Battlestar Galactica (2003)/The Woman King

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The Woman King
BSG - The Woman King.png
Season 3, Episode 14
Airdate February 11, 2007
Production Number
Writer(s) Michael Angeli
Director(s) Michael Rymer
Fleet Survivors 41,401
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Taking a Break from All Your Worries
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A Day in the Life
Battlestar Galactica (2003)Season Three

The Woman King is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Battlestar Galactica, and the forty-seventh episode overall.

Starring: Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama), Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin), Katee Sackhoff (Kara "Starbuck" Thrace), Jamie Bamber (Major Lee "Apollo" Adama), James Callis (Dr. Gaius Baltar), Tricia Helfer (Number Six), Grace Park (Lieutenant Sharon "Athena" Agathon)

Secondary Stars: Michael Hogan (Colonel Saul Tigh), Aaron Douglas (Chief Galen Tyrol), Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Felix Gaeta), Tahmoh Penikett (Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon), Nicki Clyne (Cally Tyrol), Kandyse McClure (Lieutenant Anastasia "Dee" Dualla)

Guest Stars: Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek), Donnelly Rhodes (Dr. Cottle), Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster)

Special Guest Star: Bruce Davison (Dr. Micah Robert)

Cast: Leah Cairns (Racetrack), Ryan Robbins (Connor), Colin Lawrence (Skulls), Chris Boyd (Cheadle), Colin Corringan (Nowart), Gabrielle Rose (Mrs. King), Scott Little (Willie King), Aaron Brooks (Buckminster), James Lafazanos (Civvie #1), Eliza Norbury (Civvie #2)


Plot Overview

An easily treatable illness strikes refugees on Galactica, especially among Sagittarons who refuse medical treatment on grounds of tradition. Helo, assigned to oversee the civilians, believes the Sagittarons' claims that a doctor is killing them when many wind up dying shortly after his treatment.


  • A box behind Helo can be read A-D 447.

Arc Advancement


  • The refugee camp is now being referred to as Dogsville.
  • Zarek warns Roslin of the consequences of Baltar's trial and urges her to consider declaring martial law during it. Roslin notes the genuine fear he has.


  • Helo has been assigned to the refugee camp.
  • Zarek has been kept on as Vice President.
  • Roslin observes Caprica-Six in her cell. Caprica-Six is confronted with her Baltar for the first known time in over a year. Roslin sees her side of the interaction and notes that she's seen her doing it before.
  • When Helo begins to believe Mrs King's accusation that Dr Robert killed her son among others and pursues it, he is ostracised and gets into a confrontation with Tigh. When Cottle finds evidence that backs up Helo, Tigh accepts it, vindicating Helo. Adama apologises to Helo.



The Show

  • The recap sequence includes footage pertaining to Helo and his managing the refugees. However, this is not actually taken from an earlier episode. Additionally, Nicki Clyne is credited solely for her appearance in this recap.

Bonus Scene

  • Helo confesses to Adama that he was the one responsible for killing the Cylon prisoners in "A Measure of Salvation". Adama lays out what will happen if he makes the statement in writing, which would include court martial and possible execution. He asks him again if he wants to pursue this, to which Helo declines.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Colin Corrigan's last name is misspelled "Corringan" in the credits.


  • Messenger Baltar: (to Caprica-Six) You’re here because you want to be human, but there’s a trick to being human: you have to think only about yourself.
  • Helo: If you thought Dr Robert was dangerous, why let him treat your son? I mean, you said you were warned.
Mrs King: I couldn’t believe anyone could have that much hate inside of them.
  • Dr Robert: Now, you know how painful this disease is at the end, and they don't want our help. Now, why waste time, and meds, and space on them when all of those resources could go to those who really deserve it? Who gets the medication when there's not enough to go around? The Sagittaron who won't even raise a finger to save his own race, or a Viper pilot?
Cottle: What the hell happened to "do no harm," Doctor?
Dr Robert: Look, I intervened because someone has to make the tough choices here, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, because look at them. They're going to destroy themselves anyway. Look at them. Look at them out there. They're like worms crawling on a hot rock. Remember what you used to say, Saul? "Aside from a Cylon, is there anything that you hate more than a Sagittaron?"
Tigh: I'll tell you what I hate, Mike. Being wrong. Captain Agathon?
Helo: Sir?
Tigh: Arrest this son of a bitch. Gag him if you have to.
Helo: My pleasure, sir.