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Season Seven
Season Premiere October 25, 2007
Season Finale May 8, 2008
Episode Count 11 (18 ordered)



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Season Seven of Scrubs premiered on October 25, 2007.

Due to the 2007 WGA strike, only 11 of the episodes ordered for this season were completed.


This season, the show's finale one for NBC, is closer in tone to the first season than to the more cartoonish later seasons. Producers have said that the color scheme of the season will, like those earlier seasons, be far more muted and that the "fantasy" sequences will be scaled back and pulled back into characters' heads.

Aside from the return to the series' old standards, it has been confirmed that Aloma Wright will return as a new character after Laverne Roberts' death in the previous season. Despite what was rumored, she will not be appearing as Laverne's sister but rather a completely different character. Also expected in the season are a slew of old recurring characters like Hooch, the revelation of the Janitor's name and the departure of a cast member midway into the season.

According to Zach Braff's blog, many of the episodes this season will be directed by series creator Bill Lawrence, who traditionally only directs premieres and finales, and himself. The writing duty has become a sticky problem due to the WGA Strike. At the time that the strike was authorized, Scrubs only had 12 of 18 episodes completed. This is because Lawrence prioritized assigning young writers to scripts over stockpiling so that they would get paid should a strike occur and shut down production.

Because the strike lasted for several months, the 2007–2008 season was in jeopardy and there were talks about scrapping the remaining episodes of some series as a cost cutting measure. Lawrence has stated that if Scrubs does not get a proper series finale, he will find some way to communicate the ending to fans. Specifically, he said that if he has to record himself and upload it to YouTube, he will. This became a very real possibility when NBC cut the series' order and canceled it, partially due to the strike. One episode, My Commitment, was completed but never aired due to the decision. It was later largely rewritten into My Nah Nah Nah.


# # Title Airdate
140 1 My Own Worst Enemy October 25, 2007
141 2 My Hard Labor November 1, 2007
142 3 My Inconvenient Truth November 8, 2007
143 4 My Identity Crisis November 15, 2007
144 5 My Growing Pains November 29, 2007
145 6 My Number One Doctor December 6, 2007
146 7 My Bad Too April 10, 2008
147 8 My Manhood April 17, 2008
148 9 My Dumb Luck April 24, 2008
149 10 My Waste of Time May 1, 2008
150 11 My Princess May 8, 2008

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