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Exodus (1)
Season 1, Episode 23
Airdate May 18, 2005
Production Number 122
Written by Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Directed by Jack Bender
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Exodus (2)
LostSeason One

Exodus (1) is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Lost, and is the twenty-third episode overall.

Danielle Rousseau surprises the castaways by showing up at the camp with an ominous warning - the others are coming. The raft finally sets sail with Michael, Walt, Jin, and Sawyer on board. As they depart, black smoke mysteriously appears from the other side of the island - a harbinger of the imminent arrival of the others.

Starring: Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Matthew Fox (Jack), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Maggie Grace (Shannon), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Malcolm David Kelley (Walt), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Yunjin Kim (Sun), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), Terry O'Quinn (Locke), Harold Perrineau, Jr. (Michael), Ian Somerhalder (Boone).

Guest Starring: Fredric Lane (Edward Mars), Mira Furlan (Danielle Rousseau), Daniel Roebuck (Leslie Arzt), Michelle Rodriguez (Ana-Lucia Cortez).

Co-Starring: Kevin E. West (Detective Calderwood), Wendy Braun (Gina), Chard Hayward (Australian Official), Robert Frederick (Jeff), Mark "Ruz" Rusden (Airport Cop), Christian Bowman (Steve Jenkins).


Plot Overview

The Island

  • Walt wakes up and sees Danielle sneaking in to the camp. He wakes everyone else up. She tells everyone that "The others are coming." She then tells everyone that her crew crashed on the island 16 years before, and she was 7 months pregnant. She delivered the baby herself, and had her a week before she saw a pillar of black smoke 5 kilometers inland. That night, the others came and took her daughter, Alex. She then tells them their options are to run, hide, or die.
  • Michael tells Jack that he needs everyone's help to be able to launch the raft that day. Jack recruits as many people as he can to help lay rails to move the raft to the water. As they lift it on to the logs that will get it down the beach, the raft slips and the mast breaks. Walt interrupts the ensuing argument to point to the pillar of black smoke visible inland. Charlie goes out amongst the castaways and collects messages to send with the raft, giving the bottle to Sawyer. Walt gives Vincent to Shannon for safe-keeping. She is touched by the offer, and accepts. Sayid gives the raft crew radar and tells them to turn it on only once every hour, and a flare gun with only one flare. Sun gives Jin a list of simple English words, spelled phonetically. They reconcile, and Jin explains that he has to leave, because he is being punished. He has to save Sun because she doesn't deserve what is happening to her. The castaways say their good byes to those leaving on the raft, and the raft is launched.
  • After Danielle asks how Jack will hide all of the survivors, he takes Locke, Sayid, Hurley, and Danielle to the hatch. Sayid suggests the hatch may belong to the others. Locke asks if Danielle has any explosives, and she tells him there is dynamite at the Black Rock. Returning to the beach, Jack tells the survivors that they have a plan, and they need to go into the jungle to get supplies. Arzt invites himself along because he knows how to handle dynamite.
  • Sawyer is in the woods, chopping down a bamboo tree. Jack walks up and guesses that Sawyer was a lumberjack. Jack hands Sawyer a gun, just in case they need it on the raft. Sawyer stops Jack as he's walking off, and tells him about when he met Jack's father in Sydney and wishes him good luck.
  • Jack, Danielle, Hurley, Kate, Arzt, and Locke leave for the Black Rock. They reach the Dark Territory, and Danielle says it is where it all began. Where her team got infected, and where Montand lost his arm. Arzt chickens out after hearing about Montand losing his arm, and leaves. A brief rain storm begins, and they hear a man yelling in the forest. Suddenly, Arzt comes running up shouting for the group to run. Then the monster is heard, very close by. Everyone but Hurley and Locke run off. Locke tells Hurley to be still and the monster passes by. Kate asks Danielle what it was, and she says it's a security system, and it is there to protect the island. The group arrives at the Black Rock, which they discover is an old sailing ship.

The Flashback

  • Flashback: Walt

Walt and Michael are in a hotel. Walt turns the TV on up loud at 5:23AM, waking Michael. Michael asks Walt to turn it down, but he turns it up louder. Walt tells Michael that Brian lets him watch it as loud as he wants, which angers Michael and he takes the remote and turns the TV off. Walt takes Vincent and leaves the room, and Michael chases after him. Walt yells that Michael isn't his father as Michael drags him back to the room.

  • Flashback: Jack

At the airport bar, Jack is having a drink. A woman sits down next to him and orders a tequila and tonic with a wedge of lemon. She asks Jack why he was yelling at the ticket counter. She tells Jack that she is on his flight. She then asks Jack if he's married. Jack says he isn't anymore. She introduces herself as Ana-Lucia. She asks Jack what his seat number is. He says 23B, she says she's seated at 42F. She then gets a call on her cell phone, and has to take it. She tells Jack they'll have the next drink on the plane. She then says "The worst part's over."

  • Flashback: Sawyer

In a Sydney police station, Sawyer is seated in front of an annoyed detective. The detective informs Sawyer that the bar fight he was arrested for is significant because he head-butted the Honorable Warren Truss, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry. The detective calls Sawyer "James", and Sawyer's trademark smirk slides off his face. The detective then reads the record for James Ford, which is long, and bad. The detective tells him he isn't worth the cost to incarcerate, so he deports him. He also informs him that he is banned from Australia.

  • Flashback: Kate

Kate and the Marshal are with airport security. Security asks why he needs 5 guns to secure Kate. Security holds up the small airplane toy and asks about it. The Marshal tells the story of how Kate took it from a safe deposit box in New Mexico, and that it's the only thing Kate actually cares about. The Marshal keeps taunting Kate, and she attacks him. He tells security that is why he needs 5 guns.

  • Flashback: Shannon

Shannon is sitting in the terminal, waiting for the plane. Sayid sets his bag down and asks her to watch it. She says she will. Boone comes up and tells her he couldn't get them first class tickets. They leave the seating area, and Shannon complains about having bad seats. Boone calls her a bitch, and she threatens to get him thrown off the flight. He tells her no one would believe her, and she tells him he has no idea what she's capable of. She walks over to a policeman and tells him some Arab guy left his bags downstairs and walked off. The cop runs off to find him. She then turns around and smirks at Boone.

  • Flashback: Sun

Sun and Jin are at some tables having a meal in the airport. An English speaking couple behind Sun are talking about them, and Sun hears them. Sun accidentally spills tea on Jin, and the woman insults her. Her husband tells her to quiet down, and she tells him to relax, because they don't speak English.



  • Why does the column of black smoke appear when the others are coming?
  • Does Ana-Lucia survive the crash in the tail of the plane?
  • How did the Black Rock get so far inland?


  • The Black Rock is actually an old ship. (1x09 - Solitary)
  • The Dark Territory is an area of the island named by Rousseau. It is the resting place of the Black Rock and, presumably, the transmission tower is nearby. (1x18 - Numbers)
  • Sawyer was on the plane because he was being deported.

Arc Advancement


  • The raft launches.
  • The Black Rock is reached.
  • It is decided to attempt to blow open the hatch to hide all the survivors from the others.


  • Sun and Jin reconcile.
  • Sawyer does something genuinely decent with no expectation of reward by telling Jack about his meeting with his father in a bar.
  • Ana-Lucia is introduced.


  • Jack's flashback refers to his flashback from White Rabbit where he was yelling at the ticket counter about his father's coffin.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • Goof: When the raft is launched and Vincent runs into the water after them, a submersible camera can be seen barely in frame to the right. You can check it out at 40:52 on the DVD.
  • Location, Location, Location: The interior shots of the Sydney Airport were filmed at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu.
  • Nielsen Ratings: On its original airing this episode scored 18.0 million viewers for ABC, being the highest rated scripted series of the night among networks.

Allusions and References

  • Star Wars: While fixing the raft, Michael tells Jin "No, no! No! This one goes there, that one goes here." This is nearly the exact same line Han Solo says to Chewbacca as they're fixing the Millennium Falcon on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Power Rangers: The show Walt wanted to watch in his hotel room was Power Rangers: S.P.D.. The show premiered on February 5, 2005, making it impossible for Walt to be watching it within the timeline of Lost. However, the show is currently owned by Disney and was already running through its season when this episode aired.

Memorable Moments


  • Rousseau: Our ship went aground on this island 16 years ago. There were six of us. My team. Six. By that time, I was already seven months pregnant. I delivered the infant myself. The baby and I were together for only one week, when I saw black smoke. A pillar of black smoke five kilometers inland. That night... they came. They came and took her. Alex. They took my baby. And now... they're coming again. They're coming for all of you.
    Jack: Who's coming?
    Rousseau: The others. You have only three choices. Run. Hide. Or die.
  • Locke: You booby-trapped your shelter with explosives. You have any more?
    Rousseau: Dynamite. At the Black Rock. In the Dark Territory.
    Hurley: Well, that's three reasons to go right there.
  • Arzt: Hey, nice speech. Plan's a little flawed, but nobody's perfect.
    Jack: My plan?
    Arzt: Yeah, your plan. You're gonna go in the jungle, and get some dynamite, and blow open a hatch, and then you're gonna hide everyone inside. You wanna keep a secret, don't tell the fat guy.
    Jack: What do you want, Arzt?
    Arzt: God knows how long that dynamite has been out there. And from what I can tell, Madame Nutso doesn't seem too concerned with how to handle it. So unless you want to blow up, I'm coming with you."
  • Sawyer: Going into the jungle after the boomsticks, huh?
    Jack: Yeah.
    Sawyer: Time you get back, we'll be in the water. Guess this is pretty much goodbye then.
    Jack: Yeah, I guess it is. Good luck, Sawyer.
    Sawyer: Jack. About a week before we all got on the plane, I got to talking to this man in a bar in Sydney. He was an American too. A doctor. I've been on some benders in my time, but this guy was going for an all-time record. So it turns out this guy has a son. Son's a doctor too. They'd had some kinda big-time falling out. The guy knew it was his fault... even though his son was back in the States thinking the same damn thing. See, kids are like dogs. You knock 'em around enough, they'll think they did something to deserve it. Anyway... there's a pay phone in this bar, and this guy... Christian... tells me he wishes he had the stones to pick up the phone and call his kid. Tell him he's sorry. That he's a better doctor than he'll ever be. He's proud. And he loves him. I had to take off... but something tells me he never got around to making that call. Small world, huh?
    Jack: Yeah.
    Sawyer: Good luck, Jack.
  • Charlie: Hey, Locke, you have a message? It's going on the raft. You know, "Dear Mom, everything's fine. I'm on the island. Unless the Black Smoke People turn up. Love..." Your name here. When they get rescued, they can contact your family.
    Locke: Message in a bottle. That's sweet. [pats Charlie's shoulder and walks off]
    Charlie: You're ready?
    Hurley: Here you go.
    Charlie: Okay.
    Hurley: Don't look at it.
    Charlie: Got it.
    Hurley: Dude! Do not look at it.
    Charlie: Arzt! You want paper?
    Arzt: I gave at the office.
  • Locke: Where'd you get the scratches?
    Rousseau: A bush.
    Locke: Mean bush.
  • Hurley: Let me ask you something, Arnzt.
    Arzt: Arzt.
    Hurley: Arnzt
    Arzt: No, it's not Arnzt. Arzt. A-R-Z-T, Arzt.
    Hurley: Sorry, man, name's hard to pronounce.
    Arzt: Yeah, well, I know a bunch of ninth graders who pronounce it just fine.
    Hurley: How about I just call you by your first name?
    Arzt: How about you don't.
    Hurley: Why not? I remember it from the plane's manifest. I think Leslie's a bitchin' name.
    Arzt: "Arnzt" is fine.
  • Rousseau: Le Territoire fonce.
    Jack: The Dark Territory.
    Rousseau: The Black Rock is not far. This is where it all began, when my team got infected, when Montand lost his arm. We must move quickly.
    Arzt: You know what? I'm going back.
    Jack: Hey, I thought you wanted to help.
    Arzt: Yeah, I wanted to help, and that was before Montand lost his frigging arm.
    Jack: Well, what about the dynamite?
    Arzt: Just be very careful with it.
  • Kate: What was that thing?
    Rousseau: It's a security system.
    Jack: Security system? What does that mean?
    Rousseau: Its purpose is that of any security system's: To protect something.
    Kate: Protect what?
    Rousseau: The island.


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