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Season 1, Episode 16
Airdate February 16, 2005
Production Number 116
Written by Drew Goddard
Directed by Jack Bender
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... In Translation
LostSeason One

Outlaws is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Lost, and is the sixteenth episode overall.

In the middle of the night, a wild boar steals the tarp that Sawyer has been using for his roof. Sawyer enlists Kate to help him track the boar down, but she takes advantage of his situation by asking for something in return. While Kate and Sawyer hunt down the animal, Charlie's strange behavior causes Hurley to suspect he's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Starring: Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Matthew Fox (Jack), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Maggie Grace (Shannon), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Malcolm David Kelley (Walt), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Yunjin Kim (Sun), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), Terry O'Quinn (Locke), Harold Perrineau, Jr. (Michael), Ian Somerhalder (Boone)

Guest Starring: John Terry (Christian Shephard), Robert Patrick (Hibbs), Stewart Finlay-McLennan (Laurence), Jeff Perry (Frank Duckett).

Co-Starring: Susse Budde (Mary Ford), Gordon Hardie (Young Sawyer), Brittany Perrineau (Mary Jo), Alex Mason (Bartender).


Plot Overview

The Island

  • At night, a boar enters Sawyer's tent and wakes him up. Sawyer grabs a metal pipe and hits the boar, but it takes off into the jungle with Sawyer's tarp. Sawyer gives chase, but loses the boar in the jungle. Alone, he hears voices whispering around him - "It'll come back around." In the morning, Sayid talks to Sawyer and makes light of his situation. Sawyer asks him what he heard in the jungle and Sayid tells him he heard whispering. He asks Sawyer why he wants to know, if he heard something, but Sawyer changes the subject. Out in the jungle, Sawyer recovers his tarp. But as he begins walking back to camp, he hears the whispering again - "It'll come back around." The boar charges Sawyer and knocks him into a mud puddle before disappearing. Out in the jungle, Kate finds Sawyer following trails of everything escept boar for several hours. She offers to help Sawyer track the boar in exchange for carte blanche - anytime she wants something from his stash she gets it, no questions asked. Sawyer agrees. That night they make camp in the jungle and Sawyer suggests a game of "I never" as a way to get to know each other better. Through the course of the game they learn they've both killed a man. That night Sawyer has a dream of when he was a child, hiding underneath his bed when his father killed his mother, but the legs of a boar appear instead of the legs of his father. When he wakes up he discovers the camp has been ransacked by a boar; it went through all of Sawyer's things but not Kate's. Locke shows up at their camp while looking for salavage from the crash. He tells them he found a bag of coffee and makes some for them. As he does, he tells the two a story about his sister and foster mom in which a golden retriever showed up after his sister's death and his foster mom believed it was Jeannie come back to tell her the accident wasn't her fault. In the jungle, Kate finds the boar's wallow and Sawyer finds a boar piglet. He picks it up and tries to call the boar to him, but Kate kicks him in the leg to make him drop the piglet. Disgusted, she leaves and tells Sawyer to find his own way home. He wanders through the jungle and finds the boar he was looking for. He aims his gun and stares it in the eye, but puts the gun away and leaves. Sawyer finds Jack and gives him back the Marshal's gun. He inquires about his father, but when Jack asks him why he wants to know, Sawyer tells him, "no reason."
  • Kate returns her gun to Jack and asks him if the others were curious as to where they came from. Jack tells her they assumed he was traveling alone, protecting them from terrorists. He got back all the guns used in the trap for Ethan except one - Sawyer's.
  • Hurley asks Sayid if he ever experienced post-traumatic stress disorder. He's worried about Charlie and suggests that Sayid might talk to him about it. Sayid approaches Charlie about killing Ethan. He tells him that he once volunteered to be on the firing squad to kill a man responsible for the death's of a man's family. But afterwards he found himself waking up at night, replaying in his head what he did. He tells Charlie that he's not alone and shouldn't pretend to be.

The Flashback

  • Flashback: Sawyer

A young Sawyer is woken up by his mother. She tells him his father is here and he needs to get under his bed, not make a sound, and not to come out no matter what happens. She tells him she loves her and closes the door behind her. Sawyer hears his parents arguing until there's a gunshot and his mother is silent. His father comes up the stairs and enters his room. Finding Sawyer missing, he sits down on Sawyer's bed and shoots himself.

Many years later, Sawyer enters a hotel room with a woman. As he carries her to the bed, Hibbs turns on a light and apologizes to the woman, figuring his friend Sawyer would be alone and he just needs a few minutes with him. Sawyer sends the woman down to the bar and, once she leaves, grabs Hibbs and shoves him against a wall. He tells Hibbs he was fairly certain he said he'd kill him if he ever saw him again. Hibbs tells him that's why he's here, that he wants to make amends for the Tampa job. He gives him an envelope containing information on a man named Frank Duckett - a man he claims is the real Frank Sawyer, the man Sawyer has been looking for. Hibbs tells him he runs a shrimp truck in Australia.

In Australia, Sawyer meets a man named Laurence at a dock. He hands Sawyer a compact .357 with hollow point bullets and tells him Australia doesn't allow citizens to carry handguns, so he's not to rat him out if caught with it. Secondly, he tells him if he should find himself to not be a killer, there's no refund for the gun. Sawyer tells him it won't be a problem.

Later, Sawyer goes to Duckett's shrimp truck. He orders shrimp in hot sauce and has a conversation with Duckett while the shrimp are cooked. With Duckett's back turned to him, Sawyer tries to work up the resolve to go through with it. But when Duckett turns to hand the shrimp to Sawyer, he's gone. Sawyer ends up downing shots at a bar in Sydney. There he meets a fellow American - Christian Shephard. Christian tells Sawyer he hates to hold his hand out, but misplaced his wallet. Sawyer has the bartender serve Christian and two begin to talk. Christian tells him he was the chief of surgery back in the States and talks about his son and that he wishes he could pick up a phone and call him, to tell him he loves him, but he can't because he's weak. He asks if Sawyer's business in Australia will ease his suffering. Christian tells him it's simple - unless he wants to end up like him, it's simple. Sawyer returns to Duckett's shrimp truck and shoots him. He begins reading his letter to Duckett, but Duckett asks him who he's talking about, that he was going to pay Hibbs back - "It'll come back around."




Arc Advancement


  • Sawyer returns the last gun to Jack.


  • Sawyer and Kate grow a bit closer together during the hunt for the boar.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • Location, Location, Location: Duckett's shrimp truck is actually the Famous Kahuku Shrimp Truck on Oahu's North Shore.
  • Ratings: On its original airing this episode scored 17.99 million viewers for ABC, being the highest rated scripted show of the night.

Allusions and References

  • Red Sox: Jack and Christian used the phrase, "And that's why the Red Sox will never win the damn Series." The Red Sox went 86 years without winning the World Series before winning it on October 27, 2004. This episode took place on October 24, 2004 but since Oceanic flight 815 crashed in September, Jack would not have known that the Red Sox were within two games of finally winning a World Series. Red Sox faithful believed the team's failure to win the Series was a result of the Curse of the Bambino, which started when Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees.

Memorable Moments


  • Brooke: Wake up. He's here. Come on. Got to get you up. He'll think you're still with your grandparents, okay? Get under the bed. Let's go. Okay. Listen to Mommy. This is really important. Get under the bed. Don't make a sound. Don't come out. No matter what happens, don't come out, okay?
    Sawyer: Okay.
    Brooke: Oh, God. Oh. I love you.
    Sawyer: I love you too, Mommy.
  • Sayid: Boar took your tarp?
    Sawyer: It was dark, but, yeah, pretty sure it was a boar.
    Sayid: I thought the boar had vacated this area.
    Sawyer: Well, genius, I think we got some bad info.
    Sayid: What was it doing inside your tent?
    Sawyer: It was staring at me. Then it came at me, so I hit it, and it ran off into the jungle.
    Sayid: With your tarp. Perhaps he wanted to go camping.
    Sawyer: You enjoying yourself?
    Sayid: [smiles] Yes.
  • Laurence: You must be Hibbs's mate. I did a few jobs with Hibbs back in the States. Nice enough fella.
    Sawyer: He's a son of a bitch.
    Laurence: Right. Indeed he is. A few disclaimers. Australia doesn't allow its citizens to carry handguns. You get nicked with his...
    Sawyer: I'm not gonna rat you out.
    Laurence: Secondly, you know, I've been doing this for a while, and a man who buys a compact .357 with hollow-point loads, he's not looking to scare or steal. He's looking to kill. But when it comes down to it, if he finds he doesn't have what it takes to do the job...
    Sawyer: Your sales pitch needs some work.
    Laurence: What I'm saying is, you look a man in the eye and point a gun at him, you find who you really are, mate. And should you find you're not a killer, there's no refund.
    Sawyer: Won't be a problem.
  • Charlie: Hurley, I appreicate the help, but you don't have to. I killed Ethan. I can bury him.
    Hurley: Yeah, until he rises from the dead. Dude, I know how this works. This is gonna end with you and me running through the jungle, screaming and crying. He catches me first because I'm heavy and I get cramps.
  • Locke: My sister Jeannie died when I was a boy. Fell off the monkey bars and broke her neck. And my mother, well, my foster mother, she blamed herself, of course. Thought she wasn't watching close enough. So she stopped eating, stopped sleeping. The neighbors started talkin', afraid she might do something to herself, I guess. [sips his coffee] Ooh, that's good. Anyway, about six months after Jeannie's funeral, this golden retriever comes padding up our driveway, walks right into our house, sits down on the floor and looks right at my mother there on the couch. And my mother looks back at the dog. After about a minute of this, them staring at each other like that, my mother... burst into tears. Beautiful dog, no tags, no collar. Healthy and sweet. The dog slept in Jeannie's old room on Jeannie's old bed and stayed with us until my mother passed five years later, then disappeared back to... wherever it was she came from in the first place.
    Kate: So... you're saying the dog was your sister?
    Locke: Well, that would be silly. But my mother thought it was. Thought that Jeannie had come back to tell her the accident wasn't her fault, let her off the hook. [smiles at Sawyer]
  • Christian: You tell 'em, cowboy. These bastards think Americans can't hold their liquor. Look, I, uh... I hate to hold my hand out, but I seem to have misplaced my wallet.
    Sawyer: Set him up.
    Christian: I drink to you. What's your name, cowboy?
    Sawyer: Sawyer.
    Christian: To Sawyer. May he find whatever he's looking for at the bottom of a glass. So, Sawyer, what brings you to Sydney?
    Sawyer: Business.
    Christian: You know why they call Australia "down under," don't you? Because it's as close as you can get to hell without being burned.
    Sawyer: [smiles] How about you leave the bottle, Slim? So, what's your handle back in the States?
    Christian: I was a... chief of surgery.
    Sawyer: Was?
    Christian: Yeah, was.
    Sawyer: So we're in hell, huh?
    Christian: Don't let the air conditioning fool you, son. You are here too. And you are suffering. But don't beat yourself up about it. It's fate. Some people are just supposed to suffer. That's why the Red Sox will never win the damn Series. I have a son. He's about your age. He's not like me. He does what's in his heart. He's a good man. Maybe a great one. And right now, he thinks that I hate him. He thinks I feel betrayed by him. But what I really feel is gratitude and pride because of what he did to me. What he did for me. It took more courage than I have. Hmm. There's a pay phone over here. I could pick it up, and I could call my son. I could tell him about all of this. I could tell him that I love him. One simple phone call, and I could fix everything.
    Sawyer: Then why don't you?
    Christian: Because I am weak. This, uh... This business that you have, will it ease your suffering?
    Sawyer: Yeah.
    Christian: Then what are you doing here?
    Sawyer: It ain't that simple.
    Christian: Of course it is. Unless you want to end up like me, of course it is.


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