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Director Jennifer Shepard
Actor Lauren Holly
First Appearance 3x01 Kill Ari (1)
Last Appearance Probably 5x18-19 She dies in the season 5 finale
Series Billing Main Cast


Basic Information

Director Shepard is a former NCIS field agent who worked with Special Agent Gibbs on some sort of undercover operation years ago. The two apparently had a torrid affair during the mission, which continues to color nearly every interaction the two have to the present day. She was promoted to Director of NCIS replacing former director Thomas Morrow, who was promoted to a deputy directorship at Homeland Security. She died in the season 5 finale; she was already dieing from a disease, but she wanted to protect Gibbs from a problem she couldn't cope with nine years ago on a secret Op. Eventually she died in a gunfight, taking out four men who killed everyone on that Op. See Judgement Day (1) and Judgement Day (2).

Character History

Memorable Moments



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