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Special Agent Timothy McGee
Actor Sean Murray
First Appearance Sub Rosa
Last Appearance N/A
Series Billing Main Cast

Special Agent McGee, or "probie" as he is (sort of) affectionately known by Special Agent DiNozzo, is one of the newer additions to the Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs investigative team. The real "probie" on the Gibbs team is new Special Agent Ziva David (formerly Mossad-NCIS Officer David. He gained his field agent status when he was transferred to Washington from Norfolk and now serves as Gibbs' field computer consultant, as well as working with Abby Sciuto in the forensics lab when necessary. Was dating Abby for a while, current relationship situation unknown.


  • Plays Unreal Tournament
  • Shy and nervous around most people, especially women
  • Degrees from several major universities, including MIT and Johns Hopkins
  • Hacked the Pentagon with Abby
  • During the time that Gibbs' NCIS team was having trauma-induced hallucinations of deceased agent Caitlin Todd, McGee's imaginary Caitlin appeared first as Trinity from The Matrix, then wearing fetish gear and carrying a whip. McGee lamented that he was turning into DiNozzo.
  • He has a sister who he states is a slob. She has not (knowingly) been seen to date.
  • He has an (writing) alias: Thom E. Gemcity, which is an anagram for Timothy McGee

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