Persons Unknown

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Persons Unknown
Persons Unknown-title.jpg
Premiere June 7, 2010
Finale August 28, 2010
Creator Christopher McQuarrie
Network NBC
Style 60-minute mystery thriller
Company Invisible Ink
Fox Television Studios
Seasons 1
Episodes 13 (1 unaired)
(List of episodes)
Origin Mexico/USA

Persons Unknown is a mystery drama set that aired on Mexico's Televisa, NBC and Italy's RAI. Even though it was filmed in Mexico for a Mexican television company the series was produced by a US studio and is in English. The studio produced it assuming they would be able to sell the series to a US network after several episodes had been produced. They were correct and NBC purchased the rights to the first season. This is similar to the production model being employed for two of the studio's other series, Mental and Defying Gravity which were sold to FOX and ABC respectively.

Persons Unknown follows a group of people who awaken in a deserted town with no memory of how they got there, and cannot leave. They are watched by security cameras, and are occasionally fed information via remote-controlled televisions. No matter what they try, their attempts to escape the town are thwarted by mysterious forces. It was created by Christopher McQuarrie, the writer of the film The Usual Suspects.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Jason Wiles Joe Tucker 1
Daisy Betts Janet Cooper 1
Chadwick Boseman Seargent Graham McNair 1
Lola Glaudini Kat Damatto 1
Tina Holmes Moira Doherty 1
Kate Lang Johnson Tori Fairchild 1
Gerald Kyd Mark Renbe 1
Kandyse McClure Erika Taylor 1
Sean O'Bryan Bill Blackham 1
Alan Ruck Charlie Morse 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One June 7, 2010 August 28, 2010 13


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets
The Complete First Season November 2, 2010 4