Fox Television Studios

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Fox Television Studios
Fox Television Studios.jpg
Founded 1997
Dissolved December 4, 2014 (merged with Fox 21 to form Fox 21 Television Studios)
Notable Works Burn Notice
The Shield
White Collar

Fox Television Studios was a television production arm of 21st Century Fox, and a corporate sibling of 20th Century Fox Television.

Production codes

The format for off-network or cable produced shows after May 2011 is SSSYEE, where Y is the season identifier from 1 to Z, S is the three letter show identifier and E is a two digit episode number during that season. Previous codes were only numerical values in the form of S-Y-E, such as the pilot episode code for White Collar which was 5039-08-179 and in 2011 became BCW179. These are burned-in on the end copyright slate.

List of shows produced by Fox Television Studios