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Special Agent Caitlin Todd
Actor Sasha Alexander
First Appearance Yankee White
Last Appearance Kill Ari
Series Billing KIA

Special Agent Todd was a former Secret Service agent, serving in the Presidential detail. Her skills included art and psychological profiling. Most people called her Kate, but Ducky called her Caitlin.

Kate spent most of her time at NCIS engaged in a more-or-less friendly conflict with DiNozzo, reaching a peak when DiNozzo acquired a picture of her engaged in a wet t-shirt contest from her college years and threatened to send it to Gibbs. Abby helped her make a convincing, embarrassing photoshop of DiNozzo, with which she stalemated him. Until they both sent the files to Gibbs simultaneously.

Caitlin had a habit of doodling goofy caricatures of her NCIS colleagues, including one cartoon of Abby with bat wings and vampire fangs.

Special Agent Todd was killed in the line of duty while protecting Special Agent Gibbs from a terrorist assassin/Mossad agent named Ari. Ari was supposed to be infiltrating a terrorist organization in the United States, and they ordered him to kill Gibbs. Gibbs' team tried to protect him, and at one point Caitlin took a bullet from a handgun, which impacted on a kevlar vest that she was wearing. Just as the agents thought the threat was over, Ari shot Kate in the head from the roof of a neighboring building using a sniper rifle.


  • Was Catholic and wore a silver crucifix
  • Codename when she was a Secret Service agent was "Rosefern"
  • Red Sox fan
  • Sang in the shower

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