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MGM Television
Founded 1955
President Mark Burnett (CEO)
Notable Works Dr. Kildare
Flipper (1964)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Medical Center
In the Heat of the Night
The Outer Limits (1995)
Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Teen Wolf (2011)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Television (MGM TV) (commonly known as MGM Television, and previously as MGM-UA Television) is the television production and distribution unit of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, a division of MGM Holdings Inc.

From 2005 to 2006, as the result of a Sony-led consortium buying MGM, Sony Pictures Television distributed MGM's library of TV shows. On May 31, 2006, MGM resumed sole production and distribution for all of its television programs.

MGM first started using television as a right for promotional purposes, resulting in a tie with The Ed Sullivan Show in the 1950s. They later attempted to get a promotional agreement with NBC, but failed to come to terms on the specifics.



In 1956, MGM took bids for its movie library from Lou Chesler, PRM, Inc., the owner of the pre-1948 Warner Bros. library and others, but later decided to enter the TV market by itself. It was then that Chesler offered the studio $50 million for the film library.

The company was started with the hiring of Bud Barry in June 1956, who would become the head of the operation. MGM-TV was set out to distribute its films to TV (which started with the networks), TV production, and purchasing TV stations. Its production was set to being during the 1957-1958 television season, which would include half-hour remakes of or TV shows based on the studio's motion pictures. Its initial feature films sales focused on selling shows to the networks. In April 1957, they began producing commercials, producing ads for Kickerbocker and Standard Oil of Indiana (now Amoco).

List of shows produced by MGM Television

Pre-May 1986

Note: With the exceptions of Flipper (the original version) and Fame (which are both still owned by MGM) and the 1985 revival of The Twilight Zone (which is now owned by CBS Studios and distributed by CBS Television Distribution), all MGM TV shows produced prior to May 1986 are now owned and distributed by Warner Bros. Television via Turner Entertainment.

Title Format Network Years
MGM Parade Documentary ABC 1955–1956
The Thin Man Mystery comedy NBC 1957–1959
Northwest Passage Adventure drama NBC 1958–1959
National Velvet Adventure drama NBC 1960–1962
The Islanders Adventure ABC 1960–1961
The Asphalt Jungle Crime drama ABC 1961
Cain's Hundred Legal drama NBC 1961–1962
Dr. Kildare Medical drama NBC 1961–1966
Father of the Bride Sitcom CBS 1961–1962
Sam Benedict Legal drama NBC 1962–1963
The Eleventh Hour Medical drama NBC 1962–1964
Harry's Girls Sitcom NBC 1963–1964
The Lieutenant Drama NBC 1963–1964
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters Western ABC 1963–1964
Mr. Novak Drama NBC 1963–1965
Mickey Sitcom ABC 1964–1965
Flipper Adventure NBC 1964–1967
Many Happy Returns Sitcom CBS 1964–1965
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Action / adventure NBC 1964–1968
A Man Called Shenandoah Western ABC 1965–1966
Please Don't Eat the Daisies Sitcom NBC 1965–1967
Tom & Jerry Animated comedy CBS 1965–1968
Daktari Adventure drama CBS 1966–1969
The Rounders Western sitcom ABC 1966–1967
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Action / adventure NBC 1966–1967
Jericho Drama CBS 1966–1967
Off to See the Wizard Anthology ABC 1967–1968
Hondo Western ABC 1967
Maya Adventure drama NBC 1967–1968
The Courtship of Eddie's Father Sitcom ABC 1969–1972
Medical Center Medical drama CBS 1969–1976
Then Came Bronson Adventure drama NBC 1969–1970
Assignment Vienna Adventure drama ABC 1972–1973
Adam's Rib Sitcom ABC 1973
Hawkins Drama CBS 1973–1974
Shaft Crime drama CBS 1973–1974
The Montefuscos Sitcom NBC 1975
Bronk Crime drama CBS 1975–1976
Popi Sitcom CBS 1976
The Practice Sitcom NBC 1976–1977
Jigsaw John Crime drama NBC 1976
Executive Suite Drama CBS 1976–1977
How the West Was Won Western miniseries ABC 1977–1979
Lucan Drama ABC 1977–1978
CHiPs Crime drama NBC 1977–1983
Logan's Run Sci-fi adventure CBS 1977–1978
Beyond Westworld Sci-fi drama CBS 1980
The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show Animated comedy CBS 1980
McClain's Law Crime drama NBC 1981–1982
Fame Drama NBC 1982–1983
First-run Syndication 1983–1987
Chicago Story Drama NBC 1982
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Drama CBS 1982–1983
Gavilan Adventure drama NBC 1982–1983
We Got It Made Sitcom NBC 1983–1984
First-run Syndication 1987–1988
Lottery! Drama ABC 1983–1984
For Love and Honor Drama NBC 1983–1984
Cutter to Houston Medical drama CBS 1983
Empire Sitcom CBS 1984
Jessie Drama ABC 1984–1985
Paper Dolls Soap opera ABC 1984
Lady Blue Police drama ABC 1985–1986
The Twilight Zone Sci-fi anthology CBS 1985–1987
First-run Syndication 1988–1989 1

1Produced until 1987 by CBS Entertainment Productions.

May 1986-present

Title Format Network Years
Karen's Song Sitcom FOX 1987
Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater Animated adventure comedy CBS 1987
Sea Hunt Adventure First-run Syndication 1987–1988
thirtysomething Drama ABC 1987–1991
In the Heat of the Night Crime drama NBC 1988–1993
CBS 1993–1995
Dirty Dozen: The Series Military drama FOX 1988
Baby Boom Sitcom NBC 1988–1989
Knightwatch Drama ABC 1988–1989
Straight to the Heart Game show First-run Syndication 1989
Dream Street Drama NBC 1989
The Young Riders Western ABC 1989–1992
Against the Law Legal comedy-drama FOX 1990–1991
Dark Shadows Drama NBC 1991
Mother Goose and Grimm Animated comedy CBS 1991–1992
James Bond Jr. Animated espionage First-run Syndication 1991–1992
Nightmare Cafe Horror anthology NBC 1992
The Pink Panther Animated anthology First-run Syndication 1993–1995
The Outer Limits Sci-fi anthology Showtime 1995–2000
Sci Fi Channel 2000–2001
Flipper: The New Adventures Adventure drama First-run Syndication 1995–1997
PAX 1998–2000
Dead Man's Gun Western drama anthology Showtime 1997–1999
Stargate SG-1 Sci-fi action drama Showtime 1997–2002
Sci Fi Channel 2002–2007
Fame L.A. Drama First-run Syndication 1997–1998
The Magnificent Seven Western drama CBS 1998–1999
Survivor Reality competition CBS 2000–present 1
She Spies Action comedy NBC 2002
First-run Syndication 2002–2004
Stargate Infinity Animated sci-fi drama FOX 2002–2003
Dead Like Me Dramedy Showtime 2003–2004
The Apprentice Reality competition NBC 2004–2017 1
Stargate Atlantis Sci-fi action drama Sci Fi Channel 2004–2009
Barbershop Comedy Showtime 2005
American Gladiators Reality competition NBC 2008
Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods Reality competition MTV 2008
Spaceballs: The Animated Series Animated comedy Super Channel 2008
Shark Tank Reality competition ABC 2009–present 1 2
Stargate Universe Sci-fi action drama Syfy 2009–2011
Pink Panther and Pals Animated comedy Cartoon Network 2010
Mildred Pierce Drama miniseries HBO 2011
The Voice Music competition NBC 2011–present 1 3
Teen Wolf Paranormal teen drama MTV 2011–2017
Vikings Historical drama History 2013–present
Fargo Crime drama FX 2014–present 4
500 Questions Game show ABC 2015–2016 3 5
America's Greatest Makers Reality competition TBS 2016
Coupled Reality competition FOX 2016
The Handmaid's Tale Drama Hulu 2017–present
Beat Shazam Game show FOX 2017–present
Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME Reality competition ABC 2017
Get Shorty Crime dramedy Epix 2017–present
Condor Drama Audience 2018–present 6 7
TKO: Total Knock Out Reality competition CBS 2018–present
The Contender Reality competition Epix 2018–present 1 7
The World's Best Talent competition CBS 2019–present 3
Perpetual Grace, LTD Drama Epix 2019–present
Four Weddings and a Funeral Anthology Hulu 2019–present 8
The Awesome Show Educational documentary NBC date TBA 9

1Produced until 2011 by Mark Burnett Productions, from 2011 until 2014 by One Three Media, and from 2014 until 2015 by United Artists Media Group.
2Co-production with Sony Pictures Television.
3Co-production with Warner Horizon Television.
4Co-production with FX Productions.
5Produced until 2015 by United Artists Media Group.
6Co-production with Skydance Television.
7Co-production with Paramount Television.
8Co-production with Universal Television.
9Co-production with Universal Television Alternative Studio.

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