The Gong Show (1976)/At a Glance

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Daytime Broadcast History

6/14/76 - 12/31/76 NBC 12:30 PM ET/11:30 PM CT, PT (preceded by The Fun Factory to 10/1/76 and 50 Grand Slam to 12/31/76; followed by local programming east and Days of Our Lives west)

1/3/77 - 12/2/77 NBC 4 PM ET/3 PM CT/2:30 PM PT (preceded by Another World; followed by local programming)

12/5/77 - 7/21/78 NBC 12:30 PM ET/11:30 AM CT, PT (preceded by To Say the Least to 4/21/78 and Sanford and Son to 7/21/78; followed by For Richer, For Poorer)