack. After the situation with Ana Lucia was defused, Sun was reunited with Jin at the beach camp.

The two still worked on redefining their relationship from Jin's repressive actions when they first arrived. When Jin heard that Michael had run off in search of Walt Lloyd, he wanted to go help him but Sun told him to say. He protested that Michael was his friend, but Sun countered that she was his wife. The next morning Jin complained to her that he didn't like being told what to do, and Sun countered that she spent four years being told what to do and didn't like it much either.

While working alone in her garden, Sun was involved in an attempted kidnapping. She escaped and ran blindly through the jungle until she fell and hit her head, knocking herself out. Unbeknownst to her, the Others' kidnapping attempt was perpetrated by Charlie Pace as part of Sawyer's con to get all the weapons from The Swan. Sun continued to work in her garden, but Jin got angry and tore up the garden so she wouldn't have a reason to come back. Afterwards Sun began to experience nausea and, through a Widmore Labs pregnancy test, learned she was pregnant. Sun eventually found Jin in her garden, attempting to repair the damage he did. She told him she was pregnant, but revealed to him that the fertility doctor in Korea had told her that Jin was sterile. Sun claimed she hadn't been with anyone else but Jin, and so Jin believed the pregnancy must be a miracle.

At the funeral for Libby and Ana Lucia, Sun was the first to see the sailboat Elizabeth just off shore. Sayid Jarrah wanted to use the boat as part of his plan to ambush the Others, but Desmond Hume refused to help sail it. Jin initially refused to help Sayid, but Sun agreed to help with the plan and Jin was forced to accompany her. She witnessed the mysterious foot statue on the journey to The Door.

Season Three

Sayid's plan to ambush the Others had apparently failed, as Jack had not appeared at their rendezvous point. Jin wanted to turn back when Sayid wanted to continue further up the coast, but Sun agreed to help Sayid. The trio discovered the Pala Ferry dock and tied up the Elizabeth alongside it. Sayid eventually revealed to the two that he believed the Others had captured their friends, and so wanted to spring a trap on the Others to capture two for interrogation. Sayid and Jin waited on the shore for the Others while Sun stayed aboard the sailboat. However, the Others used their submarine to board the boat from the ocean and Sun was forced to defend herself with a gun, fatally shooting Colleen Pickett before abandoning the boat. After Sun safely made it to shore, Sayid apologized to her and her husband, and they left for the beach camp.

At the beach camp, Sun continued to teach English to her husband while settling back into life with the other survivors. She suggested that Sawyer use no nicknames for a week as a bet in a table tennis match, and she tried to help Claire catch a tagged seagull in order to attach a note to its leg for rescue. The relative normalcy of the camp was shattered when Nikki Fernandez and Paulo turned up dead. Suggestions were made as to how they died, and one such suggestion involved the Others. Sun reminded everyone of how they tried to kidnap her at her garden. Feeling guilty about his part in the attempted kidnapping, Charlie came clean to Sun. She confronted Sawyer, slapping him, and informing him she wouldn't tell her husband as Jin would most likely try to kill him.

Juliet Burke returned with Jack, Kate and Sayid from the barracks to find Claire in medical trouble. After Claire was saved with Juliet's help, Sun discovered that pregnant women who conceived on the island had all died. Worried about her pregnancy, Sun agreed to accompany Juliet to The Staff to discover her date of conception. Juliet calculated that Sun had conceived on the island, apologizing to her and offering to help her as best she could. Despite the fact that the news was a death sentence, Sun thanked Juliet as she was happy the baby was Jin's.

It was eventually revealed that Benjamin Linus was planning on raiding the beach camp to take any pregnant women marked by Juliet. Juliet had told Jack what Ben wanted her to do, and so Jack decided to ambush the Others. Three tents would be marked by Juliet, but they would have only dynamite inside which Danielle Rousseau had retrieved from the Black Rock. Unfortunately, Karl arrived with news the Others were coming a day earlier than expected and the plan had to be reworked. Jin volunteered along with Sayid and Bernard to shoot the stacks of dynamite to manually trigger them. Sun left with the other survivors to trek to the island's radio transmitter in a bid to contact Naomi Dorrit's off-shore freighter. That night they witnessed only two explosions, but Jack persuaded Sun and Rose to continue on rather than wait for their husbands. But the next day they received news that the three men were OK.

Season Four

Sun was reunited with Jin-Soo Kwon when the survivors reached the nose section wreckage of Oceanic 815 as they headed back to the beach camp. But the survivors learned of Charlie Pace's warning, that the people on the freighter weren't who they claimed to be. The survivors split into two groups: those who believed in Charlie's message sided with John Locke and left for the barracks while those who still believed in rescue stuck with Jack Shephard. Sun sided with Jack and remained at the beach camp. Four more people from the freighter arrived, but doubts were cast on rescue from the island. Two of the four, Charlotte Lewis and Daniel Faraday, sneaked out of the camp in the middle of the night to disable the Tempest. The two were eventually brought back, but Sun learned from Kate that Juliet Burke had lied to Jack about what the station was used for. As Juliet had lied to Jack, Sun began to have doubts about Juliet's warning of pregnant women dying on the island. Coupled with Daniel not being able to tell Sun they would be rescued, Sun decided to go to Locke's camp. To prevent Sun from going, Juliet was forced to tell Jin of his wife's affair. Sun tried to explain her actions to Jin, but Jin eventually came to believe she did it to the man he used to be and forgave her.

After the Island

After being rescued, Sun moved back to South Korea and gave birth to her daughter. She named her Ji Yeon, which was the name Jin-Soo Kwon had picked out while they were on the island. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes came to visit her and her new baby, and the three visited Jin's grave.

Character History

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Before the Crash

On the Island

After the Island

Memorable Moments


  • Alternate Audition: Yunjin Kim originally auditioned for the part of Kate. Although J.J. Abrams felt that Kim wasn't right for the role, he loved her so much that he created the role of Sun exclusively for her.