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Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado
Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado
Season 31, Episode 19
Airdate May 20, 2006
Production Number 1450
Written by Tina Fey
Seth Meyers
Andrew Steele (head writers)
Doug Abeles
James Anderson
Alex Baze
Liz Cackowski
Charlie Grandy
Steve Higgins
Colin Jost
Erik Kenward
John Lutz
Lorne Michaels
Matt Murray
Paula Pell
Akiva Schaffer
Frank Sebastiano
T. Sean Shannon
Robert Smigel
JB Smoove
Jorma Taccone
Bryan Tucker
Directed by Beth McCarthy Miller
Akiva Schaffer (Digital Short)
Stacey Foster (Falconer)
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Saturday Night LiveSeason Thirty-One

Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado is the nineteenth and final episode of the thirty-first season of Saturday Night Live, and the six hundred and seventh episode overall.

Guest Stars: Kevin Spacey (Host), Nelly Furtado (Musical Guest)

Special Guests: Timbaland (Musical Guest)


Episode Breakdown

  • Anderson Cooper 360 - Immigration: Anderson Cooper (Meyers) covers the immigration issue on SNL's recurring parody of Anderson Cooper 360. He interviews Derek Fleck (Thompson), a National Guardsman recently deployed on the Mexican border to deter illegal immigration. Fleck is just happy that he wasn't sent to Iraq. He also talks to California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Hammond) who disagrees with the president's immigration plan. He also describes how he would immigrate into the country as if it were the plot of an action movie. Switching gears, Cooper talks to Pat Danahy (Dratch), a Massachusetts citizen who mocks him for not traveling to New England while they were having the storm of the century.
  • Kevin Spacey's Monologue: Spacey explains his desire to win American Idol because more people voted for the winner of the show than there were votes for the last presidential election. He has the lights dimmed to blue and explains his strategy for winner while singing "For Once In My Life" by Stevie Wonder.
  • Two A-Holes - Two A-Holes at a Crime Scene: The A-holes (Sudekis & Wiig) are witnesses who give Detective Kelly (Spacey) the run around when he questions them about the theft of a man's (Parnell) car. They make stereotypical assumptions about police officers and are generally unresponsive to the detective's questions. After a while, the detective threatens to arrest them for obstruction, but when the thief is caught, he lets them go.
  • Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball Special: A preview of the Legends Ball, with Oprah Winfrey (Rudolph) introducing some the most influential African-American women alive including Patti La Belle (Thompson), Maya Angelou (Thompson) and, naturally, herself. Also appearing are Winfrey's close friend Gail Keene (Mitchell), John Travolta (Hammond), Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
  • Carol! - Jerry the Recently Broken Up Father: A father (Spacey) sits down to dinner with his kids (Sudeikis and Poehler) at a fancy restaurant after his divorce from their stepmother. They express their condolences for the break-up when Carol shows up and sits with them by insistence of the father, who becomes oddly seduced by her.
  • TV Funhouse - Fun with Real Audio: The outtakes of several speeches, interviews and testimonies are shown, mostly involving President George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Each clip shows a bit of the subject's speech followed by a spit take (including one of Larry King coughing up what appears to be a lung).
  • Andy Sose: Spacey calls Samberg into his dressing room and demands an explanation for why he was late for the show. Samberg gives an elaborate explanation for why he was late. He deeply expresses his guilt over being late and leaves after Spacey says it's alright. When Spacey turns around, he drops his coffee cup and realizes that everything Samberg said was based on things he saw in Spacey's office, like at the end of The Usual Suspects. He chases after him, only to get a fax with a picture of Samberg giving a thumbs up with "I Lied!" written on it.
  • Promiscuous: Nelly Furtado song, featuring Timbaland.
  • Weekend Update
    • Taylor Hicks (Sudekis), a finalist for American Idol, finds his way into the studio and talks about how he intends to win in his final competition against Catherine McPhee while singing parts of songs and moving erratically.
    • Fey gives her second installment of "Women's News" about Britney Spears, where she shows a prediction from 5 years prior that Spears' looks would go all to hell. She makes a new prediction that Spears will be alright in the future, although she'll be divorced and will lose a toe in a tanning bed accident.
    • Poehler brings out "Whitney Houston" to honor Tina's 180th show. Houston sings "I Will Always Love You," but her withdrawal symptoms from the drugs she had been taking causes her to fluctuate wildly in the dynamic and tempo of the song. Bobby Brown (Mitchell) eventually appears to dance along with her, as well as such random characters as Frondi (Armisen - seen in episode 29x15 - Ben Affleck/N.E.R.D.), Vasquez Gomez-Vasquez (Sanz) and Qrplt*xk (Dratch), who Houston claims are Fey's favorites (although Fey denies this). All of them, plus Taylor Hicks again, sing the song with Houston.
  • The Falconer - Time Travel: The Falconer (Forte) finds himself face to face with a version of himself from the future (Spacey). The future Falconer tells him that he's there to save Donald, but a hunter shoots the falcon before he can fully explain. The two go back in time to fix things, where they find themselves (Sudekis and Hader) but are unable to save the bird. They go back in time again to the same scene, with four more falconers (Samberg, Parnell, Armisen and Meyers) but once again fail. All eight of them go back in time where they find more Falconers (Dratch, Thompson, Mitchell and Sanz) but still fail. All of them go back one more time, but accidentally go back too far and find Abraham Lincoln (Hammond) chopping wood. They go forward in time and find the Falconers (Wiig and Poehler), as well as the hunter (Rudolph), whom they convince not to shoot Donald.
  • SNL Digital Short - Andy Walking: Samberg attempts to parody Jaywalking, a bit on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He asks regular people absurdly easy questions, hoping to expose how dumb these normal people are. But, because he doesn't know the right answers himself, he laughs and says they're wrong after every answer.
  • Legends of History: A host (Hammond) on the History Channel profiles Phillip Sarc (Spacey), the man who invented sarcasm. He mocks his servants (Armisen and Hader), but they don't understand because sarcasm is a new concept. He does to same to a baroness (Parnell) and winds up marrying a pig wearing a dress instead of the ugly baroness. He also accidentally built Stonehenge because of his comments. He finally explains sarcasm to everyone and is burned at the stake by his servants (who now also include Meyers).
  • Maneater: Nelly Furtado song.
  • I Do Not Agree with Many of This Administration's Policies: An advertisement (narrated by Parnell) for the new album by Neil Young (Spacey), I Do Not Agree with Many of This Administration's Policies, a parody of Young's album Living with War. The album includes songs like "President George W. Liar" and "If You Love Oil So Much, Why Don't You Marry It?" Most of the songs are parodies of existing Neil Young songs. Also appearing on the album are the Dixie Chicks (Dratch, Poehler and Rudolph) and Bright Eyes (Samberg).


"Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!"


  • For Once in My Life, performed by Kevin Spacey: During his monologue, Spacey sings "For Once in My Life," a song popularly performed by Stevie Wonder that appears on the album of the same name. However, although the song was part of the Motown publishing catalog, the song was first recorded by Jean DuShon. The Motown CEO cut DuShon off at the pass, however, by allowing the song to be recorded by Motown artists, namely Wonder and The Temptations. Shortly after, the song was also recorded by Tony Bennett.
  • Promiscuous, performed by Nelly Furtado & Timbaland: "Promiscuous" is the first song off Furtado's third album, Loose, released in 2006. The song was written about a woman who deals with a two-faced relationship and is heavily inspired by 1980s pop-rock music, particularly Blondie and The Police. Timbaland, who helped produce the album, also raps in the song.
  • I Will Always Love You, performed by Maya Rudolph: The Bodyguard, a film starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, prominently featured "I Will Always Love You" in the movie and on its soundtrack. The scene where Costner is carrying Houston while the song plays in the background is the most memorable scene from the film.
  • Maneater, performed by Nelly Furtado: The first single in Asia and Europe, "Maneater" is a song also drawn from Furtado's third album. The song also was influenced by 1980s pop, like much of the rest of the album. Although he was in the first song, Timbaland does not appear again in the second performance.


The Show

  • Final Appearance: With Horatio Sanz's departure from the show as of this episode, this episode likely sees the final appearance of his character Carol!

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