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Wade Wells
Actor Sabrina Lloyd
First Appearance 1x01 Pilot
Last Appearance 3x25 This Slide of Paradise
Series Billing Series: Ended
Episode Count 48
Notable Episodes 5x11 Requiem


Basic Information

Wade Kathleen Wells was a friend of Quinn Mallory with whom she worked at the Doppler computer store before she began sliding with Quinn, the Professor and Rembrandt. Wade also attended North Shore Junior College, majoring in Romantic Literature. She is a vegetarian, interested in star signs and superstition, somewhat of a feminist and her approach to life often puts her at odds with the Professor.

At the end of Season Three, Sabrina Lloyd was not offered a contract for the next season, essentially being replaced by Kari Wuhrer as Maggie Beckett. At the start of Season Four we find that whilst Wade and Rembrandt had returned to Earth Prime, the Kromaggs had already invaded Earth Prime thanks to the tracking device implanted in Quinn, who had slid home momentarily in Season Three. They were both captured and Wade was sent to a Kromagg breeding camp.

The fate of Wade was not mentioned until Season Five in the episode "Requiem". In this episode Wade was attempting to contact Rembrandt as she was being used in a Kromagg weapon. The implication at the end of this episode was that Wade was finally allowed to die.

Memorable Moments