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Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo
Actor Michael Weatherly
First Appearance Yankee White

JAG Ice Queen (1),NCIS spinoff JAG Meltdown (2) ,NCIS spinoff

Last Appearance Family First
Series Billing Main Cast

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo would have himself thought of as handsome, intelligent, charming, and streetwise. DiNozzo tends to be extremely single-minded in his pursuit of any attractive member of the opposite sex that he sees, which occasionally makes Special Agent Gibbs smack him upside the head. Gibbs does that a lot, really.

Tony has, in the past, worked for the Baltimore, Philadelphia and Peoria police departments, and is a self-described 'jock', having gone to Ohio State University as a physical education major. DiNozzo is a pop culture expert, seems to have no shortage of available money, and has nightmares about vampires.

DiNozzo was involved in an ongoing conflict with Special Agent Caitlin Todd which was carried out in various ways ranging from arguments and teasing to the threatened trading of embarrassing pictures around the office. Neither seemed to take the conflict terribly personally, or seriously for that matter.


  • had an uncle Clive in England. Tony lived with his uncle for his 17th summer.
  • His uncle Clive also loaned him money to go to University, which Tony never repaid.
  • Played first-string basketball at Ohio State
  • has a degree in Physical Education Baltimore
  • Was with Baltimore Homicide for two years, Philadelphia PD for 18 months, and Peoria for an unknown amount of time previously
  • worked with Baltimore police directly before joining NCIS. Baltimore
  • his partner in Baltimore PD was a dirty cop, Danny Price Baltimore
  • proposed to his girlfriend Wendy while working in Baltimore, she accepted. Baltimore
  • Joined NCIS two years before the start of the series
  • Gibbs recruited him after he had decided not to go back to Baltimore PD Baltimore
  • left the Baltimore police because he found out his partner was dirty Baltimore


  • Dislikes iguanas
  • 20/10 vision
  • Dislikes small towns
  • Magnum, P.I. fan
  • Classic movie fan
  • During the time that Gibbs' NCIS team was having trauma-induced hallucinations of deceased agent Caitlin Todd, DiNozzo imagined Todd wearing a Catholic schoolgirl outfit, the skirt of which he then imagined blowing in the wind à la Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, then imagined her naked.
  • He has an alias; Tony DiNardo in the episodes with Dr.Benoit, the daughter of La Grenouille (the Frog), but eventually his cover was blown. See Bury Your Dead

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