Lost/The Complete Second Season

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The Complete Second Season
Lost-Season 2 DVD.jpg
Release Date September 5, 2006
Format DVD
Region 1
Distributor Buena Vista
Disc Count 7
Episode Count 23
Running Time 1056 minutes
Retail Price $59.99
Video Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1)
Audio English: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround,
English: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles Closed Captioned
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Lost: The Complete Second Season is the DVD box set for the second season of Lost. The box set was released in the US on September 5, 2006, and spans 7 discs. The following information applies to the Region 1 US DVD release.



Touchstone Television's Golden Globe Award and six-time Emmy Award-winning hit show Lost returns to DVD with an all new, must-own DVD box set. This 7-disc DVD box set includes every thrilling second-season episode and features bonus materials found nowhere else except on DVD.

As the world of Lost expands, more and more thrilling discoveries occur, including the appearances of the "Taillies," passengers from the tail-section of Oceanic flight 815; and the "Others," the mysterious and dangerous inhabitants of the island. Such key storylines as the 108 minute timer, the cryptic Numbers sequence, the ominous DHARMA Initiative and more are all found in the second season of Lost.

Disc Breakdown

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5

Disc 6

Special Features

Disc 7

  • Phase 1: Observation
    • Fire + Water: Anatomy of an Episode (31:45)
    • Lost: On Location
      • Adrift (3:17)
      • Everybody Hates Hugo (3:45)
      • Abandoned (4:37)
      • Collision (3:18)
      • The 23rd Psalm (4:22)
      • The Whole Truth (5:15)
      • Dave (5:43)
      • S.O.S. (4:47)
      • Two for the Road (4:31)
      • Live Together, Die Alone (5:08)
    • The World According to Sawyer (4:31)
  • Phase 2: Conditioning
    • The Lost Flashbacks
      • Abandoned:
        • The Wake (1:29)
        • The New Au Pair (1:08)
      • Lockdown:
        • Locke's Father (0:49)
    • Deleted Scenes
      • Seeing Walt (1:18)
      • A Little You Time (1:34)
      • Sawyer's Visitor (1:15)
      • Dinner Time (1:20)
      • Special Delivery (0:36)
      • Ana Lucia's Prisoner (1:20)
      • Libby & Claire (1:09)
      • Connected (1:14)
      • I Need to Know (1:12)
      • The Doctor's Solution (1:26)
      • What's Your Story? (2:38)
      • Weakness (0:36)
      • Are You All Right? (2:03)
      • I Miss... (0:44)
    • Lost Bloopers (4:06)
    • Channel 4 UK Promo (1:06)
    • Sneak Peeks
  • Phase 3: Conclusion
    • Lost Connections (1:56)
      • Interactive connections guide
    • Mysteries, Theories and Conspiracies (10:17)
    • Secrets from the Hatch (15:47)

Easter Eggs

  • The Others: On Disc 2's main menu, do not select anything and let the menu recycle several times. Eventually the Others will appear and walk past the menu. The last Other in the line walks backwards and masks their trail by using a frond or some other piece of local plantlife.
  • Geronimo Jackson: On Disc 4, enter "Set Up" and navigate to "Register Your DVD." Press left twice for a record to appear and press "Enter" to see the cover art for Geronimo Jackson's album "Magna Carta."
  • DHARMA Cookies: From the Main Menu of Disc 7, highlight "Phase 3" and then move up. A dot will appear on a binder in the background. Hit "Enter" to see a featurette about the creation of over 290 DHARMA-branded cookies for a scene in the show.
  • The Snowman: From the "Phase 1" menu on Disc 7, highlight "Fire + Water: Anatomy of an Episode" and then move left two times to reveal a hidden dot. Hit "Enter" to watch a short clip in which Dominic Monaghan tells the joke Desmond used as a pass phrase in Adrift.
  • Hurley Sweat: From the "Lost: On Location" menu on Disc 7, highlight "Everybody Hates Hugo" and then move right three times to reveal a hidden dot. Hit "Enter" to watch a short clip in which Jorge Garcia explains which sweat is real and which is fake.
  • Bernard in a Tree: From the "Lost: On Location" menu on Disc 7, highlight "S.O.S." and press right two times and then up once to reveal a hidden dot. Hit "Enter" to watch a short clip to watch Sam Anderson prepare for his scene in which he's strapped to an airline seat that is perched up in a tree.
  • On the Beach with Evi: From the "Phase 2" menu on Disc 7, highlight "Sneak Peeks" and press left two times to reveal a hidden dot to the right of "Return". Hit "Enter" to watch an interview in which Evangeline Lilly talks about season two of Lost.
  • Drenched Walt: From the "Deleted Scenes" menu on Disc 7, highlight "Seeing Walt" and press left two times to reveal a hidden dot to the right of "Seeing Walt". Hit "Enter" to watch Malcolm David Kelley preparing for and shooting his scene where Shannon sees him in Man of Science, Man of Faith.
  • The Mural: From the "Phase 3" menu on Disc 7, highlight "Secrets from the Hatch" and press left two times to reveal a hidden dot. Hit "Enter" to see Jack Bender posing with the mural he created inside the Swan.
  • Enter the Code: From the "Phase 3" menu on Disc 7, select "Lost Connections". From Jack, select the top wire from the column on the right side to take you to Desmond. From Desmond, select the top-left wire to get taken to a screen resemblinf the computer from the Swan, where you can enter the code.
  • Mystery Figure: In the "Phase 3" section on Disc 7, in "Lost Connections", three characters have links to a mysterious, staticky screen that shows a humanoid figure waving. The characters are Jack Shephard (top row, second wire from right), Christian Shephard (top row, right wire), and Claire Littleton (top row, middle wire).
  • Where'd you get that name: In the "Phase 3" section on Disc 7, in "Lost Connections", there is a connection between Locke and Sawyer that shows Locke asking Sawyer why he chose Sawyer as his assumed name (see "The Hunting Party").


  • 2x16 - The Whole Truth: Subtitle error corrected. In the original broadcast the subtitles in Dr. Kim's conversation with Sun say "you're father" instead of "your father." This has been corrected for the DVD.