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Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Lost-Hurley 06.jpg
Actors Jorge Garcia
Caden Waidyatilleka (flashback)
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 6x18 - The End
Show Status Series: Billed
Episode Count 106
Notable Episodes 1x18 - Numbers

1x24 - Exodus (2)
2x04 - Everybody Hates Hugo

2x18 - Dave

2x22 - Three Minutes

3x10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Flashback Count 5 (including Exodus (2))
Flashforward Count 3 (including There's No Place Like Home (1) and There's No Place Like Home (2))

Hugo Reyes is a 26-year-old overweight man who goes by the nickname "Hurley". He is one of the Oceanic 815 crash survivors on the mysterious island, and is played by Jorge Garcia, where he plays a billed role and appeared in 106 episodes.


Basic Information


Hugo as a child
At the age of 9, Hugo Reyes was a thin kid who liked to fix things, including a broken Camaro. His father, David, broke his promise to go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon with Hugo. Instead, he was heading to Vegas for some work. He gave Hugo a candy bar, despite his wife's objections of giving Hugo candy, telling Hugo it's just a candy bar and to live a little. David rode off on his motorcycle and never came back.

Hugo grew up and eventually became a patient at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute at the request of his mother, Carmen. She had him committed after an incident where he was at a party and walked out onto a deck that was constructed to hold 8 people, but had 22 people on it. Two people died when the deck collapsed. Hurley blamed himself for the tragedy, believing his and only his weight was the cause of the structural collapse, and went into a catatonic state, doing nothing except eating. He met fellow patient Leonard Simms, a man who kept repeating over and over the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. While in the institution, he made up a very realistic imaginary friend called "Dave". Dave was a negative influence on Hurley, not wanting him to change and encouraging him not to follow his diet. Hurley's therapist, Dr. Brooks, got Hurley to make a list about what he liked about himself; it was a short list. Hurley didn't think he could change his appearance although he wanted to. Dr. Brooks said that overeating is what he does to punish himself. In order to help Hurley overcome his problems, Dr. Brooks took a picture of Hurley and Dave, later showing the developed photo to Hurley to prove Dave never existed. After this revelation, Dave attempted to coax Hurley into escaping from the institution, telling him the photograph was manipulated. Hurley let Dave go out the window to freedom, but he refused to follow and said his goodbyes, locking Dave out. After that, Hurley started improving and was eventually released.

Shortly after his release, Hurley got a job working at Mr. Cluck's, a fast food place. He decided to play Lenny's numbers in the lottery and won $114 million. Hurley liked his life before winning the lottery and was concerned the money would change everything. He quit his job and asked Starla, a woman he was interested in, out for a concert. He attempted to keep his lottery win a secret for the time being, even from his friend Johnny, but it was not to be. Upon receipt of the money, bad things began to happen to those around him. Johnny ran off with Starla, Hurley's brother's wife left for another woman, his grandfather died, a house he bought for his mother burned down and he was falsely arrested. Hurley's winnings were invested, increasing his worth to $156 million, but the Mr. Cluck's he purchased was struck by a meteor, killing two people, and a shoe factory he owned burned down, killing several people. Hurley began to believe the numbers he used were cursed, despite everyone telling him otherwise.

Hurley went to see Leonard and told him he used the numbers. Leonard told Hurley that using the numbers ‘opened the box’ and that he had to get far away. The numbers came from Leonard's friend, Sam Toomey, who lived in Australia. Hurley believed he had to go to Australia to find out how to get rid of the curse, but his father, David, reappeared at his mother's request. David tried to get Hurley to believe in his own luck rather than some curse, but Hurley believed he came back just for the lottery money. David eventually told Hurley to just give all the money away, aside from some to put into the old Camaro Hurley saved from his childhood, but Hurley left for Australia.

In Australia, Hurley found Sam Toomy's widow. She told him that her husband heard the numbers while monitoring long wave transmissions over the Pacific. The transmission he heard was broadcast sixteen years ago and he never heard it again. Sam used the numbers in a similar game of chance to Hurley winning the lottery, and his family and associates were similarly cursed while he enjoyed relative success. Sam "cured" his curse by killing himself. With nothing to show for, Hurley went back to Sydney and decided to head home. He almost missed the flight through a series of bad luck.


Season One

One of the survivors of the crash, Hurley is pretty cautious and faints at the sight of blood. He helped move Claire Littleton to safety immediately after the crash and later divvied the plane's remaining food among the survivors, giving a double helping to Claire due to her pregnancy. He later found the Marshal's mug shot of Kate Austen and brought it to the attention of Jack Shephard, the de facto leader of the survivors, but kept quiet when he didn't want to talk about it. After accompanying Jack and other survivors to the caves, Hurley set up a golf course to try and keep the castaways' spirits up as there was more to life on the island than just bare survival. Claire later claimed to have been attacked in her sleep, despite no physical evidence. Hurley decided to make a list of all the survivors on the island and compared it to the plane's manifest he talked James "Sawyer" Ford into relinquishing. The result was startling: Ethan Rom was never on the plane. He attempted to warn Jack, but Ethan had already kidnapped Claire and nearly killed Charlie Pace.

When Michael Dawson was nearing completion of his raft, he requested the possibility of using some sort of equipment to send out a distress signal. Hurley suggested using the batteries Danielle Rousseau was in possession of, but Sayid Jarrah refused to make the attempt as he didn't believe Rousseau would give one up. However, Hurley saw the Numbers in the papers Sayid had stolen from Rousseau and set out to find her. He learned from Rousseau that her team heard the numbers transmission too and that was what brought them to the island. Hurley got a battery from Rousseau to power the equipment for the raft.

When the black smoke appeared in the distance, Rousseau warned the survivors that it meant the Others were coming. Hurley accompanied Jack, Sayid and John Locke to a mysterious hatch in the jungle and then joined the expedition to the Black Rock for dynamite to blow the hatch door open. He wanted no part of handling the unstable dynamite, which turned out to be a good idea as it cost Leslie Arzt his life. Returning to the hatch, the dynamite was set in place but Hurley saw the cursed numbers stamped onto the surface of the hatch. He tried to stop Locke from lighting the fuse for the dynamite, but failed.

Season Two

With the hatch blown open, the group discovered a broken ladder inside going down a long, unlit shaft. Hurley returned to the caves with the group, but Locke and Kate went back to the hatch to descend inside. Kate would later return to the caves in search of Sayid, and Hurley accompanied the two back to the hatch and inside The Swan, a DHARMA Initiative station. Sayid was needed to fix a broken computer and, once fixed, Locke used it to enter in a code given to him by Desmond Hume, the station's former occupant. The code was Hurley's cursed numbers and he attempted to dissuade Locke from entering it, but the number combination was entered and a timer was reset. With the threat of the Others never materializing, the survivors moved back to the beach camp and Hurley went with them.

Jack decided to keep resetting the timer and, since nothing bad seemed to happen, Hurley volunteered to take shifts to push the button. Jack then assigned Hurley the job of inventorying all the food in The Swan's pantry, but told him not to give any of the supplies out to the other survivors. Hurley became extremely concerned that being the person with the power to decide who gets what from the limited supply of food would make people angry and hate him. This concern eventually drove Hurley to retrieve two spare sticks of dynamite in order to blow up all the food. Rose stopped him and convinced him to try another course of action. Hurley told Jack that there was only enough food for one person to have three meals a day for three months, and so they might as well distribute all the food to everyone now. Jack agreed and everyone loved Hurley.

The food, however, was not all completely distributed. Hurley secretly stashed some of the food in the jungle for himself. Sawyer eventually caught him with the food, but only blackmailed him into helping him find a frog that was annoying him. Hurley later confessed to Libby that he had a problem with food and showed her the stash. She helped him destroy it and Hurley felt free, but a DHARMA re-supply drop was soon discovered. Charlie suggested that Hurley be the one to organize the food distribution again, but Hurley refused. The uncanny coincidence of finding a fresh source of temptation just minutes after he destroyed the last one was too much for Hurley to handle; Dave returned. Dave attempted to convince Hurley that he was still at the mental institution. He pointed out the unlikelihood of winning the lottery with numbers heard in the institution, becoming a multimillionaire and surviving a plane crash while landing on an island where you have to enter numbers into a computer. In order to wake up from the coma Hurley was in, Dave told him to jump off a high cliff. Before Hurley could follow Dave over the edge, Libby found him and talked him out of it. She maintained that she was real as Hurley didn't know the name of the man who broke his leg on the other side of the island, that her feelings for Hurley were real. The two kissed.

Hurley started a diet and exercise regimen with Libby's help. He took her on a date to a beach Sayid suggested to him, but got turned around and ended up back at the beach camp. It didn't matter to Libby and she went to The Swan to get some blankets for the date, but never returned. The next day Hurley learned that Libby had been shot, supposedly by the escaped Henry Gale but in truth it was Michael, and was dying. He blamed himself for Libby getting shot as he forgot to take the blankets. After she passed away, Hurley helped carry her and Ana-Lucia Cortez's bodies back to the beach camp. He initially refused to go with Michael to get Walt Lloyd back, but changed his mind after the funeral.

On the trek across the island, Michael eventually confessed to releasing Henry Gale. Hurley asked Michael if he was the one who killed Ana-Lucia and Libby. Michael told him he was, but Libby was an accident as he didn't have time to think. Hurley believed he would have killed her anyway and wanted to return to the beach camp, but Jack warned them that going back might put their lives in danger. The group ventured onward, but they were captured by the Others. At the Pala Ferry dock, Hurley was released by Bea Klugh and told to give the survivors a message: no one is to come to this place.

Season Three

Hurley eventually made it back to the Oceanic survivors' side of the island and ran into Locke. He told him what happened and that Henry Gale seemed to be the leader of the Others. Continuing on to the beach, Hurley then ran into a stark naked Desmond and lent Desmond one of his shirts. Desmond told Hurley that turning the failsafe key probably detonated the electromagnetic anomaly and that Hurley shouldn't be worried about his friends as Locke is going after them like he said in his speech. Locke never made such a speech and Desmond apologized. Later, however, Locke made that speech and Hurley realized that Desmond somehow predicted the future. Desmond would later rescue Claire from drowning, claiming to have heard her yell for help when she was too far away to be heard. Hurley confided to Charlie that he believed Desmond could see the future and the two attempted to get an answer out of Desmond.

Vincent appeared out the jungle carrying a skeletal arm with car keys. Hurley followed him into the jungle and discovered a DHARMA-branded VW Type 2a Bus. Inside was the corpse of an old DHARMA janitor named Roger. None of the other survivors were interested in the find, but Hurley was able to enlist the help of Jin-Soo Kwon, mostly due to his inability to speak English. They were later joined by Sawyer, who returned with Kate from The Hydra, and Charlie. The four eventually got the van running again and took it for a joy ride. The ping pong table from The Swan was eventually found out in the jungle and brought back to the beach. Sawyer attempted to win back his stash the survivors took in his absence by playing against Hurley. Hurley prevailed in the match and Sawyer was forced to no longer use nicknames for a week.

While playing ping pong with Sawyer, Nikki Fernandez staggered out of the jungle and seemingly died in front of them. Hurley misinterpreted her last words as "Paulo lies" and the two find Paulo apparently dead when they look to question him. Hurley investigated their deaths and eventually came to the conclusion they killed each other over a bag of diamonds. Unbeknownst to the survivors, they buried Nikki and Paulo alive as Nikki's last words were "paralyzed", as they were bitten by spiders that induce a paralyzing agent into its victims. After the burial, Hurley conned Sawyer into being nice to the other survivors by claiming there's a vote on whether or not to banish Sawyer. Hurley eventually revealed the truth to Sawyer, that there was no banishment vote, because he wanted Sawyer to be nice as the other survivors were looking to him for leadership while Locke, Sayid and Kate were looking for Jack.

Desmond had another vision of the future, this time of a parachutist landing on the island. Believing this parachutist to be his girlfriend, Penelope Widmore, Desmond enlisted the help of Hurley, Jin and Charlie. The group heard the helicopter crash and witnessed the parachutist bail out into the jungle. They located the parachutist but discovered it's a mysterious woman. Mikhail Bakunin stumbled upon the group and treated the woman's injuries in exchange for his freedom. The woman, Naomi Dorrit, regained consciousness and told Hurley that they cannot be the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 as the aircraft was found and there were no survivors. Naomi was brought back to the beach camp and was kept hidden from the other survivors, notably Jack due to his friendship with Juliet Burke, an Other who returned from the barracks with him. The secret was eventually revealed, especially since Sayid was needed to fix Naomi's satellite phone.

With the Others planning a raid on the beach camp to take the pregnant women, a plan was formulated: Sayid, Jin and Bernard were to stay behind to manually detonate three piles of dynamite planted in the tents marked for the raid, Charlie and Desmond went to The Looking Glass to turn off its jamming equipment while Jack and Rousseau led the remaining survivors to the island's radio transmitter to turn off Rousseau's distress signal and then contact Naomi's off-shore freighter. Hurley tried to go with Charlie and Desmond to help, but Charlie knew he was going to die and refused to let Hurley come with them. Charlie hugged Hurley and told him he loved him. Hurley went with Jack and the survivors, but they all witnessed only two explosions from the beach camp. Something went wrong, so Sawyer and Juliet went back to find out what happened. Hurley tried to go with them, but Sawyer told him he'd only get in the way. Sawyer and Juliet discovered their friends being held at gunpoint by the Others who survived the trap, but Hurley arrived in the DHARMA van and ran over Ryan Pryce. Thanks to Hurley's efforts, Sayid, Jin and Bernard were saved and all the Others there were killed.

After the Island

Hurley returned to his life in Los Angeles as a celebrity, one of the Oceanic Six. One day, however, he saw Charlie in a convenience store and freaked out, leading the Los Angeles Police Department on a high-speed chase. After freaking out again when he saw Charlie in the police interrogation room, he was sent back to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. There he was visited by Matthew Abaddon, who claimed to be an attorney with Oceanic Airlines who wanted to help Hurley by upgrading him to a better facility. Hurley declined the offer and asked for some identification. Abaddon "misplaced" his identification and asked Hurley if "they" were still alive, causing Hurley to yell for him to leave. Hurley was later visited by Charlie, who stated he was in fact dead yet was there. Charlie knew he was going to die in The Looking Glass, but didn't say anything to Hurley as he knew Hurley would try to stop him. Turning to more current events, Charlie told Hurley he needed to stop hiding from something he must do. Hurley refused to listen as Charlie repeatedly told him that "they" needed him. After counting to five with his eyes closed, Hurley opened them to find Charlie gone. Jack later visited Hurley to see if had told people about a secret between them. Hurley revealed to Jack that he doesn't think they did the right thing, that it wants them to come back and is going to do everything it can to do it.

Character History

Information is shown in chronological order. Episodes in bold are flashback episodes.

Before the Crash

  • 3x10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead: At nine years old, Hurley's father abandons him and his mother.
  • 2x18 - Dave: The reason Hurley was in the asylum is revealed.
  • 2x04 - Everybody Hates Hugo After discovering that he has the winning lottery ticket, Hurley decides to have one last day as an ordinary man.
  • 1x18 - Numbers: After winning the lottery, Hurley becomes convinced that he is suffering from bad luck.
  • 3x10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead: Hurley's father returns, eventually telling him to get rid of all the money if he believes it's really cursed. Hurley decides to leave for Australia.
  • 1x23 - Exodus (2): Hurley's run of bad luck nearly prevents him from making his flight, Oceanic 815.

On the Island

After the Island

Memorable Moments



  • 1x02 - Pilot (2): "You sure he's out? [..] How do you know he won't wake up when you yank that thing out? [..] Hey, guy, you awake? Yo! There's a rescue plane! We're saved! Yaaaaaaaaaay! [No response from the Marshal] Yeah, he's out."
  • 1x08 - Confidence Man: "Wow, man. That was awesome. I mean, that was like a... Jedi moment."
  • 1x08 - Confidence Man: "Fat guy hoarding the food, is that what you think? [...] Slimmed down much? [..] I have no food, all right? And for the record, I'm down a notch on my belt. I'm a big guy. It's going to be a while before you're gonna wanna give me a piggyback ride, okay?"
  • 1x13 - Hearts and Minds: "You're gonna have to pee on my foot, man. It'll stop the venom. I saw it on TV. Just do it! Ow! No, just pee on it, man! You need to pee... Pee on it! Pee on my foot! I'll lose... Just do it, I'll lose my foot if you don't! Just pee, PEE ON IT!
  • 1x13 - Hearts and Minds: "Oh, I get it. This is some kind of payback because I wouldn't eat the urchin the other time? I eat this, you give me a fish, right? Okay, fine. Over the lips, past the gums, yadda, yadda... Oh, God."
  • 1x16 - Outlaws: (Hurley is helping Charlie bury Ethan) "Yeah, until he rises from the dead. Dude, I know how this works. This is gonna end with you and me running through the jungle, screaming and crying. He catches me first because I'm heavy and I get cramps."
  • 1x18 - Numbers: "Okay, that thing in the woods... maybe it's a monster, maybe it's a pissed-off giraffe. I don't know. The fact that no one is even looking for us, yeah, that's weird. But I just go along with it. 'Cause I'm along for the ride. Good old fun-time Hurley! Well, guess what? Now I want some freaking answers!"
  • 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina: (Commenting on Sawyer's new glasses) "Dude. Looks like someone steamrolled Harry Potter."
  • 1x24 - Exodus (2): "You've got some... Arzt on you."
  • 2x01 - Man of Science, Man of Faith: "Four, eight, we're dead. Fifteen, doomed and dead, sixteen, twenty-three-"