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Spelling Television

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Spelling Television
Spelling Television.jpg
Founded 1969 (as Aaron Spelling Productions)
Dissolved 2006
President Aaron Spelling (founder)
Notable Works Dynasty
Beverly Hills, 90210
Melrose Place
7th Heaven

Spelling Television (first known as Aaron Spelling Productions and Spelling Entertainment, Inc.) was a television production company founded by producer Aaron Spelling.




Thomas/Spelling Productions

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Rango Western sitcom ABC 1967
The Guns of Will Sonnett Western ABC 1967–1969
The Mod Squad Crime drama ABC 1968–1973
The New People Drama ABC 1969–1970

Aaron Spelling Productions

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
The Most Deadly Game Crime drama ABC 1970–1971
The San Pedro Beach Bums Dramedy ABC 1977
The Love Boat Romantic comedy ABC 1977–1987
Vega$ Drama ABC 1978–1981
Friends Drama ABC 1979
B.A.D. Cats Drama ABC 1980
Dynasty Drama ABC 1981–1989
Aloha Paradise Comedy ABC 1981
Strike Force Crime drama ABC 1981–1982
Matt Houston Crime drama ABC 1982–1985
At Ease Sitcom ABC 1983
Hotel Romantic drama ABC 1983–1988
Glitter Drama ABC 1984
Finder of Lost Loves Drama ABC 1984–1985
MacGruder and Loud Crime drama ABC 1985
Hollywood Beat Drama ABC 1985
The Colbys Drama ABC 1985–1987
Here's Lucy Sitcom ABC 1986
HeartBeat Medical drama ABC 1988–1989
Nightingales Drama NBC 1989

Spelling Television

Title Format Buyer Year(s)
Beverly Hills, 90210 Drama FOX 1990–2000
Melrose Place Drama FOX 1992–1999
2000 Malibu Road Drama CBS 1992
The Heights Drama FOX 1992
Burke's Law Crime drama CBS 1994–1995
Winnetka Road Drama NBC 1994
Models, Inc. Drama FOX 1994–1995
Heaven Help Us Fantasy drama / comedy syndication 1994
Madman of the People Sitcom NBC 1994–1995
University Hospital Medical drama syndication 1995
Savannah Drama The WB 1996–1997
Malibu Shores Drama NBC 1996
Kindred: The Embraced Horror drama FOX 1996
7th Heaven Drama The WB 1996–2006
The CW 2006–2007
Sunset Beach Soap Opera NBC 1997–1999
Co-production with NBC Studios
Pacific Palisades Drama FOX 1997
Love Boat: The Next Wave Comedy UPN 1998–1999
Buddy Faro Crime drama CBS 1998
Charmed Fantasy drama The WB 1998–2006
Rescue 77 Drama The WB 1999
Safe Harbor Drama The WB 1999
Titans Mystery drama NBC 2000
Co-production with NBC Studios
All Souls drama UPN 2001
Queens Supreme Legal dramedy CBS 2003
Kingpin Drama NBC 2003
Co-production with NBC Studios
10-8: Officers on Duty Police drama ABC 2003–2004
Co-production with Touchstone Television
Summerland Drama The WB 2004–2005
Clubhouse Sports drama CBS 2004
Wanted Crime drama TNT 2005

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